How to remove a pattern from the android if it forgot

Almost every phone user or tablet based on the Android system at least once faced with the problem of locking devices.What to do if your pattern is forgotten?The situation is not critical, although it gives a lot of inconvenience, especially if an urgent need to make a call.There are several ways to reset the password protection on the technique of working with the Android OS.

What should I do if I forget the password on your phone or tablet

Installation graphic key on the tablet or Android phone - a reliable way to protect your personal data from strangers, but apart from the advantages of this methodIt has significant disadvantages.One of them is banal forgetting the user's own password.If the phone was in the children's hands and the wrong key has been introduced several times, the device can be disabled.What to do in this case?

The first thing is to try to restore the pattern, using sparing techniques for device unlocking.It would be nice in advance to protect themselves from such

problems and make a backup of important data contained on your tablet or phone, but about this as only a few care.Most devices allow you to download for this purpose special programs through the play of market (for example, Kies), also has the ability to synchronize information through Google.

Simple ways to remove the unlock and unlock Android

Typically, recovery graphic key can be realized by hand, without the help of qualified professionals.Before the general reset your phone or tablet Android, experience less "painful" methods that do not require special skills.In most cases, simple steps to help solve the problem and unlock the device.

Enter your login and password on the active account google

When locking devices based on Android, please try signing in to your google.To be able to restore a pattern in this way, when register in advance.If you enter the wrong number of secret password phone or tablet will prompt you to enter the data to access the Google Account.If done correctly, the device will be unlocked.

If the password has been forgotten by google, restore it to the PC, and then try to sign in with the gadget.Not having at hand a laptop or other device, you can restore a pattern directly on a locked phone.To do this, the gadget must be enabled in the mobile internet or Wi-Fi.Then follow these steps:

  1. Activate emergency call button.
  2. Enter the combination * # * # 7378423 # * # *.
  3. Press Service Test line - Wlan.
  4. Connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  5. Sign in google account.

Commit an incoming call on a locked smartphone

This method of removing the graphical key devices based on Android does not work on all versions of the system, but only on gadgets with Android 2.2 andearlier:

  • Ask someone or themselves dial your number from another telephone.
  • When a locked device receive a call, accept it and turn the menu at the time of a call by pressing the button in the center.
  • Then open the settings menu and disable the graphical key or change a new one.

battery discharge

Another effective in many cases the method of removal from the Android phone lock - the battery is fully discharged:

  • If the device is fully charged, wait until the batterydry up.
  • When smartphone "sit", it shows a message that the battery is low.At this point, go to the settings of the power, go back to the menu back one page and then click Security Configuration.
  • In the window, turn off the phone lock feature.

complete restart settings

This process involves a complete loss of data contained on the device.All settings and content phone or tablet will be reset at the Hard Reset is started.For a complete reboot of the gadget settings, click on the small button, which is often located on the back cover of the device.Because the button is recessed, use a needle or awl gypsy.After rebooting, unlock lost phone.However, the Reset function may vary on different models of Android devices.


  1. Disconnect the device.
  2. Simultaneously hold down the power button and the center button (for the Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Fit), or the power key and slider sound additions (for the Samsung Galaxy S Plus, Samsung Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3).Hold down the Select button until the vibration device.
  3. Once in the menu, select the row wipe data / factory reset.To use the paging key points of addition / decrease the volume.
  4. When you activate this command, the phone will be erased from the data, and it will return to the state from which you bought it in the store.


  1. Disconnect the tablet / phone.
  2. Simultaneously hold down Volume up button, menu and food (inclusion).
  3. Navigate to rekaveri (Recovery).This system is similar to the BIOS of the PC.
  4. Adhering to the exact sequence, follow:
  • wipe data / factory reset
  • delete all user data
  • reboot system now


  1. Disconnect the device,remove and replace replace the battery.
  2. Pinch increase of sound and the power key, keep, until the screen saver will be a standard phone.
  3. Continue to hold the Volume Up button until the Android screen, then press the volume key and press the power on.
  4. rekaveri When the menu appears, with the help of sliders sound move down through the menu list and activate the "wipe data / factory reset".
  5. activate the command using the "Menu" button and select "yes" in the proposed list.Then again, press "Menu" to start resetting your phone.
  6. Upon completion of the process will show a message "wipe data complete".Click on the "Menu" to launch the restart Android device.


  1. Turn off your phone or tablet Lenovo.
  2. Simultaneously hold down the key combination Enable, Increase and Decrease volume.Hold the button until the on-screen menu is displayed.
  3. Start the recovery process.For control options, use the volume control keys, power button selection is made.
  4. Select the line "wipe / factory reset", the phone will reboot and reset the unlock pattern.


  1. To reset models G300, Y200, U8815 and U9500, unplug the unit, remove and replace the battery.
  2. Turn the phone menu key combination, on and Increase in the volume.
  3. In rekaveri menu, go to the option "Factory reset / wipe data".
  4. Press the power button, select "delete all user data".The device resets the system, shutting down the unlock.


  1. Disconnect tablet or mobile phone, remove the battery, put it back.
  2. Hold on and increase the volume buttons or the "Home" button from the side menu and turning.
  3. When the display shows rekaveri menu, activate the line "Wipe data / Factory Setting".
  4. In the resulting list, select the new "delete all user data".
  5. After the transition to the original menu, click Reboot System.

You can use an alternative method of full device reboot:

  1. Hold the volume keys at the same time, connect the USB-cable to your computer.
  2. Hold 30 seconds.When the tablet will reboot, pattern will be reset.


  1. Set the PC driver recognition phone them or Sony Tablet.The program is called the Sony Ericsson PC Suite.
  2. Connect Android to your computer.
  3. In running the program PC Suite, select "Tools" and then click "Restore."
  4. Follow the instructions of the program.


  1. Turn off the power of the smartphone / tablet.
  2. Hold on and reduce the volume keys.
  3. When rekaveri menu, tap "WIPE DATA" (to use the volume control rocker).
  4. system is reset, and the unlock reset.


  1. Set your computer HTC Sync.
  2. Connect smartphone with Android to the PC.
  3. Start Screen Lock Bypass application (you can download it in PlayMarket'e).
  4. Restart the gadget, and then cancel the key in the lock graphic settings.


  1. When you turn on your smartphone, go to the emergency call.
  2. Enter the sequence of numbers * 983 * 987 #.
  3. Activate data reset.

second way to remove the graphic key:

  1. Turn gadget.
  2. Download rekaveri menu by pressing and holding on and increase the volume buttons.
  3. Activate line "wipe data / factory reset", and the password will be canceled.

Reset graphical password by connecting to a computer via USB

to cancel unlock the device Android:

  1. Connect it via USB cord to the computer and run modedebugging.
  2. pre Adb Download the program and run it after the smartphone debugging process.
  3. Next, open the console, where you must enter the specific commands.Find it possible by searching from the Start menu on your PC by entering a string "cmd".
  4. Adhering to a sequence of lines, type in the console:

adb shell

cd / data / data / / databases

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value = 0 where name = 'lock_pattern_autolock';

update system set value = 0 where name = 'lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently ';

  1. Then restart your tablet or mobile phone.

Video instruction: how to remove a pattern from the android

Owners of devices running Android system, familiar with the various possibilities of preserving the security of their personal data in the gadget.Among the available options for the most popular are: the establishment of an alpha-numeric password, and your pattern.However, this security measure often entails an unexpected problem - the person can not remember the PIN or several times mistakenly enters the wrong key, so that the device is locked.Watch the video below, you will learn how to remove the graphical password with Android.