Where to rest on the May Day celebrations in 2016

May holidays - a great chance to unwind and relax from everyday work.This period is in a large number of output, so it is possible to leave the city, and perhaps the country.Depending on the financial status, personal preferences and wishes, people choose different options for leisure.Some sprouts with a shovel and go to the country, others dreaming of a comfortable rest, buy a ticket to the warm countries, and still others are planning to travel across the expanses of his native country.

Where cheap to go abroad to the May

Many were interested in the question: "Where to go for holidays in May?".It has become a good tradition to spend the days outside the country.This is a wonderful chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday, to learn the culture of other people, to see the sights of the country.Many travel agencies offer hot tours for holidays in May, so you relax cheap and memorable.By choosing a country, you should pay attention to the climate in May, the entertainment program at the level of comfort a

nd feedback on the chosen place.


budget holiday with maximum comfort and a varied entertainment program for holidays in May - this in Egypt.Spend time perhaps quietly, enjoying the warm sun, or choose a active vacation.The best entertainment that will leave an unforgettable impression on the rest of Egypt, is considered to camel riding.Even trips to the main attractions of the country - the pyramids, familiarity with the Red Sea underwater world, src, you can watch a variety of marine flora and fauna.


suitable holiday in Tunisia during the May holidays to neizbalovannyh travelers.But it is necessary to take into account that in the beginning of May, the sea water is cool, although sunbathing and bask in the sun longer possible.The country combines unique recreational opportunities: peaceful pastime on the sanitized beaches and extreme journey through the desert.Every tourist chooses what to prefer and will bring maximum pleasure.In addition, the significant advantage is the low cost of holiday tours.


Cyprus has long become a favorite holiday destination for Russian tourists.A May holidays - this is the perfect time to visit the resort, since May - the beginning of the tourist season, the weather pleases the warm sun, which is not too active.This holiday is suitable for gay youth companies, a romantic break away, a family vacation with children.Every tourist chooses entertainment, based on their preferences:

  • Beach vacation.
  • Excursion trip.A wide choice of places to be visited and seen in Cyprus will not be bored.Look infrastructure, enjoying the sights and charm of nature not only as part of a tour group, but also by rental car.
  • City break, during which tourists can visit the museums and attractions, go shopping and enjoy local cuisine.


If the May holidays have a desire to cheaply visit exotic places - Thailand perfectly suited for this.In addition, a favorable climate conducive to rest, because the rainy season is just beginning in the second half of May.Benefits of relaxation:

  • Great choice of pastimes: shopping, sightseeing tours, rest on the sandy shores of the azure sea, stormy nightlife at night.
  • favorable climate.
  • Probability enjoy plenty of exotic fruits.
  • For those who want to enjoy the unspoiled nature, silence, a break from the bustle of the city, suitable vacation in the islands or the north of the country.


Rest in Vietnam during the May holidays approach, both for budget travelers and for those who like to relax in luxury.There are conditions for a secluded, relaxing holiday and for a variety of entertainment.The country provides the occasion to enjoy a beach holiday or explore the historic sites, learn better country and its culture.A variety of tours will help to create the most memorable holiday on May Day celebrations.Popular are the following options for unplanned vacation:

  • journey into the mountains to explore the culture and life of the tribe Sapa.
  • Water trip to Halong Bay.
  • Enjoying the sunshine after a gray winter on the best beaches.
  • Excursions in medieval churches.

Where to rest in Russia for May Day celebrations in 2016

Many for some reason can not or do not wish to go on the May holidays abroad, and want to spend time in the country.But this does not mean that you have to languish in idleness, bored within four walls or wander aimlessly around the city.Choose entertainment that will make a real holiday May weekend, will bring a lot of new emotions, easy, important to decide what type of holiday is preferable:

  • Drive kebabs out of town with tents.
  • Excursions in his hometown - a chance to discover its hidden secrets, see the city on the other hand, as seen by tourists.
  • Travel and tours to other cities of the Russian Federation.
  • Sea vacation in Sochi.
  • journey through the mountains of Altai.

Excursions to Moscow or St. Petersburg

May holidays - a great opportunity to see other towns vast country.First of all, attention should be paid the state capital - Moscow and St. Petersburg.The cultural and historical heritage, Peter opens the opportunity to learn and feel the history of not only the city but also the country as a whole.

  • In many regions of the Northern Capital preserved architectural structures of the eighteenth, nineteenth centuries.
  • plunge into the culture will help numerous theaters, museums (historical, artistic, contemporary art), exhibition halls, palaces of St. Petersburg.Why are only the emotions derived from visiting the Hermitage, Peterhof and the Russian Museum.
  • Night entertainment in a wide range - many night clubs, entertainment centers will not be bored at night.

Moscow will give special emotions has only one walk through Red Square.A huge variety of monuments, history, beautiful parks and embankment of the Moskva River will help to have a good time during the May holidays, to make memorable pictures.For cultural development should definitely visit the Tretyakov Gallery, Sergiev Posad, Novodevichy Convent.Moscow Travel with an experienced tour guide, will discover new facets of the capital, plunge in history, an unforgettable experience.

Rest on the sea coast in Sochi

After a cold winter want bright sunlight, heat, new experiences.Get all possible during the May holidays in the southern part of the country - on the coast of Sochi.Suitable for those who wish to spend the weekend at sea, but can not afford to tour abroad.Choosing a vacation, you will get a clear advantage:

  • Affordability.
  • wide range of resorts, lodges, hotels.
  • warm weather, thanks to which there is a chance to enjoy the first rays of the sun, and sometimes warm sea.
  • variety of entertainment for all tastes and budgets, on the coast and in the city you will find - nightclubs, cafĂ© with outdoor terrace or extravagant interior, water activities.

River cruise on the Volga

During the May holidays, most people are trying to diversify their leisure time, to do so on that was not enough time to visit interesting places, go on a trip.Cruise along the Volga include outdoor recreation, a fascinating journey, informative tour.During the trip it is possible to enjoy a walk on the ship, the beauty of nature;visit the city with a rich history and attractions that are in them, make new friends and gain strength before the working day.

traveling along the Volga, the route goes through:

  • Yaroslavl with majestic cathedrals, magnificent area and the beautiful waterfront.
  • Architectural and historical attractions of Kostroma.
  • Uglich with his Kremlin.
  • Museums and original monuments of Saratov.
  • Luxury churches, old houses, churches and theaters Astrakhan.

Watch the video to appreciate the holiday charm, traveling along the Volga:


mountainous Altai

enjoy the clean air, the charm of nature and spend an active holiday in themay holidays possible in the Altai Territory.Delightful scenery, where the snow-capped mountains give way to green meadows, where rushing rivers carry their water from the mountain tops and lake attracts for its crystal clear water - will not leave indifferent any person who is in this area.Mountain Altai the perfect place for spending time during the May holidays:

  • Journey to the mountains by car or horse.
  • cycling through the endless plains.
  • rafting on mountain rivers.
  • journey on the mountain slopes, enjoying the view and contemplation of the plants that ye not meet in other regions of our country.
  • Visit the ancient monuments of culture - burial mounds, numerous caves, historic sites.

Family Holidays in the country with tents

always topical and very low budget holidays for holidays in May is considered to be a trip to Moscow with tents.During this pastime have the opportunity to breathe fresh air, play active games, fry kebab flavored, and in the evening, sitting around the campfire, singing songs with a guitar, or simply enjoy a pleasant society.The advantages of this holiday: do not require pre-booking;at any time, have the opportunity to go home;a good time with the children;vacation from the city bustle.

May holidays - a great opportunity to change the situation, take a break from working rhythm, the city noise.Do not lock yourself in the four walls, in this period a lot of options open to travel!