How to collect the mercury from a broken thermometer

If you accidentally broke a thermometer, then run up the mercury beads can do a lot of ills.They penetrate the pile floor coverings, small gaps in the floor, so can spread throughout the apartment on the sole of the shoe.There are secrets in how to collect mercury, making it fast and efficiently.It is known that mercury can poison the air, so you should always be ready to correct actions or the consequences will be bad.

How to collect spilled mercury in the home

If you dropped a thermometer, do not immediately panic - death is not from such an event, but can not do without trouble.balls roll under cabinets or carpet over time will begin to evaporate, and mercury vapors can cause poisoning of the body.And it is very important to remove absolutely all mercury beads using a suitable object.

most important - clean room away from pets and bring a child into the street, then you need to close the door to the room.This will prevent drafts that can "throw" of mercury bulbs in all the rooms.In addition, a

fter the harvest be sure to open windows and ventilate the room at least once a day for several weeks.

With floor

Note: when cleaning the toxic substances from the floor should forget about the usual broom or mop squeezing, not suitable for the collection of a broken thermometer and kitchen sponges and rags.Drop the balls better in the prepared glass jar with water - toilet and trash can for this purpose are not suitable.The Bank needs to close tight lid immediately, how to get the mercury beads.

There are several options for collecting balls from the floor:

  • You can take an ordinary syringe, which tightened the balls, and then release them in the prepared jar.This tool is perfect to collect material from the slits, cracks in the floor and under the floor.However, after the syringe should be thrown out of work - to use it again, as well as other materials at hand, in any case impossible.
  • can moisten the usual paper napkins with sunflower oil - mercury droplets will adhere perfectly to the towel.In the absence of tissue paper, use paper or cotton balls soaked in water.
  • Toxic balls perfectly adhere to the tape or patch.

Once you have collected all the mercury should be carefully craft room.To do this, prepare chlorine, manganese or soapy water and rinse the floor several times.To collect the balls, use a cloth which is not a pity, because you still have to throw it.When it comes to the kitchen, then there needs to be more closely, you can even wash up the dishes for tea and reliability.

With carpet or carpet

collection of mercury from the carpet meant by a set of actions aimed at removing toxic substances from the carpet.The tool collection is determined in each specific situation - though here it is virtually identical to the instruments for collecting mercury from the floor.You can use the materials at hand such as adhesive paper, cotton pads, adhesive tape or adhesive tape.Just walk across the carpet or other floor coverings with paper or adhesive tape, immediately discard all collected in a glass bowl.

more difficult things are for those who have carpets with long nap, which can get stuck inside balls of mercury.In this case, one must first remove all the balls examining room, after which the flooring is processed several times.First - a solution with soda and soap, the second time - the usual cleaning agents.Do not forget that safety work is carried out with gloves on, and in some cases it is desirable to use a respirator.

From toilet

Many people unknowingly trying to drown the collected mercury in the toilet, what to do absolutely contraindicated: drain the toxic substance does not, as it settles on the walls of the pipes and,steaming, all will also poison the air.For the removal of mercury from the toilet should combine several methods: mechanical and chemical.First of all, if we're talking about a broken thermometer, you need to remove its remnants.

main thing - to work with gloves and be as careful not to cut yourself.For the collection of glass from the toilet, use of medical pear or brush, gently sweeping debris into the dustpan.After that, all the surfaces where theoretically could be mercury, treat soapy water with iodine, potassium permanganate or chlorine.After inspection and cleaning mercury beads, do not rush to throw them away in the trash.It is best to inform about what happened in demercurisation for harmful substances department, which experts will take away your thermometer debris and dispose of it with all the rules.

What can collect mercury balls, if broken thermometer

Very many are interested in, rather than to collect mercury, because for such works can be used a limited number of tools and materials at hand.Alas, due to ignorance of very many use materials and articles, which in any case can not be used on the break a thermometer.The following are common methods.


uncommon to meet people, the Council met the mercury with a magnet, and others say that with a magnet to make it not work.Where is the right answer?Because mercury is a liquid metal, the magnet is able to collect toxic balls.Work should always be carried out in a thick household gloves, then make sure to remove them so that the magnet with balls attached to it was inside the gloves.


Many people, faced with a thermometer crashed, try to remove the balls of mercury vacuum.Doing this, you should not, this can be seen by simply having familiarized with the properties of mercury.The problem is that the use of the vacuum cleaner make the situation worse, sprayed toxic substance.

Vacuums will be dangerous with each subsequent use because the mercury will cover its internal surface of a thin film, which will evaporate each time you turn on because of high temperature.So if you still have cleaned the floor or carpet cleaner, it will have to be disposed of immediately.Try not to leave appliances around the garbage can in the yard, it is best Take a landfill.

Video: How to collect mercury

Though in today's market, you can find a variety of third-party performers (cleaning company) that can carry out the work for the money, you should always be alert to thethat collect mercury you have to yourself.To do this, you need to have a theoretical basis, on possible tools and items that are suitable for mercury collection is best.And this will help competent video instructions, which tells how to collect mercury own hands.