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state benefits and allowances - a great incentive to have children.People are more likely to become parents, knowing that the state will help in the early years, a child is native or not, it is the fifth or the first.The legislation guaranteeing child allowance, payments to the state all the questions left to the each federal district.Let's find out what payments are put at the birth of a second child and the first-born, single mothers, families with many children, and up to what age the offspring of the parents is entitled to rely on the state aid.

Types of children's benefits paid on the territory of Russia

Financial assistance to parents or the state pays from its own budget, or from the mandatory social insurance funds.What benefits are put at the birth of a child?"Prize" for the timely registration of pregnancy, maternity vacation, family transition to the status of many children.With the adoption of children foster parents fully equalized with family rights.

By frequency of payments all gra

nts from the state are divided into two main types:

  1. Single (one-time) - one-off payments made to a specific factual basis: documenting the fact of pregnancy, childbirth or adoption.
  2. periodic (monthly) accrual.This long-term payment of the money that the state continues until terminated bases or a certain age of the child.For example, just one and a half year pay maternity care.

single and monthly payments dekretnitsam employer is obliged to do according to the letter of the law within the framework of the insurance contract between him and the worker.Mommy, that does not have an employer grants issued in the local (registration, residence permits) department of social protection.The same organization pays the money and for the adoption of a baby under three months.


Types of subsidized one-time payments:

  • gestation, childbirth (maternity);
  • maternity capital;
  • adoption or guardianship of the child;
  • birth of the baby.

Who Should child maternity benefit?Pregnant women who used 12 weeks rose to obstetric gynecological records;women workers insured by the employer;female students;unemployed women with confirmed status of the unemployed;wives of military conscripts (separate type of subsidy).This lump sum is paid to adoptive parents and infants up to three months.The right of the cash payment are:

  • any adoptive parent;
  • one adoptive parents;
  • each guardian or caregiver of children under fourteen years of age and older teens.

Maternal capital - tangible for parents one-time government subsidy.Paid all born and adopted children in addition to the first-born.The right to obtain a native adopted or mother, man-adoptive parent (if he is the only foster parent).The subsidy is paid only to children born or adopted from the first January 2007


monthly grants for children - is:

  1. Care to a year and six monthscompensation is paid only officially staying in the decree parents (other relatives).
  2. Grants child conscripts.They paid their wives or relatives who take care of the child.
  3. payments for each newborn, starting with the third child.Regulates the legal acts of local legislators.
  4. Compensation mothers (other relatives), followed for kids up to 3 years.Addressed only employed or officially unemployed.

dimensions of child allowances in 2016

Guaranteed payments from the state budget in the law and unchanging for all regions: for example, the additional payments to women who register early pregnancy (up to 84 days) period.Amounts of benefits, folding of subsidies for local and federal budget, calculated according to a formula and vary in some regions.For example, payments for each subsequent newborn home with the status of a large St. Petersburg will be different than the benefits in Vladivostok.

count how many will make allowance for child birth in 2016 will allow the online calculator.This service provides, for example, information for children ru site.This service provides information for children ru website: here you must specify the city, the number and age of existing children, her pregnancy period, the average value of their salaries for the past two years.The automated system will do the calculation and display the sum.


The gathered have employed woman is entitled to receive child benefit.The amount of subsidy is calculated and accrued employer.Maternity leave lasts: ten weeks before birth and after, while harboring a few kids - 12 and 16. The size of the payment is equal to the total size of the average wage for all days of the decree.For newborn is provided a one-time compensation payment of 14,497.80 rubles.

additional fixed cash payment provided for female conscripts (recruits).After one hundred and eighty days of pregnancy are entitled to receive from the state 22 thousand 958 rubles.78 kopecks.Making cash payments is possible only when providing evidence that pregnant to take account of, and her husband is a conscript service.

When registration in early pregnancy

Additional one-time payment in this category of 543 rubles 67 kopecks.Officially unemployed women, private entrepreneurs receive this subsidized care as mandatory sotsstrahovku.Working women the amount paid by the employer and female students of day branches, military-kontraktnitsam payments are made in the form of state sotsstrahovki.The condition for obtaining grants - information about registering with pregnancy no more than 12 obstetric weeks.

Payments young family at birth

The regional (local) subsidies include cash assistance to a young family.This, for example, the payment of the governor in Moscow, Sevastopol, the Nizhny Novgorod region.How many young parents pay?The amount of subsidies to the subsistence minimum is:

  • 5 minimums on first-born;
  • on the second newborn - 7;
  • all other children - 10.

amount calculation is based on the current size of the official subsistence level.The amount of allowances transferred to the social card or passbook.Conditions for obtaining money:

  • necessary that my father and mother were under the age of thirty years;
  • to one of them (or both) have a permanent record;
  • application for benefits is decorated in a period of one year from the date of delivery.

When sending a child to grow up in a family

basis for registration of material assistance from the state are adoption and guardianship.The provisions grant equal to the amount of payments for child birth in 2016 (one-time compensatory subsidy).It increases to 14 thousand. 497 rubles.80 kopecks.up to 110 thousand. 775 rubles.(November 2016), if the family receives few brothers, sisters, a child of eight years old or disabled.The right to receive money have guardians, foster parents, guardians, foster parents.

Maternal capital at the birth of her second child

This money order, the right to which is maintained and the birth of each baby the next (third, fourth, etc.).The grant in 2016 is equal to 453 026 rubles, expenses non-cash only.Parents have the right form of that money funded pension, they can teach them to all children in the family, or to spend on housing (to buy, build).Proceed to the realization of this material assistance is only possible after the third day of the birth of an heir.Family income in the amount of the subsidy has no influence.

Child care up to 1.5 years

By maternity benefits include non-fixed Allowance.Employees of enterprises (public and private) receive forty percent of its average rate of two years of earnings.Payment of non-working parents is calculated at the Office of Social Security, its minimum size in the current year - 2718.35 rubles, that is less than this grant will not be.19,855.78 rubles - the maximum possible matpomosch.

Child care up to 3 years

Financial support of up to 3 years is not provided by domestic law: care subsidy stop paying after 1.5 years.Parents who are still on maternity leave, receive a monthly payment (rather conditional!) - 50 p.In many regions, local laws provide for other amounts that are paid in addition to state compensation.

Cash payments until the child reaches 16 or 18 years

count on this help is only for single mothers.Dividends accrued from the local budget of a particular county.Estimated range of RF subjects ranging from three hundred to fifteen hundred rubles, subsidies continue only if the annual confirmation of a single mother of their status.In April 2013, federal law established another matpomosch - monthly pension for disabled children (the first group) from three to eighteen years (8704 rbl.).

State aid for large families

Rank acquires a large family, adding to the third heir.Together with the new status it is entitled to a special matpomosch (poor protection degree).Issues related to the volume of payments and the potential benefits are given to the federal districts, and state aid list are generated from the list of which is given in the Presidential Decree №431 of 1992 .:

  1. 30% discount on utilities services payment.
  2. priority in admission to kindergartens, hospitals, health camps.
  3. Gratuitous treatment in state institutions, the provision of medicines for children under six years of age.
  4. Free travel on urban transport.
  5. school, sports uniforms for the year (except June-August).
  6. for pupils and students in the school meals free of charge.
  7. a month 1 free day of cultural activities.
  8. gratis land.
  9. 50% discount on the fare of children with one parent to the treatment site.
  10. Tax benefits.
  11. Early pension for mothers.

What documents are required for registration of the child allowance

Any allowance is made only at the request, with a personal visit and providing a package of supporting papers.List of certificates and documents (copies) for the registration of state subsidies need to take in the area of ​​the department of Social Welfare Department.There are additional requirements for certain categories of applicants: single mothers, the disabled, students, non-working parents, wives of servicemen, so the exact number required only experts call documents.They also give guidelines how to calculate the required payments to the state.

Video: the procedure for calculating child allowances in 2016

On that count single mothers, adoptive parents, wives of conscripts, low-income families?Up to what age children pay?How to calculate the position of the amount of their own parents, what data and formula to base?Why do some organizations refuse to pay these benefits?All answers are best known representatives of the Center for Social Protection.

They explain the mechanism of action of laws at the local level of benefits, provide advice on restructuring the social security pensions, benefits, and increase payments.The story, which and how many documents required for registration of each type of state aid, in what terms it should calculate where to go working and unemployed parents.In the presented video, see all this in more detail: