How to wean a child from night feeding

Infants and children aged 3-6 months require regular meal, otherwise their bodies will experience substantial difficulties, which will affect the well-being and development.But to reach one year of age the baby is already quite capable to go without food for 5-6 hours.Let us consider how to wean a child from night feeding, if its age has passed the half-year mark.

How to wean a child from night feeding: sequence

  • To start analyze whether or not the baby is ready to ensure that the night did not eat.Observe his behavior the day: Are there cases that your child misses a meal?
  • If there were breaks between feedings 5 ​​hours and more can start to wean the baby from food at night.
  • Try to increase the time between meals.
  • Each feeding should be complete.
  • is particularly important that the child ate all that is necessary, before going to bed and did not go hungry.During the fun and games he sometimes gets tired so that falling asleep, forgetting about the fact that he needs to eat.If this happens, surel
    y he would wake up at night.
  • Try to go on a clear timetable for feeding: if fed on demand, the child will ask for breast or bottle.
  • For dinner, the child should receive a larger amount of food than in the daytime receptions.Try to give him a bottle of lure, and then the chest.

How to wean a baby from the night meal at one year of age

At the age of one year, some kids are already quite capable of not eating at night.

  • important to dinner year-old child was dense.Ask him out to dinner instead of breast feeding, or porridge.Suitable oatmeal, buckwheat or rice.After such a hearty dinner baby will sleep soundly until morning.
  • In case the baby wakes up, put next to the crib with a bottle of pure water instead of the mixture.Perhaps the reason for nighttime awakenings that kid thirsty.
  • Take care of the baby comfortable sleep: heat, cold, noise, full diaper - common reasons that the baby wakes up at night.Poor sleep is also associated with teething, etc.

How to wean a baby from the night meal in 1.5 years

By this age, many children are able to do without night meals.

  • As age one, dinner at the kids in 1.5 years should be dense.
  • Offer him milk porridge for dinner or a portion of fermented milk product.
  • If crumb feeds mainly mixtures, offer an additional breast.
  • If the baby tightly supper, but suddenly woke up, give him water.
  • Patiently explain to your child that food is only in the morning.On the request for the chest must be said that "Sisi already asleep."If the baby has already passed on the usual food, say that "the sun has gone to bed, and breakfast will be when the sun wakes up," etc.
  • can not go on about the baby, it is better to tell a story, sing a lullaby, soothe him.If you need to, take him in his arms or in a sling.Consult with a pediatrician, he will appoint sedatives when necessary.

How to wean a baby from the night meal in 2 years

At this time, the cause of night feedings the baby is often a habit of eating at night, although it is no longer a necessity in this age.

  • At the age of two the child has fully understood everything he said to mom and dad.And first of all have to hold a conversation with your child about what you need to sleep at night, not to eat.
  • absence of the usual nocturnal feeding a child will perceive as a violation of the usual order, so be sure to strictly comply with all the other "rituals".At such moments, not to leave a baby pacifier on, observe the day mode, power mode.
  • Focus on the evening meal, dinner should be plentiful.
  • If the wean baby from the night eating can not even consult with a pediatrician about this.

How to wean a child from a night of bottle-feeding

is necessary to understand the reasons for the baby wakes up and demands a bottle with a meal.

  • Maybe fluorescent artificial diet it is not enough, and he simply hungry.In this case, you need to switch to normal food - cereals, juices, meat products or increase the daily diet.
  • also kid can wake up thirsty, try to offer him a bedtime drink plenty of liquids.

How do you know that it is time to wean from night feeding

If crumb on artificial feeding, by the year, it will go to the "adult" diet - meat, sausage, cerealsand other nutritious food.In this case, the transition to the normal "adult" mode will take place in his own.

If the child is breastfed, the situation is different.It is necessary to look closely - not whether the child skips meals?If this happens, it is no longer needed to nurse every 3-4 hours around the clock, and breaks in the food make up for 5-6 hours or more.We must not miss this moment, and to streamline the diet, to the maximum break in the diet accounted for the night.

From what age to begin weaning from the night meals

Pediatricians agree that children aged 1 year and older are fully capable to do without night meals.To verify this, you need to check his weight.If the weight is normal, the intervals between feedings is 6-7 hours, which is about the night's sleep.Continue to feed your baby at night, it makes sense only if it is breastfed.

When should not wean baby from feeding at night

Breastfeeding - a serious reason to continue the night feedings.At night, a woman's body happens runningaway prolactin - a hormone that normalizes the process of lactation.If you do not feed the baby at night, the next day the amount of milk produced is reduced.
Changing feeding regime - stress for the baby, so at the same time can not be any other changes to make in his life.Do not collect the crumbs pacifier, he sleeps quietly with her.If the wean from night-time awakenings can not go out, it is not yet time to wean him, and all the later itself.

Tips pediatricians

  • Increase the daily ration, with special emphasis on the dinner.
  • Suggest night instead of a bottle with a mixture of clean water.
  • Kids already understand much older than one year.Patiently explain crumbs that night to eat properly.
  • pipsqueak If breastfeeding, do not take the time to wean him from the chest.
  • not wean a baby from the night feedings, if he is sick, but suffered a vaccinated or had teething.

Right now you can learn how to wean a child from night feeding, from the mouth of the well-known pediatrician Komarovsky.