Why can not I sleep in front of the mirror

Some people are trying to find answers to their questions by various magicians, wizards, sorcerers.Not without prejudice: it turns out that sleep should head north, on the contrary, to sleep in front of the front door can not be, etc.Many philosophies, especially the eastern, especially rules govern the placement of mirrors in the house.

people believed the world, relating to mirrors

Mirror - one of the most mysterious and enigmatic objects in the everyday life of people.It has long been credited with various magical mirrors the properties and quality.With their help, we carried out rituals of divination and in Russia.But, of course, the biggest magic meaning was given to the cultures of the East and especially in the culture of ancient China.In particular, the ancient Chinese believed that the mirror symbolizes the night light - a full moon.Mirror - one of the essential attributes of the Sage.

In Japan, the Emperor's list of treasures handed down, along with a samurai sword, the throne

and the three gems, be sure to present a mirror.Especially revered in the traditional religion of the Japanese (Shinto) 8-sided mirror that symbolizes the space, peace and soul.In the beliefs of many African and Asian people CSOs use to communicate with the spirits and demons.In Slavic culture was associated with the soul.So, in the house of the deceased had to be curtained all the mirrors to the soul is not afraid of the lack of reflection.

If we analyze the teaching, prejudices and beliefs of different peoples, it turns out an amazing thing: the presence of a mirror in the bedroom is not desirable in any case.None of the culture of peace in the bedroom mirror is not welcome, no matter whose it Bedroom - King, nobles or simple worker.So, why not sleep in front of the mirror and is dangerous?

  • Mirror capable, as is known, reflect any objects in front of him.Many of these items can have sharp edges, and accordingly, reflected in them can disrupt their sharp angles biofield sleeping.
  • In some nations it is believed, though by means of a mirror through the mirror in our world may look otherworldly forces.Of course, not always, these views have a bad energy, but during sleep, these views will obviously disturb the sleeping man.The result of such spying - shallow sleep, bad mood, irritability, etc.
  • Medieval alchemists came to the conclusion that vampires and ghouls are able through their mirrors suck energy from people, so the presence of a mirror in the bedroom is very undesirable.
  • particularly negative impact they have on a married couple.It turns out that room for two couples - one real, and the second - their reflection.It turns out that the couple themselves are pushing each other to change.
  • installed in the bedroom, it reflects the marriage bed and the door at the same time, there is a risk that the feelings will go through the door forever.
  • Store, let alone buy a cracked - failure.Generally, you can buy and install only the new mirror.From cracked need to get rid of as soon as possible.
  • According to some psychics, during sleep the human soul leaves the body at the time, and the journey begins.If the bedroom is a mirror of the soul can fall through the looking glass, where return is not easy.
  • According to another version, which have great magical power mirrors - this is the gate through the looking glass, parallel world.These gates are opened infrequently, but if they are already open, close them very hard.Located in a dream a man without knowing it, sleep begins to communicate with otherworldly forces.If such a connection is already established, the dismantling of one already will not be enough - it is necessary to take action.
  • Psychics have determined that mirrors are powerful sources of energy, not always positive.Sleeping man is during sleep in a relaxed state, so the negative energy is very dangerous to sleep.The least that can make a mirror - impair health and mood.

In any case, if you constantly wake up in the morning overwhelmed with bad mood and well-being, you need to take some measures, and determine the cause of ailments.The first thing you need to eliminate all possible causes of poor health and mood, and when suspicion falls on the mirror, why not make it immediately out of the bedroom?

Other superstitions related to mirrors

  • most common belief, "why can not sleep in front of the mirror" - is that the cracked mirror brings bad luck.Cracked glass can symbolize a sudden failure in life, illness or even death.Damage may be a sign of the accomplished events, as well as its harbinger.In any case, from the damaged item need to quickly get rid of.Especially since you can not carry a cracked mirror in the house, and hang them on the wall.If pieces of glass scattered on the floor, they need to collect, wrapped in a canvas bag and throw it away.While cleaning is necessary to avoid cuts - it is not good.
  • believed that you can not give them, and in particular loved ones - they are able to accumulate negative energy.Even if the gift is made from the heart, it can be the cause of various troubles.There is a sign: a gift from a loved one or a close mirror - to parting.The girls absolutely should not accept such a gift.
  • place them in front of the door - to fail.All the luck, which will seek to get into the house, will be reflected, and as a result go to the other door.Why scare luck, and place a mirror opposite the front door?
  • better look in the mirror during the day.At night, in the dark, through the mirror of the people watching the forces of evil.Man they can not see, but after some time he will definitely feel their negative impact, which is reflected in the deterioration of health, well-being, etc.
  • They must be kept in its pure form, otherwise stains and dirt adhering to the surface, can darken and distort the reflection of man that affect its fate.
  • Buy for yourself should only be new, which is not reflected others' negative emotions.The exceptions are those who owned close or good friends.

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