How to become a mermaid

How to become a mermaid, ask teenage girls watching newfangled series.Heroines series - good and charming creatures, causing sympathy - it is no wonder that the girls want to be like them.For information on how to become a mermaid, tell your favorite website Sovets useful yourself out of it or not, we can not guarantee to give!

How to become a mermaid at home

most beautiful mermaid - mermaid sea.So many girls are trying to become just the sea mermaids.Sea mermaid are born live and are known in the marine salt water, so try to be a mermaid, we'll also be in the sea salt water.In order to become a mermaid, you need to dial a full bath with warm water, and add the sea salt.If you want to become a Black Sea mermaid, add 500 grams of bath salts.If you plan to become a mermaid Mediterranean, the salt will have to add a few times more.Remember that it is adding sea salt, you greatly increase the chances of success.Typing in a water bath, plunge into it, and be sure to recite the following inca

ntation: "On Neptune, the ruler of the seas and oceans!I fulfill my request to become a half-woman, half mermaid!Let my feet while swimming in the water transformed into a fish tail!But I'll get back to dry land, let my tail again appeal to the leg! ".If carried out this ritual on the night of the full moon, your wish will surely come true.

How can I become a mermaid

However, some people manage to become a mermaid and a simpler way.So, at midnight on the full moon should be out on the balcony with a glass of salt water, and be seen on the surface of the water in the glass reflection of the moon.Then you need to immediately sprinkle themselves with water from the glass, and in the rest of the water to throw a large shell.Then, a glass of water and shells should be left on the windowsill overnight.A sure sign spells performance will be drying in a glass of water.

Becoming a mermaid in the summer

Very quickly you can become a mermaid in the summer.To speed up the process you need to learn to swim - what are you a mermaid, if you do not know how to swim!Learn to swim should be under the supervision of a coach of swimming or a person who knows how to swim.After mastering the skills of swimming, you can learn to dive, and mastered scuba diving, you can become if not a mermaid, then at least a good swimmer and diver.

How to become a mermaid video

Of course, the existence of such clips can not be, because the rite of passage into a mermaid - a mysterious action, which should always take place away from the prying eyes and ears.Therefore, if you are someone says that in the video you can see how to become a mermaid, do not believe.Become a real mermaid is possible only when the process of transformation into a mermaid kept in the strictest confidence.We offer you yet another effective way of turning into a mermaid.

Step 1

At that moment, when you begin to carry out below-described ritual, you must be in the house alone.Take a small piece of white paper and a toothbrush or a finger liberally lubricate it with toothpaste.

Step 2

Fold the piece of paper and put it inside a large seashell.Samu shell then knock out the bathroom door which shut down and turn off the lights.This shell must be in the bath itself, and the crane has to be open, it must flow from the water.But in any case, do not close the exit stopper bathroom.After the ritual of a mermaid call may be delayed somewhat, and the water level in the bath can increase, and you risk to flood its neighbors from the bottom.So just leave open the water tap and drain - open.

Step 3

now be three times loudly call mermaid, saying, "Mermaid, come!".And if you are destined to become a real mermaid, then you should definitely come to the mermaid, the main thing to believe it with all my heart.Approximation mermaid you feel discomfort at the sudden chill, and the body and legs.Do not be afraid.This is a good sign, indicating that the mermaid with you meet, so you exploring.

Step 4

Once you feel such an unusual feeling to be a mermaid hello, introduce myself to her, saying her name.Then Zayed mermaid talking, talking as much and long as possible.

Step 5

Ask the mermaid, so she gave you magic powers, he gave the fish tail.Tell her about what you want the tail, describe your image in detail, that you want to be reincarnated.More talk about the details, all colorfully imagine, get used to the way of the future.

Step 6

Now you have to give the mermaid most important promise - that all this is happening you are sure to keep a secret.Under no circumstances should anyone you should not say that you have decided to transform into a mermaid, a ritual that you have done.Do not talk about that to you was a mermaid and how you feel.Moreover, it is impossible to not only speak, but also to write, even in his secret diary, or somewhere on the form.No one must know about your plans.After all, even if you who secretly hint about it, the mermaid you will never believe your dreams and do not translate into reality.

Step 7

Over the next month, you should not appear wet in public, that is bathing in a bath in the river, sea, lake, etc.according to the strict prohibition.If you take a shower, but at home there are other people, then get out of the bath only after there you dry the hair dryer.

Step 8

A month after meeting with a mermaid you can vary dizziness, nausea and malaise.This is a great sign, it means that your desires slowly begin to incarnate.But remember that to become a mermaid can only be elected, and if you get into the number of those elected lucky, depends not on you.Only real mermaid decide who give the right to become a full-fledged mistress of the seas.

That's the whole process of how to become a mermaid.All you have left - it sincerely believe that miracles do happen and they happen with you.Accurately follow the instructions above, then your chances of becoming a real mermaid will increase many times.