How to use a compass

now readily available modern navigation devices, but does not lose popularity easiest compass that will not fail and will help you find the right path, even in the deep woods.For his work does not need batteries or constant recharging.The main thing - to know how to use a compass, but it needs to get acquainted with the principle of its operation.This navigation device can be used even in field conditions.

compasses Forms and instructions for their use

If your trip takes place without a map to avoid getting lost in the campaign, you need to have any navigation device with you.The best option is considered a compass.It can be magnetic, electromagnetic, sports, liquid, army, electronic or artillery.In shops there are also models of navigation devices on solar batteries.

How to use a compass tourist

This model is a magnetic device that helps to navigate in unfamiliar terrain.This compass uses magnetized needle located exactly along the lines of "North-South".The main advan
tage of this model - clear each interface.But before the campaign is to get acquainted with the principle of operation of the device:
  • place the device in a horizontal position;
  • wait until the arrow itself stops;
  • turning the navigation device in a certain way, you orient it (division limb 0 subsumed under the northern part of the arrow);
  • relevant divisions determined by the east, west, north and south.

Tourist compass consists of a simple round shape of the box.The magnetic needle is located in the central part of the device, and its end points north.The rotary dial and numerals degrees azimuth located on the edges of the box.The device may be sealed or not sealed.There are many different models of the navigation device, the main differences which are the size and other additional features (for example, a thermometer built into the strap).

No matter what will be the selected device model before traveling is recommended practice in the apartment.Instructions on how to use a compass, to help learn how to navigate in the woods, in unfamiliar terrain.If you have questions about the operation of the device, ask the consultant at the store where the purchase has to be checked.

Military compass

most accurate and reliable navigation device - the military.To produce such a device, in almost all cases, the metal is used.Knowing how to use a compass, everyone will be able to determine the direction and the azimuth.The housing may be sealed or simple, which should be selected according to the conditions in which the device is used.The specification of this model is wide, because it can be used both when performing strategic tasks the military, and during the hikes.

Operation of this navigation device is the same as that of a tourist.Wondering how to use a military compass, it is necessary to examine the enclosed instructions carefully.These devices are characterized by maximum precision and long service life, can be used in any environment (at the extreme heat or the rain).

Military Compass has the characteristics of a simple tourist devices, but is additionally equipped with a ruler.There is a special magnifying glass and sighting device.Military compass as accurately determines the direction of movement and defines an exact course.Additional features make it the most popular navigation devices.


This type of compass has a certain contrast to the simple, which is the division of the scale, where the location is not the direction of clockwise and counterclockwise.The device is additionally equipped with polulimbom and clinometer.With their help, the angles of incidence defined layers of rocks.The principle of using geological navigation device is the same as a simple model.


This sophisticated navigation compass equipped with a special device - a gyroscope, which does not show the magnetic pole of the earth, like the other models, but real.This type is installed on the aircraft, river or sea vessels.The advantage of the device is considered to be its high stability.It can be used in adverse weather conditions, even when determining the most accurate swinging direction.

Tablet compass

This device consists of a flask round shape and magnetization direction, mounted on a special rectangular base, which is a tablet.Located on the line it helps as accurately as possible to determine the distance on the map.Additionally mounted magnifying glass is used for the consideration of a variety of small details.This model is the navigation device in a simple operation, it can be a mirror.

With deviation scale traversed place quickly correlated with a map that helps as accurately as possible to adjust the movement.Rotating capsule can fix certain azimuth, on the scale and direction are luminescent point.Compass is filled with a special liquid for maximum durability arrows while running.

Using tablet device for navigation should be according to the following instructions:

  • The longitudinal edge of the device on the map are connected beginning and end of the selected route.It is necessary to ensure that the lines were strictly directed toward a predetermined direction.
  • During rotation, be sure to align the north marking on the card and the device flask (2 brilliant stroke).All maps are focused just to the north.
  • Holding the device in hand, performed a rotation around its axis, sonapravlyayutsya end arrows (marked in red) and 2 points of light.
  • arrow indicates the direction you are driving and moving, you need to periodically check with the compass.

watch with electronic compass

These watches are simply indispensable subject for lovers of travel and long hikes, for those who are guided badly by the sun, the moss on the trees or stars.Some manufacturers produce devices for navigation, specially designed for use in extreme conditions.There are models for climbers, waterproof - for divers.For the manufacture of the housing used titanium, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, polymers.

program compass on the iPhone and Android-

most popular phone model is a smartphone that has almost every traveler.On his set a special application, using which it is easy to navigate the terrain.Planning a trip to another country, make sure that both will move in an unfamiliar city.With on your phone, or a phone application, you can not be afraid that get lost, sightseeing.

Video tutorial: how to navigate in the woods on a compass and map

Activities carried out in the woods with friends, an unforgettable experience, if you do not have to fornicate on the way back.Not knowing how to navigate by the stars, the location of moss on a tree or use a sundial, having poor memory and often forgetting the way, it is necessary to take with you on vacation compass and map.If you are bad you know how to navigate the terrain with the help of these tools, read the instructions video below.It details on how to learn to identify your location on the map and use a compass correctly.