How to determine the sex of the unborn child

future parents long before the birth of the desired children of interest who they will be born - the son or daughter.Modern medical diagnostic methods allow to do it without any problems.How to determine the sex of the unborn child, prompt, and other methods.Do you want to know the answer to the burning question right now?Our tips and instructions will be useful to you.

On what term to carry out research

Experts give advice during the entire period of gestation of the fetus have regular ultrasound examination.By the 14th week after conception, this diagnosis shows what's what.At this time, the boy in the body actively produces the hormone digidrosteron, resulting in the beginnings of the male sex organs begin to grow in size.As early as 15 weeks of pregnancy specialist with great accuracy will determine the child's sex.

If the mother of the child is overweight, and a lot of abdominal fat, it may interfere with sex determination.We'll have to either wait until the 21st week, or undergo the procedu

re 3d ultrasound.

How to determine the baby's gender experts?

Ultrasonography - medical method has been successfully used by several generations of women giving birth.In addition to determining the possible pathologies in the 25th week of pregnancy, the doctor will be able to have explicitly recognize the sex of the baby.Lack of methods - all 100% accuracy of research can not be ensured.

Amniocentesis - chromosome study of amniotic fluid.This analysis is carried out by a puncture of the peritoneum in the case of suspicion of genetic disorders.It is recommended for bad heredity of the father or the mother, which can trigger the development of various pathologies.The analysis was performed to identify a predisposition of the fetus.During this study it increases the likelihood that doctors reliably up to 99% to determine the sex of the child.

cordocentesis - a similar study, only when it is a puncture of the umbilical cord and for the analysis of umbilical cord blood is taken of the fetus.Investigation is appointed to identify potential infectious or genetic diseases of the fetus.The reliability of determining the sex of an unborn baby in this case also high.

gender test has much in common with the usual pregnancy test.The color of urine and its composition specialists determine whether there is in it the embryo hormones.If the indicator is orange, girl, woman is pregnant, and if the green - boy.Use the test since the 9th week.Its accuracy - not less than 90 percent.

DNA test helps to determine the sex of the baby in the early stages of pregnancy, on its second week.By drawing blood from a vein specialists establish whether there is blood in the fetal DNA fragments mother.According to the formula of DNA further established who will be born.The accuracy - 99.999% of almost 100 per cent reliable result, but for this test, you will need a tidy sum: a study of genetics and DNA - not cheap medical procedures.

MicroSort system can be divided into separate sperm "female" and "male" sperm.This programming technique helps to avoid the birth of unwanted sex of the child.This is important if there is a risk of hereditary diseases in boys or girls.Implementation of this expensive procedure is only possible when conceiving a child via IVF - in vitro fertilization.The procedure is done on a special schedule and is available not for everyone.

How to determine the sex of the child on the date of conception (at ovulation)

method is based on observations of the physiology of conception.If a woman counts the days of the menstrual cycle, it may help her calculate the days before ovulation, at which time the plan conception.Determine the ovulation process is possible and at home, having a test.Fertilization occurs in ovulation day, and over the next few days.The egg follicle after the break is lowered by the oviduct, and then after conception, it is attached to the surface of the uterus.

proved that the viability of sperm - the Y chromosome of male carriers - significantly less than the viability of sperm with the X chromosome.On average, the "male" sperm does not live more than 48 hours, while "female" - up to 7 days.This feature also helps to calculate the days to conceive a child with specific gender - boy or girl.

Knowing the exact date of menstruation, ovulation and sexual intercourse, there is a chance of approximately calculate and predetermine the sex of the child based on these data.If intimacy occurred before the moment of conception a baby for three days or more, the probability of the birth of a boy is low - most likely, you will have a girl.Reliable methods is only 50-60%.

determines the sex of the parents to update blood

There is an opinion that from time to time, human blood is "refreshed".This happens every 3-4 years.So, the blood of men "me" time in 4 years, and at the fair half of mankind - once in 3 years.If the blood of a man refreshed before a woman, a boy.If the blood is refreshed before a woman, a girl.

It also happens that the blood of both parents update occurred at the same time - in this case, it is likely the birth of fraternal twins (twins).If the parents had a blood transfusion method is unreliable.The accuracy of - 50%.

Let's look at an example of how this works arithmetic way to count and calculate floor:

  • Age mummies at the time of conception 20 years, and the age of the father - 31 year.
  • Mother: 20 divided by 3 = 6 (balance - 2 years).
  • Father: 31 divided by 4 = 7 (residue - 3 years).

Conclusion: We found that the mother's blood, "younger", and so a girl.If the remains of the same or close to zero - the light will be twins.

Sexing on fetal heartbeat

formation of the heart and other organs of the fetus begins with the first few weeks after conception, and have good rhythmic pounding heart listens to the 10th week.The doctor will calculate the number of strokes, and if it exceeds 140 per minute - is likely birth of his daughter, and if it is slightly less likely to have a son.This method of determining the sex of the child can only identify the sample data and information, using it to calculate the precise future baby's sex is problematic.

How to determine the sex of the baby on the mother's diet

woman needs to remember what she ate the last three months before conception.If a pregnant woman eat more meat, citrus fruits and bananas - a son, and if it was a bit of protein products and the basis of the diet was milk products and sweets - a daughter.Using this method, it is possible to plan pregnancy.

Determination appearance pregnant

  • With high probability increasing tummy pregnant will indicate born her son or daughter.So, if the shape of the abdomen close to the round (ball), a daughter, and if the shape of an elongated abdomen (cucumber), a son.
  • If a pregnant feels a strong toxicosis symptoms - nausea, vomiting - likely the boy was born.
  • If pregnancy has made women more beautiful appearance, a son, and if on the contrary - a daughter.
  • darkened areola point to the imminent birth of his daughter, and posvetlevshie - son.
  • On perturbations of the fetus in the abdomen determine who will be born - a son or daughter.If stirring felt left, a daughter, and if the right - the son.

Determination on the moon floor

To plan a pregnancy and to determine the sex of the baby on the lunar calendar must know the date of conception.If conception date falls on the month in which the moon was in the "female sign", a daughter, and if the "male", the boy.A total of 12 signs of the zodiac are 6 "male" and "female."

Sexing traditional methods

blood group

to determine the sex of the embryo supplies there and this technique: it is necessary to compare the Rh blood group with parents and calculated according to the following table, the floor baby.

All calculations are carried out on such a scheme (D-girl, boy-M).

According to the Chinese calendar - photo

Eastern sages developed their own guidance on how to recognize a child's sex.For many centuries they have used their own, special tables - Chinese and Japanese calendars.To determine need only maternal age and the conception month.

the Tarot

Some moms believe in all sorts of omens and divination.If the expectant mother impatient to know the sex of the baby, you can turn to the grandmother sorceress and ask questions, or to conduct your own divination.We offer you a small workshop and complex divination in order to prevent unwanted and early detection of the sex of the baby:

  • Soak in your own urine wheat and barley seeds.Cover them with cheesecloth and watch how they grow.If the barley seeds give shoots before, is born the heir, and if the wheat - the successor.
  • There is a sign: if a woman loves a crust, it will give birth to a boy, and if the crumb - a girl.
  • suddenly asked the woman to stretch his hands forward.If it will demonstrate its open palm, the light will be a girl, and if back to their side - a boy.
  • need for divination chain and wedding ring hanging on it.Put a ring on the level of the belly and watch him.If it is to write circles, wait a son, and if the movement will be in focus (from side to side), wait for the daughter.
  • There is a sign: remember who formerly named your first child - the father or the mother?If the mother, the next child will be a pretty little girl, and if the pope - a small man.

Determining the future sex of the child online

With the development of the Internet in the future parents the opportunity to get your online sex with the help of special software or an online math calculators.Although this method of determining the non-standard and reliability of such methods is questionable, you can try and such methods of determining the sex of the child.

Useful tips

  1. high probability of determining the sex of the child exists when using credible medical techniques - research on US, DNA testing, etc.
  2. solve the mystery of non-medical methods is not easy, because they give conflicting results.
  3. results will be more accurate, eliminating error, if the simultaneous use of several medical diagnostic methods.
  4. Sometimes accurate methods are failing, and a mystery to solve only during delivery, so you should be ready for this.

The surest way to find out the sex of the baby, to listen to their inner feelings.About the authenticity of those or other non-traditional methods of determining the sex of the child tells the doctor-geneticist in his video tutorial.

We examined a large number of ways to determine the sex of the baby.Write your reviews - sure, many of you have tried non-traditional methods of sex determination.whether they were valid in your case?If about some of the ways was not mentioned, write about it in the comments.