Registered letter DTI - it

from time to time, the residents of towns and villages are finding in their mailboxes a notification to custom messages, where the addressee is the reverse acronym DTI, Moscow ASC-DTI, Moscow GTSMPP.What is it?Frightened and panic is not necessary, it is easier to understand.DTI - additional technological index, which uses civil service to send notices and official letters, but in reality it does not exist and does not address.Moscow ASC-DTI - automated sorting center correspondence.Moscow GTSMPP - the main center of haul-mail.

What can be said in a registered letter from the DTI

If your name has come to the notice of a registered letter to the DB, then you want to communicate or convey information any State Service of the Russian Federation.Upon receipt of the postal item, the envelope you can not read, who addressed a message to you, just by signing the receipt and opened the envelope, you know, who are interested in communicating with you.

mailings often with no return address, but with a note

of additional technological index may include a fine of traffic with the application of the photographic violations of traffic rules, a letter from the tax office for the payment of debt on transportation tax or penalty, a message from the bailiffs or creditcard from a commercial bank.

There are curious cases where a fine of traffic police officers received a people that does not have a car or an offer from the tax office to pay land tax for anyone not to use the land.In case of disagreement with the text of the official letter, it should not be ignored, and it is necessary to appeal to the court, which was the initiator of the message and attach a copy of the resulting envelope stamped date of receipt.

Where to apply for a letter from the DTI

Get custom message on the notice that came in your name, you can at your local post office by presenting your passport.Before you do this step, pre-check the information about the message on the site (type in the supplemental index).Even more detailed information, please call free hot mail reference service 8-800-2005-888 Russia.Get custom envelope at the post office a must, because valuable information may be out there, not just fines.

Why have no information about DTI

Registered letter DTI what is it?Additional technological index is assigned to federal institutions that they use for sending letters or parcels to its customers.These codes have no legal address, telephone number and staff who have issued postage, they are virtual.This system was designed to relieve the main stream of correspondence, going through the usual post offices.Only in Moscow it was created 809 virtual additional technological indices.

stated on the envelope ASC-DTI abbreviation may mean that the letter before getting to you, visit the automated sorting center in Moscow.Through the center runs a quarter of the country's mail, which significantly unloaded mail flows through the usual separation.But on the sorting center, you will not find any legal information, as well as on additional technological index.

is convenient to use the DB?For government agencies - yes.Lacking information, mailing address, they can send a message indicating the other data to identify you.automated screening system to find the right way to deliver mail.Despite the virtual reality technology index, its presence reduces the time of delivery of postal items.