How to copy text using the keypad

Increasing the amount of information requires faster processing.In this case, the keyboard function will be useful secret.For example, using this step by step instructions, you can quickly duplicate and paste text data when editing.

working with text documents on your computer or laptop, you always want to work the process was more convenient and faster.Optimize job helping various hidden functions available in the computer technology.For example, we have something to copy when editing text documents from time to time.If the use of the mouse - the time spent on order of magnitude greater than when using the special button functions.Let's understand how to copy text from the keyboard.

when you may need to copy

keyboard Rather, each user is familiar with the function of copying all the elements with the mouse.But it is not always convenient.For example, when you need to duplicate a lot of information, and the workstation is equipped so that mouse use is inconvenient, the mouse may not w

ork or simply absent.

How to copy text using the keyboard: step by step instructions

  1. selected fragment

allocation is done in two ways:

  • if you are working on a laptop - move the cursor to the top right area, hold down the shift key and,without releasing it, TouchPad-th move the cursor to the end;
  • if you are working on desktop computer - put the cursor at the beginning of a desired scene, hold down the shift key and, without releasing it, select the area with arrows (left, right, up, down).Pressing the "left" and "right" arrows will move the selection to the selected side in steps of one character, and when you use the buttons "up" and "down" - in one line.

Tip: If you need to copy the entire page, select it, combining ctrl + a button.

  1. Copying text to the clipboard

Dub the selected area to the clipboard in one of three ways:

  • pressing both ctrl + c
  • set combination of "hot" keys ctrl + insert
  • using the button "copy-"on

taskbar Tip: if you do not have duplicate fragment, and move it, use the cut feature (there is a keyboard shortcut ctrl + x)

  1. insert into a document of text from the clipboard

toinsert a fragment that is in the clipboard, move the cursor to the desired location.Then use one of two options:

  • pressing a combination of "hot" keys ctrl + v
  • hotkey shift + insert

follow the line above steps, you can easily copy the information you need.This will help you to significantly speed up the work on editing text documents.A similar method is used to duplicate any other elements of the computer, such as copy labels, folders, audio and video files, programs, etc.