What is branding

We often hear the words: brand, branding, branding.And, apparently, we understand them.

What is a brand?

Brand, we are accustomed to consider the designation of a certain product or product line.Hearing the name, we immediately understand what kind of product in question, as it is high-quality, popular, affordable.It turns out that the title, we can replace all the information about the company, products, services.

are two characteristics:

  • Visual (guideline), includes: the name, the logo, the distinctive visual elements, on which the company becomes recognizable.Guideline - a kind of brand passport, which describes recommendations for proper use of the visual characteristics of the brand.
  • The image includes: corporate identity, reputation and image.The set of basic elements in creating a brand.Among them: the purpose, personality, attitude, values.The main task - to create a complete concepts and recommendations for its use.With it must come a holistic understanding of the brand.

Promotion created to monopolize the market in a particular segment.Previously, this word could not be applied to every "trademark", but to a widely known.The higher the popularity - the bigger the value of the brand.It is regulated by the American Marketing Association (American Marketing Association).Of course, the main goal is to create a complete image of the company and products, so that everyone heard the name, he could understand what was going on.In the period from 2002 to 2007, it was drawn up by the rating assessment of global companies.The top three were valued at $ 50 billion: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google.

What is branding?

Branding - the process of creating a brand.

Seven Steps:

  1. Targeting.Includes: the goal of the company, the place of the brand in the company's competitive advantages definition, KPI.
  2. Project Planning.Includes: all the company's resources, the definition of an audience of customers, artists, project deadlines, or other conditions limiting factors.
  3. analysis of the market situation.Includes: competitors, target audience and market.
  4. Formulation of essence.Includes: usefulness to consumers, individuality and visual attributes.
  5. management strategy.Includes: brand-book, assigning responsibility for the development plan for the promotion, monitoring plan, estimation of efficiency.
  6. Promotion.Includes: media plan, advertising production, placement, promotions, loyalty programs for customers.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation of actions.Includes: KPI, a comparison of the current and desired status, changes in development strategy.

Also, branding - is the formation of the image of the company for a long time, so-called "brand image."Philip Kotler said: "A good brand - the only thing that can provide incomes above the average for a long time." In creating the image, consider the emotions that the product makes the consumer.For example for the production of cosmetics companies, as brand image, use the faces of famous models or actresses.

What is branding?

Branding - this is one of the areas of advertising, which works to improve the image of the company, by applying the advertising information on the various surfaces (vehicles, shop windows, equipment).The most popular is the branding of vehicles.Company logos are applied on their own company's fleet.So, the city is often possible to see the courier car whose company logo, offering pizza delivery, and so on.Another option - is advertising on buses, trams, taxis.The company advertises your company on public transport, which gives a good opportunity to attract new customers.Another niche is applying advertising to display cases, promotional stands.Beautiful girl at the supermarket brand racks, offer to try this or that product.Companies use branding their storefronts for brand awareness and increase the popularity of their products.Still, you often notice the company logo on stationery, forms, and so on. N. Receiving branded pen, notebook or lighter, you constantly have a sign reminder service whose company you used, or whose products purchased.

Counterfeit brand - Mimicry

Unfortunately, not all companies in the market in good faith advertise their products.Photographic likeness.The company creates a similar logo and the buyer, inadvertently, can not help but notice that the gains are not the product.

  • approximate similarity.The brand name may differ just a single letter.The visual design can also be similar.For example, Coca-Cola - Bela-Cola "Namesake".
  • so-called letters game.According to the company name will be absolutely identical, but the writing is different.For example, "Stroyprays" - "Build Price»
  • visual packaging.Creating a package similar to any other company.Not necessarily completely copy the style, it is just a few spots of color, sometimes not even noticeable, but the overall picture will be completely similar.
  • Context.Using the idea of ​​another advertising firm.

Legal regulation of use of the brand

  • Law "On Copyright and Related Rights»
  • Law "On Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin»
  • Patent Law of protecting inventions and samples

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