What documents are required for registration of a pension

reached a certain age, unless other conditions, Russian citizen has a right to receive a pension.This procedure is obligatory for men and women.Not everyone knows what documents are needed for registration of a pension, for a list of frequently changing.The particular package depends on a huge number of factors.Let's take a closer look at the document options for different kinds of charges.

How and where to draw a pension

In fact for 2016 relies on old-age pension for women after 55 years, and men after 60 years.To exit a well-deserved vacation over the years, they must have been insured for more than six calendar years.To make the design of old-age pensions, it is necessary to come to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) at the actual location.It is the only government agency that provides pensions for different types of people with a minimum length of service.


Handle with application form to the FIU obtained only on the next day after reaching a certain age, but it is better t

o start collecting the documents in advance.It is important to understand that the money for the missed months will not be charged, it is recommended not to postpone the case to the back burner.If the documents are normal, then the application will be considered 10 days, but if the Pension Fund should be carried out additional types of inspections and access to other instances, the review period is extended up to a month.

As accrual

going to find out what documents are required for registration of civil pensions, it is necessary to understand the rules of its calculation.In 2016 we introduced a new term "annual pension factor", which is calculated according to the formula GIC = CB / SVMZ where:

  1. NE - premiums that the company each month deducts from the salary.Is either 10% or 16%.6% may pay the employee, if he wants.
  2. SVMZ - the total number of insurance premiums.Their employer deducts the maximum salary at the rate of 16%.

Insurance is considered part of the charges according to the equation JV = (KPVhFV) + (IPKhSPKhKPV) where:

  • PV - the value of fixed payments;
  • CPV - premium rate;
  • IPK - pension rate for the entire length of service;
  • SEC - the annual amount of the 1st pension coefficient.

Cumulative accruals is considered part of the example of LF = PN / M, where:

  • Mo - the total amount of savings;
  • M - months of accrual.

Documents for

pension for any type of pension is a separate list of documents.Be sure to always present their national passport;documents of the place of residence or stay upon the person;certificate confirming the change of name (for women).These documents are always accompanied by a statement in the prescribed form.The rest of the paper, as a rule, relate to employment rights.

By age

person must provide the following documents to the Pension Fund for old-age pensions:

  • work book (well executed) or other certificate confirming the appointment and seniority;
  • certificate of average income for the full 5 years before th 2002;
  • proof of residency.

Each entry in the register required to be accompanied by a base, ie, the order number or order.If there is no confirmation on the grounds the change of surname, name, man is obliged to provide other relevant documents.Under the entry of dismissal have to be signed by the responsible employee and the company stamp.Each certificate shall be stamped with the details of the corner.


disability pension accrued to the person who submitted the list of the following documents to the FIU or social security:

  • identification;
  • document confirming the work experience;
  • certificate of average monthly income for the five years before 2002;
  • certificate of residence;
  • documents on assignment of disability and the degree of labor restrictions (ITU conclusion).


Pensioners under 14 years are not allowed to personally manage their funds.Money by proxy be able to obtain the minor's parents.Documents for registration of the child disability pension:

  • savings book with a copy of the child's name;
  • child's birth certificate with a copy;
  • conclusion of the ITU on the establishment of disability;
  • statement about the place of residence of the house of the book;
  • certificate and copies of parents' personalities;
  • SNILS child.

for the loss of breadwinner

Get Benefit Survivors are relatives or other people who were listed among the dead person on the material care.Breadwinner may be the father of many children, for example, who were the offspring of minors, and another guardian or trustee of the incapacitated citizen.Survivor's pension to dependents will be issued after submission of such documents:

  • certificate of death of the breadwinner;
  • employment record of the breadwinner;
  • document indicating the family relationship to the lady;
  • certificate confirming the custody of a dependent or other grounds for payment.

for military

military pension can be drawn before retirement age, that is, after 20 years of service in the police, the Interior Ministry, a military unit on the following documents:

  • passport with registration;
  • prescription;
  • a private matter;
  • military ID or other document confirming the fact of being a person in the service of putting weapons dismissal;
  • certificate with the record of the decision on registration;
  • certificates: clothing, money;
  • SNILS;
  • employment history.


on superannuation pension age get the right health workers, teachers and other employees of municipal and social spheres.The calculation takes into account teaching or another social experience of the employee.Documents for preferential service pension following:

  • passport copy;
  • information on the amount of monthly income for the last year before the dismissal;
  • information about the period of service in each of their posts;
  • certificate of award early retirement pension drawn up;
  • an order for removal from the public service (copy);
  • copy of the work;
  • copy of military ID.


permit to a foreign national could receive a pension in Russia, it should give a residence permit, and after he will have to go to FIU with a package of documents:

  • residence;
  • foreign passport;
  • SNILS;
  • Russian employment history;
  • certificate of salary for the 2000-2001 year, or five years before the onset of 2000 .;
  • reference to the places where people worked;
  • inquiries about the timing of the work in a hazard;
  • certificate of disability (if any).

package of documents for re-registration

If a person changes the place of residence, he retired definitely need to restore to the new address.Make it simple.If the pensioner retirement pension, it must go to the RPF at the current place of residence and deliver such documents to recalculate:

  • statement request is made from another fund;
  • identity of the pensioner;
  • labor.

Based on the application the case the pensioner transferred from one fund to another, it is now more likely to do without personal involvement.Consideration of documents will take up to one month.If a person claims not to normal, and the other pension (disability, loss of breadwinner, for the military, according to length of service), it would need to provide additional grounds for.They will read the list above.Foreign nationals are required to take residence or identity immigrant.Without these statuses rights they have accrued.

Assistance in obtaining

pension Sometimes people do not understand what documents are necessary for the pension and where they seek or do not have the time to deal with their own procedures.Often it happens so that the citizen does not agree with the amount of charges, which is offered to the FIU and wants to challenge it in court.In such a case it is advisable to apply to organizations providing assistance in the design.

Help in the design have the following companies:

  1. Law firms.Such firms will explain to the client that you need to design a pension, its renewal will help to gather necessary information, will act on behalf of pension funds and in court.Their mandate is to design a reduced pension, labor, government, or other types of payments.
  2. Agency for the provision of legal services.There are, as well as law firms, but their terms of reference less wide.
  3. Individuals.

As a rule, these organizations advise potential customers for free, but the cost of their services depends on what kind of retirement you need to arrange.Once it is taken into account the complexity of the case as a whole.A client can expect to pay 10-15 thousand. Rubles.It is necessary to apply only to persons who offer paid upon completion of the case.


If a pensioner minor, incapable or partially capable, then instead of proxy may receive third party payments.Often framed as a disability pension.Instead, the child-pensioner payments by proxy can obtain a parent or guardian.If a person wholly or partially incapacitated, the representative becomes the guardian or trustee.A power of attorney executed in the personal presence of the pensioner.

power of attorney may be:

  1. General.The power of attorney, which the pensioner wrote to the representative's name.
  2. Peredoverennoy.Issued to a third party attorney (notary), if that is necessary.

For registration and power of attorney notarized documents will be needed:

  • passport principal;
  • passport representative data;
  • details email or bank branch and checking account number to which the calculation made by proxy.

representative need to go to the bank, with all that is needed for a pension: a passport and a power of attorney certified by a notary.In some cases, the document is permitted to issue a hospital, if the pensioner for medical reasons can not he get paid.There's a free service, but in the notary's offices design and certification of the power of attorney is an average of 500-1500 rubles.

Video: how to make out Russian

retirement to finally understand what documents are needed for the proper registration of pension, we recommend that you view the following videos.There's an accessible form sets out the general rules for pensioners on how you must apply as the pension is accrued.After watching these videos, each person will clearly sure what to do in order to issue the accrual of payments in the required amount.

Rules pensioner

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