How to bathe a newborn

How to bathe a newborn at home?In fact, after discharge from the hospital, where a little man so deftly treated, doctors, young mothers and fathers are in trouble.Newborn seemed like a crystal vase, so fragile that it is terrible to touch.Of particular difficulty at first, the young parents is swimming.Bathing your baby - is an essential procedure, because while taking a bath baby's skin becomes clean, as well as improves blood circulation throughout the body.

What is needed for bathing the baby?

As baby bathing - it is a regular, you need to stock up on some items of care.What parents may need to do this hygienic procedure as comfortable as possible for both sides?

You will need the following things:

  • Baby bath.To date, some parents prefer to bathe their crumbs in an ordinary bath, previously thoroughly cleaned it.However, pediatricians are unanimous in the opinion that the child will be much more comfortable in children's bath.There are several types of baths for kids: with a slide, anatomic
    al, classical, wide bumpers.The choice of baths for the child - only a matter of taste and purse.
  • Baby thermometer water.Perhaps, after a while you can safely do without this gadget, but with the water temperature for bathing a newborn should be very accurate.Please note that you will be comfortable to carry the fumes hygiene in warm water (36.6 - 37 ° C).

Helpful Hint & gt;: e If you decide that buying a thermometer - it is unreasonable waste of money, you can easily learn how to check the water temperature independently.To do this, immerse the bath elbow.You should not feel no heat, no cold.

  • Lezhachok for the baby.This inexpensive device will allow you to be sure that the child is in the bath will not slip.

Helpful Hint : to delicate skin of your baby is not rubbed while bathing because of velcro located on lezhachke, beneath the back of the child's piece of soft natural fabric that the baby was in her as in a hammock.

  • Kovshik water.Pitcher greatly help you gently wash your baby with soap suds.It is desirable that the scoop was not only easy, but also bright to attract attention to the baby while bathing.
  • Means for bathing baby: Baby cosmetics (baby soap and shampoo), a soft sponge, butter or cream (to lubricate your skin after bathing the baby), baby powder.
  • Terry towel, ideally - with a special corner-hood, and the diaper in order to take advantage of it while putting on the diaper.
  • Cotton pads, cotton flagella or regular fleece.They will be needed after the bath procedures, in order to gently clean ears and nose crumbs.Also, soft cotton pad should wipe the baby's face.

When you need to bathe your baby?

first 6 months of life, your child's bath should be done every day, ideally - in the same time to crumb used to hygienic procedures and portraying them as a happy event.Pediatricians and experienced mothers are advised to start bathing the child in the evening.Warm water is able to calm the baby, relax every tiny cell of his body, reducing muscle tone.

also bath "fatten" the child's appetite, and therefore should not be fed to newborn bathing.After a warm aromatic bath baby eats with great pleasure, than to swim, and is also easy to fall asleep sweet, restful sleep.

Many young mothers and fathers believe that the earlier we start to teach your baby to hygiene practices, the more successful will be addictive.However, remember that bathe the child before fourteen days of life is not worth it, because his umbilical wound may still be fresh.

Caring for baby skin before this period it is necessary.But hygiene procedures are carried out without immersion in water of the newborn.Take care of your crumbs with a sponge dampened with water temperature comfortable for the child.Still it is necessary to refrain from swimming in the bath for at least a day, if you did the day before your child immunization.

How should last bathing a newborn?

Immediately it should be noted that it is impossible to bathe the newborn baby for the first time for a long time, so as not to cause a child stress.Steam treatments should be associated with great joy and pleasure, and because the process of getting used to the bath should be carried out gradually.

Optimally, if the first bathing will last no more than three minutes.With each visit to the bathroom while splashing in some water gradually increase, bringing it up to fifteen minutes.Longer finding child in the bath is not suitable primarily because the water in it will be cooler.

to your baby will not be bored while taking a bath, be sure to play with the baby, smiling at him, talks every action.It is useful to learn a few funny "bathing" nursery rhymes or songs.

choose the means for bathing the baby

Modern manufacturers encouraging young mums and dads bright, attractive packages of children's shampoos, creams and soaps.However, how to choose safe cosmetics that will not harm the delicate skin of a newborn?

To begin with, note that at the time of the child's bathing in any case impossible to use conventional or antibacterial soap.Such hygiene perfectly cleanse the skin of adults, however, if you will like to use soap to wash a newborn, you can break the natural microflora of the skin baby.allergy or infection may occur after this intervention.

The conclusion: during hygienic procedures necessary to select only those funds that are intended for children.

Acquire cosmetics for infants should be in pharmacies or specialized stores.

Young parents are always interested in the question of how to correctly use cosmetics for the baby.Baby shampoos, soaps, foams and creams either have no flavor, or he is not so strongly expressed, as in the adult media.In addition, children's shampoos available with the wording "without tears", and so do not worry if the foam gets into the baby's eyes.

During soaping your child's movements must be gentle, soft but confident and calm.Remember that your emotional state instantly transmitted to the child.

To set the baby on swimming, using dilute shampoo in the bath light foam, which is sure to be interested in the newborn.

Do not forget to thoroughly wash off the foam from the baby to his skin after bathing can "breathe."

What should bathe the baby?

The older the child, the more space it needs for bathing.Many pediatricians recommend that after 5 months bathe crumbs in the shared bathroom.However, remember that the kid is allowed to put in the bath "for adults" only after thorough cleaning.

buy special baby bath or not - solely your decision.In order for your child to be comfortable, remember the main thing: a newborn should not be constrained in his movements.Avoid children's bath, if it kid can not sufficiently to move legs and arms, turning the head.

What supplements can be used for bathing the baby?

Many mothers are confident that the bath with different herbs are very helpful for baby's skin.In part, this statement is true, but before using any, even the absolutely natural raw, the component should consult with your pediatrician.

bad influence on children's skin baths with sea salt, since salt is able to calm the baby and to remind him of the happy time spent in my mother's belly.sometimes still used for bathing babies coniferous solution, especially if the baby is restless.Also in pharmacies sell special herbal teas, which can solve some of the problems with the skin.

Note that after using the swimming pediatrician approved supplements, you have to very carefully pour the baby clean waters.

How to bathe a newborn: a sequence of actions

In order for you was not afraid to bathe the newborn for the first time, just follow the course of action described below.Sequential instruction will help you to cope with indecision and fear.

  1. Fill the tub with boiled water, check its temperature.If the water is very hot, do not dilute it with cold tap water, simply wait for the tub to cool down a bit.
  2. undress the child to take the arms and push yourself.Let the kid will hear the sound of your heart and calm down a bit.Carefully and slowly lower your baby into the bathroom, the baby used to the changing environment.Immersion in water must not be sharp!
  3. Lather child, starting from the neck and ending with the feet.Thoroughly rinse the foam using a scoop.After wash his head.
  4. After bath procedures rinse the newborn warm clear waters.Ideally it should be a half degrees lower than in the bathroom.
  5. Wrap the baby in a warm, warmed on the battery, towel and lightly pat dry the baby.Squeeze your crumbs to him and talk to him to calm.

Most newborn babies at the back there is a yellowish-white crust.After bathing the child's neck grease fat children's cream and pieces of comb out her movements neat, if a crust soaked sufficiently.Then treat the head with cotton wool peroxide.If you see that the scalp is injured during this procedure, wipe cream with cotton discs and refrain from undertaking before the next bathing.

If your baby has hairs on his head, gently comb it and put the cap.Shoot it undesirable until the hair does not dry out.
sure to pay attention to the spout baby.After a warm bath crust that may form in the nose of the newborn, it is very soft and easy to remove with a cotton flagellum.

After bath procedures put in the baby diaper, pre-dry all the folds to avoid chafing.If diaper rash is, sprinkle a little baby powder folds.

How to make the right bathing, says pediatrician on video.