How to drink a martini

Going to a party where the main drink is a martini, do not forget to learn how to drink this vermouth.Let's go through all the important moments of the process.

Drink a lot, and the "King of night life" one - a martini!His title of an alcoholic beverage was among bartenders, by virtue of the fact that it is the main appetizer club life and social events.But losing sight of this fact, many people still do not know how to drink martinis.They are often dissatisfied with the first acquaintance with this drink.Let's see how to fix this situation.

Martini - it is a certain sort of vermouth, with the fortress of 16-18%.And all the vermouth, in its composition, it contains the main ingredient that distinguishes it among other drinks - a wormwood.But in its composition in addition to wormwood it includes up to 35 notes of different plants that gives a definite sweet-bitter taste.

Martini has its own varieties, which differ not only grapes but also by the very complementary herbs.Each manufacturer

keeps his recipes a closely guarded secret.Only an experienced sommelier able to discern the aroma of each specific varieties.

Basic martini grades seven, the most popular in Russia, won the first 4 species.

  1. Bianko - white, with a distinctive spicy flavor and distinct notes of vanilla.
  2. Rosso - red, has a bright memorable flavor and characteristic bitterness.Beautiful dark-amber color gives vermouth caramel.
  3. Rosato - pink.Its members include both 2 types of wine: red and white.Due to this drink has an unusual taste and color.
  4. Extra Dry - dry, the fortress of alcohol 18%.beverage color - straw, sugar content - minimum.The main flavor notes - raspberry, lemon and iris.
  5. D'Oro - white dry, as a part of present characteristic notes of caramel and citrus.
  6. Fiero - red, basic notes - red orange and Mediterranean citrus.
  7. Bitter - martini, alcohol-based, with a touch of bitterness and sweetness.Colour - ruby.

How to drink martinis

The first thing you need to pay attention, it's the glasses.Fully feel the taste and delicate aroma of the beverage really only by the glass cone-shaped on long stalks.They are sometimes called martishki or watering.In the absence of any, they are replaced by glasses of whiskey, made of thick glass.

Martini - it's not just an alcoholic beverage.It is a style of life, satisfaction with the tart taste.Therefore, the glasses in which it is served, are the epitome of elegance, sophistication and aesthetics.From such a nice cup to drink in small sips, enjoying a delightful bouquet of the drink.Cocktail is recommended to use a straw.

you will not be able to assess the true vermouth, if the temperature of the beverage is too chilled, or vice versa.The ideal temperature ranges from 10 ° C to 15 ° C.Usually martinis add ice cubes or frozen berries, thereby achieving the desired temperature of the drink.

Usually martini served before a meal, due to the fact that it is good appetite and perfectly quenches thirst.This is the perfect drink for social events and night parties.With a glass of vermouth pleased to maintain a measured conversation, enjoy a romantic intercourse or while away a few hours of solitude aesthetic.

cocktail or martini ice

alcohol Dilution - is the main point on which we can estimate the palatability of vermouth.Most fans of the drink do not appreciate the taste of a martini in a pure form.The bulk prefer cocktails with softened taste or increasing degrees.

But if you do not belong to those unwilling or try a martini as he is, you know that you need to serve a drink with olives, onion slice, slice of lemon and ice.Olives, it is desirable to put on a toothpick or skewer a special cocktail, so your drink will be more pleasing to the eye.And that pleases the eye - known tastes good.

vermouth Some fans like to add in a "pure" beverage segments of fruit or berries.Particularly well this mix in harmony with Martini Bianko.Vanilla combined with berry-fruity note creates an amazing finish.

The diluted martini

where a lot of variants.The first and main - it juices, mostly citrus.Classic - freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit.Cherry juice - this is a great help for the red vermouth.Classic cocktail usually consists of 2 parts juice and 1 part of a martini.It is also possible to mix one to one: juice, alcohol and ice.

For those who love the stronger, has its own alcoholic classic martinis with a combination of strong drink.Young people wishing to find an easy way to prefer alcohol to dilute all kinds of sodas.Greater preference is given to "Schweppes" and "Coca-Cola".Some fans vermouth diluted mineral water.

How to drink different kinds of martinis

Martini Bianko - a classic in its purest form.Consequently, classical additional ingredients are olives, lemon ice, fruit and so on.A perfect complement to alcohol will be a tonic or soda.To emphasize the strength of the drink, add vodka and ice.Great combination occurs with dry gin.One part of the Martini Bianko and 2 parts gin - it is a real "Martini Suite".

popular option - a mix of Martini Rosso and orange or cherry juice in a ratio of 2: 1.Thanks to this gustatory decision of red vermouth goes cloyingly sweet taste.The perfect complement - a slice of lemon.If you want to get really incredible taste, mix a martini with pomegranate juice and ice.

taste Wealth Martini Rosso is revealed in a cocktail "Manhattan."Half a glass of vermouth, 1/5 of whiskey and two ice cubes.A few drops of pomegranate or cherry nectar, to give softness, and a pair of cherries to complete the total image.And here you are - already a resident of Manhattan with a glass of traditional expensive alcohol.

Martini Rosato diluted juice or water.

Martini Extra Dry is mainly consumed neat with ice.If he krepkovat for you, add the juice of pears.In general, it blends perfectly with the vermouth slice onions.Give the wine a little brew and taste.

Cocktail «Martini Dry» - this is another classic of the genre.10 ml Martini Extra Dry, 50 ml of the same dry gin and ice cube.This is very, very dry martini will not leave indifferent any admirer of the variety of vermouth.

Well, how do without a mixture of varieties of martinis themselves?Extra Dry and Bianko with the addition of gin - drink a legend with the mysterious name of "Medium."its preparation The secret is simple: Mix 10 ml of each of vermouth and pour them in 40 ml gin.Garnish with a slice of lemon it all and enjoy a pleasant taste.

Well, the last paragraph of drinking vermouth - a snack.The variety is small.Usually it crackers, nuts, olives or olives.Special judges snack hard cheeses.But this does not mean that you need to adhere to these principles.

general in all that relates to a martini, you need to build on the foundations of classical and move on to personal desires.Perhaps you will bring to this drink a special touch of something exotic.

feel the atmosphere of a martini will help you a video interview with a descendant of the inventor of this amazing drink.