The service is a child under the supervision of MTS

Safety baby - is a major concern for parents.Particularly worried about the children's mothers and fathers living in big cities, who because of work is not possible to constantly accompany them to school, training or meeting there.Every caring parent wants to know where the kid is, but it is not always pleasant to pester favorite child calls.For those who like to keep track of the whereabouts of children, MTS has developed a special service called "Child Monitor mts», through which will accurately determine the location of the sons or daughters.

How does the service "A child under the supervision»

The "Child Monitor" can be useful in many cases: for example, when the children go to camp or other long trip (mom and dad can see guided tour).And if the baby is inattentive and not for the first time lost personal belongings.To find out where the phone is located, you need to send a short message "where kids" to number 7788 For those who do not want every day to re-send SMS, to create an additional fun

ction "Notification of movements", which determines where your child, depending on thevisiting certain areas.

How to activate the service from the operator MTS

To activate the service, the parent must use the network of MTS-Russia, and the baby can be a package of MTS Russia and MegaFon.Location of children will not be recognized if they are in a 4G or LTE network: to provide adequate notification of work if possible move the mobile device in 2G or 3G mode.The phone must be a GSM.Track where your child can use the mobile application, through messages sent to the number 7788, through the personal account on the website of MTS.

Parents, connect "A child under the supervision of MTS", it will be convenient to take advantage of a new feature from the developers:. "Notice of movements"In this case, they can receive SMS-ki with the movement of children from one location to another.To connect an interesting option, you need to go to the web interface and select the tab "Geo zone".Determine the area on the map, which will be the geographical areas: for example, "home", "sports complex", "work", "grandparents", "aunt".Set the control mode test areas: for example, from 8 am to 15 pm.

To create a "Geo zone" at the current location, not necessarily the parents use the computer.To do this, you need to enter in the message "ZONE (NAME)", for example, "AREA GRANDMOTHER", if you are in her apartment.Boundaries care will be determined in accordance with an error that varies depending on the network coverage.With connected notifications about moving, parents need not worry about the location of the baby: on their phone will automatically come SMS with the area where there are children in the specified time interval.

To enable care for a baby with a mobile phone, you need to send an SMS to 7788 as follows: "AREA CHILD NAME TIME".For example, the message "ZONE 8-15 Peter" will be the team to include services for his son in the period from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon.Disable paid service supervision, parents can make use of the website by going to the relevant section or by sending a command to the four-digit number "STOP ZONE".

Register parent

To connect an additional service to determine the location of your child needs to be registered by a parent.Mom or Dad need to send your name to 7788 as follows: "Mama Oksana" or "PA Fedorov".After some time in response to a command coming from five code symbols that is designed for a family.Through this code-sitting service will be able to connect to other family members and denote kinship.Total not more than 9 people can connect to the group (parents included).

To track the location of the baby could both parents, the Family Code will register a second easily.If the originally ordered services in baby mother, then the four-digit number you want to send the message "CODE NAME OF FATHER FAMILY".It might look like this: "Father FEDOR 458".After the procedure, the mother of the father must register the child in the future is easy to control its location.

Register child

in MTS-Russia network registration procedure is performed as follows: a parent, I have already connected the service should send an SMS with the name of the child and his telephone license numbers on the fourroom 7788 Sample query: cHILD ALINA 79164886589. If a child is the owner of MegaFon network packet, the registration procedure will be slightly different: when the parent sends a command to connect the phone a son or daughter to the service number on the kid will receive a message asking if he agreed to provide informationabout his whereabouts.

parents whose young children are connected to MegaFon, it is worth remembering that the number of requests will be limited.The month allowed to send up to 100 messages, to find out where your child is now.When all stages are completed registration, mom and dad are in a similar way to connect to the service, other children - even up to seven people.

How to use

Parents can use the search on the map children in several ways: by sending messages on your tablet or smartphone via a special application in the personal office on the MTS website using a personal computer.Each parent will be able to choose the method for optimum convenience.Cost of services in each selected case will not change.

Using SMS-command

services provided by the child's location determination via SMS - convenient, because the mobile phone is always at hand, but it is necessary to remember certain commands.In order to be always able to find out where the baby in the notes record the correct request message through.For example, "Where are the children" will determine the location of all the children, "WHERE VOVA / ALINA / Katya" - will show the location, which is the chosen child.With the help of SMS-message service can search for mom or dad.To do this, the following commands are needed: "Where's Mommy" and "where the Pope."

Through the app for iOS or Android

«Where are the children" - a mobile application from MTS search for the child under supervision.Add an application may subscribers, who is Android version 2.3 and above or iOS - starting from 5.1.The first group of users will find the program on Google Play, the second - in the AppStore.To expand the application possibilities, mum and dad can be installed on phones Kids' Children's smartphone, "which will collect evidence on the degree battery charge, the total number of calls and SMS.


Web site To use the web interface for the service, you need to send a message to the phone: "Login".With the help of this short team parents will receive a login and password to access the Members Area "Child Monitor mts» option.Using the site is convenient - to determine the whereabouts of his son or daughter, you will need only a computer and Internet access.Tab "Where is the" show parents a location where there is a child, "History of movement" will follow the earlier requests, and "Geo zone" set the function "Notification of movements."

useful mobile site that works anywhere has been optimized for the convenience of users, where there is coverage for the telephone or the Internet available Wi-Fi.With the help of Mom and Dad can look at the map, where there are small children, after a drop into the appropriate section "Child Monitor" on the website.

How to disable the "Child Monitor»

If mom and dad want to stop the service for some time, for example due to departure, it is necessary to send a short message "STOP" to the number 7788 data about family, whose members were previouslyaccount will remain until the resume function.To completely turn off the option with the loss of all data should send a request to "REMOVE" in the four-digit number above.To exclude from the group of children, the location of which is no longer to be found, it is necessary to send 7788 text: "DELETE NAME".For example, the "DELETE Oksana".

fee "Child Monitor" MTS

monthly payment that should be implemented to use the locator is $ 100 and includes the ability to connect the option "Notice of movements."During the search the first three subscriber numbers registered in the network, an additional fee will be charged.Each request is sent to find the locator subscriber numbers, starting with the fourth and ninth, worth 5 rubles.If mom and dad are a function of the first time, they are given a free trial period, which lasts for two weeks from the date of connection.

If during the trial period, subscribers decide to cancel the request for the use of the radar, the option is disabled, and the fee will be charged.Possibility of free use of the function within fourteen days granted once.After the end of the test period, the connection conditions of the account to be debited with the amount equal to the monthly payment.It will be charged each month to disable the radar.

reviews locator

Inna, 34 years: I use the service for a year because there is no possibility of permanently accompany the child to school - God forbid, what would happen, or stroll decides.The error is, but small, once it becomes clear, my kid went to school or not.

Victoria, 41 years old: This function - the perfect solution for my fragile nerves.When the daughter is delayed, it is no longer ringing every five minutes (she never hears the phone!), And just look up the route of the house.You can not imagine how calm I live for a few months!

Andrei, 29 years old: Our son - an independent boy, so we try to trust the evening travel to training without us.A little trick that allowed himself and his wife - set the locator.Check only when delayed.Useful thing.