The list of what to buy for a newborn baby

Preparing for a baby can be very difficult and costly affair.In order not to spend money on unnecessary items, buy everything you need and nothing to remember to require pre-prepared and carefully thought out list of what to buy for a newborn child.Moreover, it is recommended to be based on a ready-made list, containing absolutely all the things that may be needed only after the birth of a baby.So you definitely do not miss, do not spend money for nothing and you can pre-calculate the costs.

Can I buy things for the newborn pre

There is a legend according to which sew, knit or buying things you can not unborn child until birth - it is considered a bad omen.Some particularly superstitious omen women perceive this very seriously, and until the last moment not to go out shopping, which necessarily require the newborn in the very first months.

This behavior can not be considered correct.For mothers and for infants would be better if all the necessary things to be bought in advance.Immediately after b

irth, a woman has so many new responsibilities that the time for shopping and pharmacies have already left.The need to constantly buy more diapers, clothing or medicines will lead to unnecessary stress, and this is not the best way affect the mother and the child.

The question of when to buy baby things should be resolved in advance.Many moms prefer to do it slowly throughout the pregnancy, and someone starts preparing for the month.However, if the expectant mother does not want to acquire up to the birth, it will still have to make a shopping list and give it to his father crumbs or close relatives.

What do you need a newborn to the hospital

When buying things that require the child to the hospital?In any case, it should be done at least one month before the birth.The list of things that are allowed to bring into the delivery room, it is necessary to specify in advance the selected hospital.In many maternity homes have all that may be required in the early days, but sometimes the woman should bring some things:

  • diapers for infants;
  • baby cream;
  • wipes;
  • powder;
  • cotton pads.

Some hospitals give mothers clothes for the baby, but this question is also necessary to find out in advance.If the selected hospital have to go with your clothes, you will need to purchase a set of children's things yourself:

  • diapers - calico and flannel, each of 5 pieces;
  • vests - 5 pieces;
  • sliders - 5 pieces;
  • several pairs of socks;
  • cap.

What to buy in the statement

list of what to buy for a newborn baby to be discharged depends on the time of year.It may include:

  • thin solid overalls;
  • warm overalls for the cold season;
  • envelope to be discharged;
  • cap (selectable depending on the season);
  • car seat.

Things essentials

first time making a list of things to buy for a newborn baby, expectant mothers are faced with the question of what household items needed immediately after arriving home, how much to clothes, what medicines and hygiene is important to buy in advance.All that is necessary for the child in the first months of life fits into a compact list, you only need to decide on the most necessary items and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Children's furniture and household items

What you need to necessarily buy:

  • bed or cradle;
  • mattress;
  • oilcloth in a crib;
  • blankets - thin and warm;
  • bed linen - minimum 2 pieces;
  • Langering boards, dresser or table;
  • tub for bathing;
  • large towel.

clothes for the first time

Clothing is one of the very costly items of expenditure in preparing for a baby, so it is necessary to choose carefully.The best how to think, what kind of clothes needed for the first time, any items for daily wear should stock up more, and after that to plan the purchase of beautiful costumes.The list of what to buy for a newborn baby clothes includes:

  • cotton, chintz or knitted vests or shirts - 4-6 pieces;
  • sliders - 8 pieces;
  • thin overalls or slips - 2 pieces (considered the most comfortable suits with Velcro on the buttons in the front);
  • warm overalls;
  • warm sweater;
  • several pairs of thin and warm socks;
  • warm hat for winter or fall, and fine for the summer;
  • bibs ( "bibs") - 3-5 pieces.

All clothing must be made of natural soft tissues that are easily erased and otglazhivayutsya.Seams on it should not be tough.From the wardrobe items that are worn over the head, it is better to give - so grudnichka will be easier to disguise.Do not buy a lot of bright things.Preference is recommended to give the clothes in pastel colors that will not fade after washing a few weeks.

for hygiene and baby care

For full neonatal care in the list of purchases you need to make:

  • diapers - margin disposable or reusable diapers kit 6-8pieces;
  • baby soap;
  • baby cream;
  • soft hairbrush;
  • nail scissors Baby;
  • children's laundry detergent;
  • cotton pads.

Special cosmetics for babies, too, may be included in the list of necessary things, but it should be selected on the recommendation of a pediatrician.In the first month of life the child does not need a child foams, gels or special care cream and powder, baby lotion or massage oil is used as desired.Bathe your baby up to a month should be or in plain water or herbal concoctions with the addition of chamomile, succession or limes.

kit for child

In drawing kits are not recommended to purchase all possible drugs that can only be required in case of illness.Any medicines prescribed by the doctor to the newborn, therefore, many of the medicines purchased in advance may be unnecessary, and lie in the medicine cabinet until the expiration date.The minimum set of items that should include a first aid kit for a newborn, limited to the following list:

  • pipette - 2 pieces;
  • syringe №1;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • sterile cotton and bandages;
  • thermometer for water;
  • regular or electronic thermometer;
  • eye drops and nose;
  • cotton swabs to stop to clean the nose and ears;
  • aspirator nasal lavage in the case of the common cold.

Things feeding

If a newborn baby breastfeeding, mom need to stock up on bottles for storing breast milk, breast pump and sterilizer.If a child eats mixtures, you will need to buy feeding bottles, sterilizer and brush for washing children's dishes.It is worth a thermos and feeding, which can be used while walking or on the road.

Toys for development

In the first month of life the newborn sees a very vague and ill-focus view, moreover, it is still unable to grasp and hold objects in his hands.However, in this period crumb already it has good hearing and can react to the bright objects, which are located nearby.Useful for the development of a newborn baby toys that are purchased in advance include rattles and musical mobiles, hung over the crib or stroller.

What to buy for a walk with the baby

Walking with a newborn baby can be within one or two weeks after discharge from the hospital, depending on the season, so it is recommended to take care of things for walks.For walks necessarily need the stroller and the bag, which can be folded infant formula, hygiene or extra clothes.Depending on the season may require a mosquito net or a raincoat on a carriage.

for hiking is good to use a sling or backpack.Their purchase is necessary to think after childbirth, but if during pregnancy a woman has seen the pain in the back, the sling is better to buy in advance.Use this handy tool will not only for hiking on the street, but the house - it will help remove the excessive load from the back when the mother will need a long time to keep the child in his arms.

additional dowry

about what will be the additional dowry for the newborn, thinking after buying all the necessities.It is worth to make a separate list of things: to him to introduce relatives and close friends, and then all the gifts for the birth of the baby will be necessary and desirable.As an additional dowry often use the following things:

  • beautiful clothes for babies - they will come in handy when parents want to arrange a photo shoot;
  • small silver spoon;
  • beautiful canopy over the crib or cradle;
  • «hill" in the bathroom for easy bathing the baby;
  • digital baby scales;
  • baby monitor or baby monitors.

Video: that the baby will need in the first months of life

Wondering what to buy for the birth of a child, it is useful not only to study the lists of recommended accessories for babies, but also to see themed videos with the recommendations of the most important purchases.Of these, many will learn about the various models of cribs, strollers and trays, the latest updates in the market of children's goods or best toys for the youngest children.Even when shopping list is already well thought out and looks completely finished, it has always added a few necessary items that will make child care more convenient and enjoyable.