Fish drop - photo

unusual, sometimes ugly, sometimes funny inhabitants of the Earth always attract attention.Exotic creatures that inhabit the bottomless depths of the oceans - the object for research scientists and the cause genuine interest of most people on the planet.Mysterious Australian goby fish or drop (Psychrolutes marcidus) - one of the strangest creatures of the deep waters.What it is?


Known in Australia as Australian sculpin, fish drop a small population and rare man.Perfectly feels at great depths - from 800 to 1200 m Narrow habitat -. Australian coast, the island of Tasmania and New Zealand - and especially habitat have caused a few details about the fish drop among ichthyologists scientists.Fish drop feels comfortable in the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.It differs from most of its congeners that practically floats on the surface or shallow depths.


judge coloration of fish drops difficult.Photos made by researchers in the natural habitat

, at considerable depths, support for the family of characteristic coloring ray-finned (goby) fish.It shades from sandy to grayish-brown color.Copies, which won a photo shoot on the land, in color closer to the squid: from light pink to gray tones.Fry drops predominantly beige color, which helps protect against possible predators.


pressure of the water column, the structural features of fish led to a drop dissimilarity its food chain.Unlike many of the inhabitants of the sea bottom, this kind of cold-blooded creatures are not hunting for prey.The huge mouth serves as a trap to slowly float plankton, which he "swims" in the mouth.Remains of biological substances, tiny invertebrates, algae - do not remain without attention this amazing fish.


The magnitude of fish a small drop of about 30 - 35 cm. Sometimes come across larger individuals, as in the photo, reaching a length of 60 cm gelatinous, watery.body shape is a drop, hence the name.Researchers have noted a small change in the size of bull psihrolyuta in contact with the land: first, a substantial increase in the head and okoloplavnikovoy zone, and then gradually "deflate" in volume.


process of spawning fish drop Unlike most creatures that inhabit the ocean.Some of its deep-sea inhabitants, producing offspring, raised in shallow water to the egg mixed with plankton, successfully disguised, evolved.Other representatives of the animal world to play the sort of descend to great depths.

Fish drop never leaves the bottom portion of the oceans, seas, throwing eggs in the sand.A caring mom family, it "incubates" fry without budging.Then for a long time the kids are under the control and care of mother.By the science gaps related open-ended question about how to find a pair of fish drop.


natural enemies in the Australian coast dweller does not exist, however, the number of drops of fish are constantly declining.The reason becomes human activity - catching lobsters, shrimp using bottom trawls, which often falls and the creature.Tourists, curious onlookers not miss a chance to show off photos on this malosimpatichnye externally fish, which is also detrimental to her life.Therefore, even with the diligence of posterity, it is required to replenish the population from 5 to 14 years.

Features Fish-Drop: interesting facts

Fish Blobfish drop or, as the English-speaking people call this creature - belongs to the family psihrolyutovyh.Unusual, to say the least, the appearance was the basis for the use of the image in the feature films (such as "Men in Black - 2"), animation, creating numerous cartoons.

widely set eyes are an advantage for the orientation in the absolute darkness of the ocean floor.However, on the sides of a strange process, resembling a huge nose, they give a dull and sad expression drop fish.The lowered corners of the mouth finish "sad" appearance, which often say "full pechalka".

The special structure of the body - the absence of bladder and muscle mass, spine, underdeveloped fin system - secrete a drop of fish among their own kind.Having a gelatinous mass density slightly less than water, the Australian bull confident and comfortable "floats" at such depths, where living creatures can not survive.The surface of the unusual fish body has no scales.

Video: fish-drop under the water and on land

The human interest is non-standard appearance of drops of fish?Exploring the characteristics of the inhabitants of enormous depth, humanity is close to unraveling the possibility of life under the water column.The unusual appearance, a unique body structure, the ability to move comfortably under the pressure of a hundred times higher than the altitude isolated creature.Do you want to see unique photos and shooting video camera Australian deepwater sculpin at a depth of more than a kilometer?Watch our video:

Photos: What is the saddest fish on earth

Constant winner photo voting in rankings most bizarre inhabitants of the planet, fish-drop is more and more interest.The Australian government, concerned about the extinction of the population, environmentalists, with the aim of attracting the interest of the growth and security of existence Australian sculpin, attracted interest in this creature, letting funny soft toys, and additional research funding.How does Psychrolutes marcidus in a familiar environment - deep water - and on land, you can see in the photo below.