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birth of a child - the happiest moment in the life of the family, and all parents want that he was still the most solemn.To do this, in the last months of pregnancy are made raids on shopping for children's clothes for the first child, and for the first elegant vestments, which usually becomes the envelope a blanket statement on the summer or winter.Coming out of the hospital with the child, every mother wants to show off your greatest achievement, so the envelopes blankets for newborns often do with a lot of decorations and different specialties.

Design features

Summer envelope blanket statement must be sewn from natural fabrics that will allow air and does not give the child overheat in hot weather.If you know how to do needlework, pretty easy to sew it yourself and decorate it as you want.Some moms embroidered on the envelope for the newborn child's name, if you have already decided a long time with him.You can order the manual or machine embroidery atelier.

envelope design is a transformer, w

hich can then be used as a blanket or a sheet.There are envelopes for quilts to extract with clasps or ribbons for fixing.Typically, the fastener is more convenient, and the tape may be solely decorative purpose.Usually sewed zippers that allow you to quickly free the child if necessary - for newborns may be anxious in unfamiliar surroundings.

What material should be?

blanket envelope to be discharged for a boy sewn from a blue or dark blue material, but recently became popular other models, such as the elements of elegant suit - tie and vest.Goods for girls can be pink, decorated with gold or silver thread, ribbons and flowers.

Many parents buy neutral white or cream-colored variants in which every kid will look charming regardless of gender.Baby on his first day out of the hospital receives maximum attention from relatives and friends of the family, and his clothing plays an important role.

Summer envelopes blankets to extract often make cotton (100% cotton) and synthetic fibers sewn inside to support the form, because even the old version should be pretty tight, especially in the back area.For decorative satin suit, lace, crocheted items.For sewing the more modern styles of products use a variety of bright fabric colorings in flower, birds, animals - such old envelope can then be used as a blanket for baby cots.

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