How to reset the tablet android

Owners of mobile gadgets give their preference to devices based on Android operating system because of its flexibility, stability, abundance of software developed under it, and other benefits.As regularly come out with new versions to many users the question arises, how to reset the tablet android.This procedure is not as complex as it might seem at first glance, and is available even to those who do not have advanced skills in IT-sphere.

Why update the operating system Android

Gadgets by manufacturers such as Lenovo, Samsung, Explay, Prestigio, and many others come with Android in the basic configuration.Like Windows and the MacOS, the system is constantly updated, developers release new and new versions, eliminating the drawbacks of the previous and complementing them with new qualities.In this connection it is necessary to reinstall the OSes, the device is stable and pleasing its owner pleasing new features.

Some manufacturers tend to overload the gadgets produced software, which d

oes not need the consumer.It takes extra memory and degrades performance indicators tablet.In such cases, it helps to install a clean ROM, which does not contain any extra programs, and the user can choose the applications that need it for everyday use, or to change to a more comfortable.

methods to reinstall Android on the tablet

There are several ways to reinstall your Android tablet.The easiest and safest - upgrade through the manufacturer's website, but this behavior can provide, not all developers.The second way - to download the correct version of the store through the play of market applications.You can reinstall and after connection to the desktop PC via the USB-cable.Whatever gadget you may possess - the latest version of the galaxy, or desire, ADR, Lenovo or pipo, with the right approach you can reinstall the android.

Wireless update via Wi-Fi

Upgrading OSes using an Internet connection via Wi-Fi - one of the easiest ways.It is provided in most tablets, including Samsung, dns, DIGMa allows reinstall android on htc and most Chinese models.The algorithm is simple, and the probability of error is excluded.For this procedure to handle even the novice user, and if something goes wrong - you can always resort to the procedure rekaveri (recovery - roll back to the previous settings).

procedure is as follows:

  • activated on your tablet, a wireless internet connection;
  • among the menu icons to find the button "Settings" or Settings:
  • the pop-up menu, select About Device ( «About device"), and then the screen will display information about the version of the system;
  • select "System Update» (System Firmware Update);
  • click on the button "Update» (Update);
  • select "Reboot and install updates» (Reboot and Install);
  • start downloading the updates, then the device will reboot.

Update via your computer using the manufacturer's website

This method is also simple, but has a peculiarity.Available must be stationary computer or notebook.To update, follow these steps:

  • open the official website of the manufacturer of the tablet (for clarity - for digma idsd10 it will digma ru.);
  • go to the help section of consumers;
  • make available updates;
  • download a boot file;
  • connect the device to your computer;
  • update the system by running the download file.

Through Google Play Market

To update the android with a mobile software store Google Play, make sure you have the appropriate application.In most cases, it is in the base of devices based on Android.Going to the store, simply select the Google Play version suits you and download to your tablet.Start the download file, and the operating system is upgraded.

Shop Google Play has a user-friendly interface, making it among the implemented application is easy to find interesting version of Android.The download procedure is not difficult, and all implemented software is thoroughly tested.You can not worry about what to download the application, in which there are any harmful ingredients that can cause damage to the device.

Preparing for reinstallation

operating system Before reinstalling the android to perform certain actions that will protect you from fatal errors.First, format the memory card - Remove any files, transferring the necessary data on a flash drive.To do this, go to the settings, select "Memory", then "Clear the SD-card."In this case, the device will be properly prepared for reinstallation.

for correct installation of a new or modified version of Android you need to get right to the root-ROM.To do this, you can use applications such as Frameroot, Universal AndRoot, z4root etc.They have a simple interface and provides access to system folders that are not available in standard mode.After preparation can start flashing android procedure.

To install firmware

To install the firmware, follow these steps:

  • locate and download the correct version of the firmware;
  • create a system backup;
  • download the app to install - one of the most popular - ROM Manager;
  • move the firmware file on the memory card of the tablet;
  • enable ROM Manager;
  • select the option "Install ROM from SD Card";
  • select "Image";
  • scroll to "Save current ROM for backup";
  • select "Reboot and install";
  • after rebooting the tablet will begin installing the new ROM.

How to reset your android

If you have any unwanted changes, there is a need to reset the settings on android after boot OSes with Google Play, or other procedures.This procedure is called Hard Reset.To make it:

  • go into Recovery Mode, which is activated by a certain combination of buttons, depending on the manufacturer;
  • select wipe data / factory reset;
  • activate the Yes - delete all user data and reboot system now;
  • tablet will reboot, and all settings will be reset.

the Hard Reset function is present in the majority of tablet manufacturers.Features activate it you can find in the instruction manual.After resetting the settings, the android tablet will appear before you in the way, as he is granted the producer - with basic settings.By this procedure, it is recommended to resort in case of errors when attempting to change the firmware.

Video instruction on reinstalling the version of Android on the tablet Samsung

process to reinstall the operating system Android was the most obvious and simple, use the video below, which demonstrates the reinstallation procedure.Step by step video instruction mode allows you to easily digest and execute each step.As a demonstration model selected popular tablet Samsung, functioning on the basis of Android.The video prepared by an experienced and qualified person.You can be sure that each stage of the reinstallation will be executed without any errors or defects, and the result of the procedure will satisfy you.