How to extend a megaphone speed

The World Wide Web is widely used by most people on the planet.Into a megaphone after the limit is exceeded the rate of data transfer is reduced to a minimum.Sooner or later the question arises as to extend for MegaFon data rate?Service Provider is proposed to increase the speed of traffic by paying the required amount.How to do it, and what fees are provided for owners of mobile devices, you will learn from the presented review.

How to extend speed Internet Megaphone

If you do not know how to extend the speed on a megaphone, then there is this some simple ways:

  • A personal user account.Register with the official website of the number.
  • Sending SMS messages.Order number option: 000105906.
  • special USSD command.* 925 * 3 # and the call sending key.

is important to bear in mind that in different regions of the country demands and prices differ.Presented combinations relevant in Moscow and the Moscow region.Even after all managed to connect and pay extra gigabytes, room service stops

at a negative balance.Providing services in roaming requires a corresponding tariff option, which has been issued in advance.

It is important that additional packages and services cease to have effect as soon as the enter into force of the basic or the deadline for submission.For those who have the type of connection the G 4, actually purchase several packages at once.Especially in cases where the alleged downloading large files.Data transfer in this mode requires more gigabytes.


If client 1 GB is enough for a worldwide network, the operator proposes to connect it paid service "Megaphone prolong speed S».This option is only available to those who have to pay the monthly operating room.For all who have packet rates, there is a similar service.There is no difference in price, or access to the network, a different team for the order.There are options within 30 days.

To extend the work pace through the site, the client must:

  1. View personal account.
  2. Proceed to the section "paid services and options."
  3. Select the appropriate section.
  4. Connect prolong speed Megaphone (1 GB).

Other ways to order:

  • For subscribers with tariff plans monthly payment: SMS-message with text "1" number - 05009061. Or dial * 370 from your device * 1 * 1 #.
  • For the rest: the team with the phone - * 105 * 518 #.

On 5GB

largest packet size within the service Megaphone prolong speed - 5 GB.Terms of purchase similar to the previous one.Expenditure for a period of one month from the date of the connection, if the subscriber number of a minimum amount of money.Connect subscribers can through a personal account option by SMS or by dialing the appropriate request from the mobile device.

How to extend the speed of the modem Megafon

option of increasing rate relevant for those who have ended package paid access to the network from a mobile device, tablet or modem.connect very simple service with the phone.Those who use a computer more difficult to access.Order the option "Prolong speed Megaphone M" (mega, light or day), the subscriber will be able through personal study (the official website of the operator) and application interface "the USB modem."

How much is to extend the speed

Prices of services to increase traffic are different in each region.Paying their subscribers are allowed to not only money, but also the accumulated bonus points.The cost for residents of the capital the following:

  • a day - 19 p.70 mb.
  • 1 GB - 150 p.
  • 3 GB - 250 p.
  • 5 GB - 400 p.

How do I know the rest of

question of how to extend the room Megaphone data rate is achieved quickly and easily.But how many gigabytes of traffic a customer can use to restrict access, known not to everyone:

  • your phone or tablet for this gain sequence of numbers: * 105 * 693 # and press the buttonsend call.
  • Another convenient way for owners of phones - SMS to the short number 000663 with the text "remnant."
  • On the client company website can request the details and learn all of its resources through a personal account.
  • The easiest way - to apply to the company's office and consult with competent staff.
  • works round the clock telephone hotline 8800 5500 05 00.
  • Special applications are also able to count time spent in traffic.
  • When accessing via a computer and a USB modem user can view statistics spent the volume in megabytes for each visit.