How to call the police from a cell phone

get to the non-standard situation, when urgently needed assistance to the emergency, everyone can.Sometimes, a loss, people panic, frantically trying to figure out what to do.Come to yourself and begin to act: vote soberly situation and try to call the police (militia).Often, the landline phone is rare in such moments is nearby.To remember frantically police number, write in advance and store it in the necessary cell numbers.

How to call in the police station with a mobile phone

In January 2014, the Russian Federation moves to a single standard call all without exception of emergency services.Traditionally known from childhood digit numbers 01, 02, 03, 04 continue to function as usual: the transition provides a phased and lengthy.It is supposed to carry out the replacement of telephone numbers by the end of 2017 in most of the regions of Russia.It is envisaged transition to a three-digit system: this is due to the inability to gain two-digit numbers from mobile phone operators.

If you witness illegal acts, are in a situation that requires the immediate presence of police officers, law enforcement officials call the mobile phone.Depending on the mobile operator, the emergency number can be different.Therefore, try to advance, so to speak, "just in case", keep all possible contacts necessary call services from your mobile operator in the address book of the mobile phone.

All calls are free, so you can reach even at zero, the negative balance on the account.Law enforcement officials strongly recommend the use of calls from cellular phones with real needs.If the problem requires immediate action and the representatives of the police presence on the site, contact the nearest Department of paradise or a strong point with the statement, asking the question.This will help to release the line for those who really need help urgently.

Unified emergency hotline number

for all mobile operators is a single emergency number, which you will be able to call the police.Dial 112 and press "Call": to be connected to the police station, press the number "2".This room is free to act on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the EU.The peculiarity is that it is valid for a positive, zero, negative balance of cell phone account;when a blocked card or no SIM card at all.

After connecting attendant clarify the details and circumstances.Try on the merits and accurate answers.Call your data, and briefly describe the situation that requires the immediate presence of law enforcement.If the hand turned out to be a landline phone, the single number 112 you will be able to get through in three regions of the Russian Federation: Kursk, Astrakhan and the Republic of Tatarstan, where the pilot project operates.In 22 regions carried out a test.

plus for mobile adherents is that if you have an urgent need to call the police and your mobile is out of range, the call will be carried out through any available network of another mobile operator.By cons should include:

  • flow of information through a third party - the duty;
  • extra time spent on following the voice menu;
  • probability line is busy;
  • ignorance of the person receiving your call with a cell phone location, where you are.

God grant that emergencies have avoided a party, but better to check with your mobile operator precise three-digit numbers of all rescue services and to the top of the phone book list.It uses the underscore symbol (slash): record would look like this "_02 (police)."

police call from a mobile phone of different operators Sveti

set emergency number from a landline phone - 102 (or 02).To call the police to the numbers of mobile operators, type (in brackets are the old numbers which you can call the police they are valid to the present day.):

  • For MTS subscribers to call from a mobile - 102 (020).
  • users Beeline - 102 (002).
  • MegaFon subscribers should dial - 020.
  • Those who package SkyLink or motif, please call - 102 (902).
  • Adherents Tele 2 should know that the police can be called up - 102 (020).
  • Call the police (police) with a cell U-Tel - 020.

call from a mobile application for smartphones

RF Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with the firm"Saytsoft" has developed an application for mobile phones running on the iOS and Android.It is available on the website of the Interior Ministry, the online stores Apple App Store, Google Play.To download the program to your phone, use the suggested links or scan the QR-Code on the Interior Ministry website.

Benefits injected into a cell phone app undeniable:

  • you can call the police by one click.
  • program automatically detects your location: in an emergency, when you can not speak, for checking incoming signal to place a call up the police will be sent.
  • to call the police, run an application that will automatically detect the area of ​​your location to find the closest to you to the police department, will provide an opportunity to call the duty of employees.
  • program provides information about your precinct, Precinct police phone numbers to call from mobile phone operators.
  • With the application you can send your application directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with an attached photo or video.
  • If necessary, appeal the actions of individual police officers through the application, it is possible to cause a "hotline" operators and report the incident.

Rooms duty of the police in some cities

to call the police from a cell phone, you can contact the duty part of the city.To do this, you need to dial:

8 (a three-digit area code) number of the duty.

list of phones duty units GU MVD number of Russian cities:

  • 8 (495) 02 - Police in Moscow;
  • 8 (812) 573-24-20 - duty of the MOI for the city of St. Petersburg;
  • 8 (861) 268-40-45 - Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar;
  • 8 (496) 227-34-02 or 8 (495) 993-94-02 - The duty of Dmitrov;
  • 8 (496) 515-33-33 - duty ATC Noginsk;
  • 8 (483) 267-01-02;8 (483) 267-05-02;8 (483) 267-02-02;8 (483) 267-03-02 - duty parts in the city of Bryansk regions;
  • 8 (842) 242-29-60;8 (842) 242-29-80 - Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ulyanovsk duty room;
  • 8 (391) 249-00-14 - MU MVD in Krasnoyarsk;
  • 8 (475) 257-51-07;8 (475) 257-51-05 - Duty Office of Tambov;
  • 8 (861) 334-68-82;8 (861) 334-28-65 - duty room Interior Ministry in the city of Anapa;
  • 8 (473) 251-12-16 - Police in the city of Voronezh.