Funny cover of the passport ( PHOTO)

passport is considered the main, the main document of any person.If you handle it carelessly, he quickly loses appearance, become sloppy.Now there is a funny cover of the passport, which turn ordinary paper into something original and interesting.These accessories provide a unique opportunity to highlight your style and make a cool gift dad, mom or friends.An embodiment of the funny passport covers a lot: with the words, animals, anime, cartoons, cartoon characters.

options funny male and female skins passport

Time covers equipped with metal corners "crocodile", with red or blue oilcloth with the image of flags, coats of arms, astate symbols is long gone.Funny and cool leather accessories, articles of fabric with different color, design solutions come to replace them.These accessories are part of the unique image of the individual, can be elements of a kit that includes a purse, wallets, business card holders with a lot of pages in a single style.

You can buy a few covers

and change them every day, picking up for every specific case.Fabric or leather with soft, thick, modern product - a reliable protection of your identity, which will protect them from chafing, unfavorable external factors.They will be the perfect gift for anyone, especially for drivers and travelers.

Covers depicting animals

Very cute, funny little things - passport covers with pictures of animals.The material for them can be a smooth tight skin or a soft, rippled.In most cases, caused by its figures on top of a special coating that ensures image stability.On such wonderful gifts for loved ones can be drawn animals in clothes, with a funny expression on his face, with an accompanying inscription amusing.

with funny inscriptions

different funny inscriptions can be applied on the cover: "The girls, I'm free," "King,a king "," the Pope decides everything "," Bigfoot passport. "Sheer Cover is monochromatic, for example, black, white, blue, red, or multicolored, patterned.This accessory is definitely cheer up you and others.High-quality product will be carried out with the use of water resistant, wear-resistant, practical material.

Models with the texture of orange peel and watermelon

Designers are constantly in search of beautiful, unique solutions, ornaments for registration of passport covers.One interesting idea considered model with the texture of watermelon or orange.They can be quite simple, but unusual surface gives a unique charm.Especially interesting to look such products, if they mimic the inside juicy pulp of the fruit.

With comical faces of people of different nationalities

Funny Cover with comical faces of people of different nationalities - a great gift for yourself or a close friend.Especially this will have a present to the place at the first receipt or replacement of the passport.Such variants are defined meaning, share humor, funny verbal and visual design.In most cases, these are made light brown colors and pattern coated in black.

Funny cover of the skin in the form of books

original crust in the form of books, made using high-quality natural leather, can help to save a document in a neat condition, will be a stylish addition Image.Bright accessory is sure to accentuate your special taste.It can be configured as a book, "Gulliver's Travels", "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow", "The Red Book", "The Little Prince", "The Great Gatsby", adventure novels of Jules Verne.

series covers "Hedgehog in the FogĀ»

very interesting to look like the cover series "Hedgehog in the Fog".They depict characters and scenes of the animated movie of the Soviet Yuri Norstein.This tape is legendary, has received more than 35 awards, so the crust is important for your identity document, to be visible, recognizable by all.Running leather accessories, and drawing applied coating that protects the image from damage, abrasion, fading.

Video: fun on the passport cover with their hands

How to cover for a passport with his own hands?If you have the skills or crafts classes you start the skilled worker, it is easy to be able to make such an accessory on their own.Despite the abundance of models available in the shops, product hand-Maid has always highly valued.In the process, you invest a part of themselves, and get the author's unique, inimitable result.Use the following master class to learn the process of creating the original crust, which can be a wonderful gift for a loved one.

Photo funny transparent and leather covers on

passport Despite the seriousness and formality of such a document as a passport, a crust for him can be amusing, comical.This subject has become an important accessory, speaking about the human status, it is an interesting decoration.These covers can be hand-made, made by a special design, resembling not stamped product.They are the creation of skilled craftsmen and artists.Look at the photo below, you can choose brown with cool designs or inscriptions, made of various materials.