Creams for children

Summer - wonderful time, when you can enjoy the sun, the warm sea, golden sand.This is a wonderful time when most of the day, all carried out in the fresh air, enjoying the warm sunshine.To spoil the mood, and all the rest can sunburn, they are especially dangerous to children because their skin is more delicate than adults.To avoid such a situation will help sunscreen for children.

Types sunscreen

for children Children's delicate skin needs special protection to the sun, because it does not naturally capable of producing the required amount of melanin (especially in the age of one year) in order to prevent the occurrence of burns.It is also worth remembering that the excessive abuse of harmful ultraviolet rays and can provoke skin cancer.

But walking in the sun is necessary, because sunlight produces vitamin D, which is essential for normal development, growth, the functioning of the body.What to do to be in the sun, getting a nice tan, while avoiding sunburn?Help comes sunscreen for children.

These tools differ by a factor of protection, manufacturer sight.At last it can be a parameter:

  • Creams.This option is perfect for children with dry skin prone to flaking as sunscreen for children is also able to moisturize the skin.
  • gels, lotions, oils, foams - good sunscreen, perfectly absorbed uniformly smoothed provide quality protection.
  • Sprays.Such means conveniently in causing, due to the fact that it can be uniformly sprayed on the skin, without leaving areas unprotected.

sunscreen cream for children is available with a variety of indicators, referred to as degree of protection.The level of protection - is a stable parameter: Radiation protection factor.It denotes both SPF (PPD) and index ranges from 2 to 100. The higher the factor - the better protection.

Baby cream to 1 year

In grudnichkovom aged kids is not recommended to be open under the scorching rays of the sun, because the skin is completely unprotected, because the probability of getting a sunburn is high.Protect the baby's skin can burn creams with SPF index starting with 30. But in order to prevent burns, we recommend a walk with the baby in the hours when the sun is less active - in the morning to 11 o'clock in the afternoon and in the evening after 16.00.

For older children

to children from 2 years in the sun is also limited.When applying the cream, keep in mind that his action did not last long, watch the time.Perfect for kids sunscreen with a protection factor of 15 to 30. Use a cream with an SPF higher than 50 is rarely recommended as it can cause a severe allergic reaction, and the content of active ingredients is too high, which may adversely affect the baby's skin.

When using the cream it is important to remember that it begins to act upon its first application.Even if you're after some time cause it again (after swimming) - the period of validity shall not be extended.It is necessary to take into account the fact that with repeated application of protection factor is not increased.

What is better to choose?

choosing a sunscreen for children, it is necessary to consider some very important factors:

  • First of all, pay attention to the SPF.For short walk enough protective factors in 15-20 SPF;for long trips it is necessary to choose the means to the protection of 20-25.If you're going to the sea, it is better to buy a cream with SPF 25-40.
  • If going to the beach, and the kid will swim in the sea or a river, it would be better to buy water-resistant cream which is not washed off and does not lose its properties after contact with water.
  • is necessary to pay attention to the baby's skin, his phototype.For dark skin cream suit with a lower level of protection, and for light-skinned kids - on the contrary, it is better to buy sunscreen at 5-10 units above.
  • Preference is better to give that do not contain alcohol or fragrances, as well as additional components that may cause allergic reactions.
  • before large-scale application, it is necessary to test the cream on a small area of ​​the skin of the child.To detect the reaction required day.In case of redness or acne - it is better to replace sunscreen.
  • Do not forget about the expiration date, which should be indicated on the packaging.

To better understand what means to choose, watch the video:

Not least important is the company that produces the data cream.The most popular are the following brands:

  • Avene.Cream "Ebenezer" is able to provide protection for child under the scorching sun, but the level of protection from the funds of the company are too high, because it is used with extreme caution.It feels nice, easy application, ensures reliable protection from UV rays.
  • Bioderma.Unique cosmetics with the maximum high SPF, generally from 50 to 100 SPF.
  • Chicco.A series of children's cosmetics, designed specifically for children with all the features of their skin.
  • Reliable sunscreen considered Eva Sun, for example, Sun Care SPF 30. This tool has received a lot of positive reviews.
  • Eveline.The well-known brand, well-proven combination of quality products and low prices for it.
  • Garnier.Cream "Garnier" offer unbeatable quality and high security.
  • Key.Sunscreen with SPF 50 protection level.
  • Lancaster.Creams of this brand have been thoroughly tested, because to be safe for kids.
  • L'Oreal.Cosmetics "Loreal" more than a year on the market of cosmetic products, it is known for its quality and pleasant aromas of each series.
  • Mustela.Tools of this brand is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • La Roche-Posay.Creams of the brand do not contain additional components that can cause allergies, it is also suitable for sensitive skin.
  • SUN POWER.Cosmetics for tanning and after.A wide range of products will provide an opportunity to choose the most suitable means.
  • Uriage.Excellent cosmetics with moisturizing effect.An excellent choice for the summer period.
  • Vichy.Cosmetics "Vichy" gained its popularity high-quality, safe products.
  • Weleda - Natural Cosmetics, which included only natural ingredients that do not contain harmful filters.Creams of this series are absolutely harmless and effective.
  • Cosmetics "Nivea", "Floresan", "Byubhen», Yves Rocher.Common brand creams which enjoys great popularity.

most prominent representatives of sunscreens can be seen in the photo.

Advantages over other means

sunscreen for children has a number of advantages:

  • Well, it is applied uniformly, leaving no lumps.
  • quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving white streaks.
  • quality cream does not cause allergic reactions.


Buy cream summer sun protection for kids you will be able to pharmacy, cosmetics store or by ordering via the internet at the distributor of cosmetics (eg, Avon, Mary Kay).The cost of funds is different, it depends on the amount of cream, and from the brand, and the package.Budget cream option will be bought for 95-150 rubles, the average price of a quality product is 200-300 rubles.Price on skin creams known and most popular brands (eg, Sanosan, "Mary Kay", "Clarín") is more than 400 rubles.

Tips for use: how to apply

to acquire the means to exert maximum effect, it is necessary to correctly apply:

  • Initially, carefully read the instructions that came with the cream, and always follow it.
  • Typically, funds begin to act only after 15-25 minutes after application, because to be in advance of the release in the sun to put the cream, so that he could absorb.
  • necessary to treat all exposed areas of the body (hands, cheeks, forehead, legs), without making gaps in the skin, using the required amount of money.
  • Update layer is every 2 hours, in order to effectively protect your baby from UV rays.
  • important to remember that even if you use a cream, children are not recommended to stay in the sun too long, especially during active action of sunlight - from 12 to 16.
  • After the walk it is necessary to thoroughly rinse with warm water and soap.

choosing a sunscreen for a baby, it is worth to pay special attention to this issue, to get acquainted with the characteristics, read reviews and be sure to carry out testing.An important factor is the level of protection a cream and applying it correctly.If you pick up a true cream and cause it according to instructions, then worry about the possible occurrence of sunburn you do not have.

Leave your reviews and comments, if this article has helped you choose children's sun cream, or you have a personal experience of its use.