How do I know INN individual passport

There are cases when the bodies of the Tax Service is assigned an identification number person without his knowledge, and as a result of the citizen does not know its own inn.And when there is a need to specify the correct combination of numbers, persons experiencing difficulties related to their search.There are times when a document is not in the hands of the (lost, forgotten), and the data indicate an urgent need.As in such cases to check the VAT number?

Can I see number TIN according to the passport?

There are situations when you need to quickly find out your tax number on the passport.The reason for the search of the document may be different legal transactions concluded business transactions, bank transfers, etc.However, what if you do not have my numbers right, and you must learn them immediately?To do this, there are several ways that you can quickly solve the problem using the services on the Internet.

individuals that wants to know your VAT number on the passport you need to

go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service and leave a request.After some time, you will be informed of the number.The same operation is possible to perform on the internet portal of public services.In fact, both services offer the same form where you must enter the following data, your identity:

  • Last name, first name.
  • place and date of birth.
  • passport data.

When the information is entered, to make sure that you are not a robot, the system will prompt the captcha (picture with the characters that you want to reprint in the form of a number).After some time a window will appear with the numbers of your TIN.For this service often turn when a natural person was formed arrears to the Tax Inspectorate, or if the debtor turned entrepreneur

How to find Inn on the passport through the Internet for free

Thanks to technical progress, learn the necessary information has been possible even without leaving theirhousing.To this end, we set up special services that allow us to solve the problem of finding an identification number with a few mouse clicks.VAT, unlike SNILS not be considered sensitive information and is in the public domain.To find the required data, you need only visit the site and fill out a short form.His INN may learn in two ways:

  • With service on site FTS.
  • Internet portal of state services.

Going to the website of the Federal Tax Service, on the main page you will see the item "Electronic services", follow the link.Then click "Check Inn".Open search service identification number of the passport, and have the opportunity to learn how to own TIN and stranger.Personal set of numbers may be obtained immediately - online and free of charge, but for someone else will need to refer to the inspection workers (this is a paid service).Pick up the query result you will be able to provide only a passport and a receipt for the payment of public services (100 rub.).

his PIN number

To learn INN personal need:

  1. Login to the site FNS.
  2. Enter the required data on the form.
  3. Request.
  4. If you really are registered tax service and have assigned VAT, the desired numbers appear in the window.

Alien INN

To find the identification number of a natural person in the passport, should be:

  1. Enter information in the request form for physical persons data.
  2. Request.
  3. Data on the presence of the identification number of a third party whose information is requested, will be reflected in the results window.
  4. Contact the tax office for obtaining data on the taxpayer.

tax officials will be asked for a citizen who has come for obtaining information about individuals, some of the documents.These include: identification document (often a Russian passport or foreign citizen), paper, confirming the rights of the representative, as well as a check of the state duty payment for the provision of services.Government authorities are exempt from this fee.

possible to find INN by name without a passport?

If natural persons, for some reason, does not have the passport data and is not an entrepreneur, to see TIN one full name of the person, it can not.Knowledge of passport details - a prerequisite to know the identification number of physical persons.However, the Federal Tax Service's website offers another service, which is not hard to find by going to the "Business Risks" section.

To find the last name INN using such a service does not work, but it is possible to find room for the names of the head of the peasant-farming or entrepreneur.To find only need to know the name and area of ​​residence of physical persons.The search results will indicate the number of state registration of the individual entrepreneur, the date of registration of the enterprise, its address, VAT number.The proposed file, in addition, there is information about the kind of entrepreneur activity, changes made to the information on the enterprise in a single registry.

Video: how to learn through the site INN Tax Service

Reference Room - a document indicating the presence of physical persons in the state register.He is assigned to each citizen of Russia, it is necessary to put on the record of all taxpayers in the country by opening their access to bank operations or business.Check your room is possible by the tax authorities, however, do so only on the human family, without the rest of the data is impossible.Thus, public authorities guarantee the safety of personal data and at the same time, facilitate the search process itself.