What kind of girls do you like guys

Any girl wants to feel attractive.Evaluation own beauty develops from personal feelings, self-dependent, and the degree of interest in the opposite sex.So the question is, what girls like guys always remains relevant.Knowing the views of a strong half helps to make useful conclusions and identify ways to improve their appearance and behavior.

What type of girls like guys?(Photo)

Sympathy between a man and a woman appears before first communion.Men determine the attractiveness of the girls in the first place, by their appearance.In assessing the overall appearance is accounted for as well as individual parameters of appearance.Almost all of the men say they experience a pleasant feeling when they see a beautiful girl, harmonious, blooming, beaming.Let us consider what is meant by these characteristics.

What should be the appearance?

Men like beautiful women.Almost all love the guys say that their girl has an attractive appearance.Others may consider it just cute or even having ordinary appearan

ce.It says that the beauty of the parameters every man his own.One like the green-eyed blonde, the other - dark-eyed brown-haired.There are several parameters of appearance, which does not leave indifferent any man.Here are some of them:

  • Shining eyes.The guys give great importance to women's eyes.Color at the same time takes a back seat.Most men remember the beautiful shape, warmth and radiance.To achieve radiant look is possible by external and internal changes.
  • Neat skin.On clean skin breathes freshness and health, that does not leave indifferent the stronger sex.Anyone who wants to look attractive, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the face and body skin, regularly visit a cosmetologist and use appropriate care products.
  • Well-groomed hands and nails.Cases where a woman attracted the attention of her future husband a nice manicure, uncommon.Modern man's great attention to detail.It is important to always have a perfect manicure and pedicure.Even such an imperceptible detail as cracked heels, can completely ruin a first impression.
  • naturally.Guys like girls with natural beauty.A thick layer of make-up creates the effect of unnatural, creates suspicion and if it does not make up, what it will be?Completely abandon makeup is not necessary, it is important to use it carefully and create the effect of "no make-up make-up."

listed parameters appearance plays an important role, but there is one detail that is not visible in the mirror - the smell.Unpleasant flavor will turn any beauty in the person of an unpleasant, so it is important to carefully monitor the personal hygiene.Using perfumed means permissible, but only in moderation.

Figure: skinny or plump?

In assessing the women's appearance men big role figure.This is the instinct of procreation.Each vending Woman man subconsciously evaluates how the future mother of his children.The girl should have a figure indicating the health and painful thinness or excessive looseness of the body just to the contrary.As a result, most of the stronger sex like moderately plump girl.Completeness may also attract fans, but only if it is characterized by attractive rounded shapes: large breast size, buttock.

Height: high or low?

growth estimate is always conditional.The notion of "high" and "low" depend not only on the average population growth in a particular area, but also on human growth, conducting an assessment.Thus, for men 170 cm in height growth of 156 cm she did not seem small.And for a guy growth model is 2 meters height is 175 cm may seem fragile Thumbelina.In most cases, men prefer women who are below them in 10-15 cm. A big percentage of the stronger sex is considered normal if fiancee above.


attractiveness body is determined by its proportionality.The girl must be slim, it is not at all synonymous with thinness.Rather, it means the harmonious proportions, correct posture and a smooth gait, which is achieved when the regular fulfillment of certain sets of exercises.Low modifiable proportions of the figure, but a small disharmony adjusted literate selection of clothing and accessories.Here are a couple of recommendations to improve the silhouette:

  • With short legs and a long torso is shown wearing skirts and dresses with high waistline, high-heeled shoes.
  • long arms visually shorten stylish jacket or sweater with three-quarter length sleeves.

What does this statistic?

official statistics, studies, what girls like men who do not exist.Many magazines and websites regularly conduct such surveys.According to their results, the men unanimously agree only in opinion regarding the ideal growth of women -. 170 cm in the rest of the views diverge.Ideal weight loss to name a majority of respondents, however, say that a woman should have the right body proportions and fit figure.The most popular breast size - 3 rd and attractive type of shape - "hourglass".

As for hair color, the fans of blondes, brunettes and red-haired women among the respondents is almost always an equal amount.The majority of respondents prefer a natural hair color, the length of the lower blade and natural hairstyles.The same situation is with respect to eye color.One, the only attractive, from the male point of view, the eye color does not exist.Many respondents noted the importance of the look of warmth.

What is the nature and behavior of the girl guys like the most?

attractive appearance can cause a man's interest, however, must have traits which man considers to be important for the continuation of a long and strong relationship.On them depends the harmony in the pair, the quality of communication and the number of conflicts.All the guys want to feel close to his chosen spiritual comfort, but it does not ensure a beautiful appearance.What kind of girls do you like guys?Here are the basic character traits that attract the majority of men:

  • caring.Any guy like when a woman is attentive not only to himself but also to his handpicked successor.Selfish bitch, seeking to use the guys just to solve their problems, always push.
  • confidence.People with adequate self-esteem does not focus on their flaws, does not humiliate others, does not irritate the constant whining about their appearance.With a confident nice girl jokes on various topics without fear of sudden resentment.
  • Tranquility.Most guys exasperated excessive emotionality girls.Guys like quiet girls who are not prone to hysterics, causeless tears.A classic example of bad behavior in the men's understanding of a scandal with the smashing of crockery and throwing things out the window.

What girls like the guys on the sign of the zodiac?

  • Men water signs - Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio - like feminine girls, are able to genuinely love and care for a partner.Appreciate representatives thrift water element, the ability to create a cosiness in the house.Ethnicity is not particularly important, more important is the availability of the puzzle.According to the horoscope of these signs, she must have something special, fascinating.
  • Guys earthly signs of the zodiac - Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus - like the practical, combining the features of an ideal hostess and mistress.Representatives of the earth element like when a girl appreciates tradition, is able to establish a life, skillfully manages the finances.Externally, the earth signs men sign attracts classic beauty, elegant, able to behave in a society lady.
  • Guys Zodiac air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - like fun, full of life, easy-going girl.Men are air disaster it is important that they share their hobbies fiancee, was ready to frequent travel, adventure walks.Involve representatives of air capable woman with a bright, well-groomed appearance.
  • guys fire signs of the zodiac - Leo, Aries, Sagittarius - like girls handsome, have a sleek appearance.The representatives of the element of fire is important that the second half was a success, had many hobbies, she could fend for themselves.Guys appreciate these signs of the zodiac, when the girl stand out from the crowd, causing the admiration of others.

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The fair sex is constantly scratching their heads over what kind of girls do you like guys?Everybody is trying to be well-groomed, nice, humble and caring.This is only part of the characteristics of the ideal woman.Find out what else the guys like in girls, you will help the video below.