As Yandex browser bookmark

Bookmarks web pages play the same role as in the paper book.There are times when you find interesting and useful information, but at this point in time it is not possible to read or to study.To do this, there are notes that, without spending time searching for, you can quickly find the desired page.Learn how to create, save, export to Yandex browser.Armed with detailed instructions, even a novice "computer genius" to cope with the task.You will only need to select the appropriate option to save pages in a browser.

What visual bookmarks Yandex and where to download?

Visual bookmarks Yandex - a convenient way to use your favorite and frequently visited sites (social networks, e-commerce, thematic forums).Outwardly, it looks like colored tiles with thumbnails of websites, links to which they are stored and are part of the Elements of Yandex, included in the standard package content Yandex browser has undergone great changes due to the alteration of the expansion: the appearance, configuration, and bec

ame a new product in the computerhorizon.

for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, require additional installation.A simple way is to visit the portal Yandex (yandex. Ru), where there will be prompted to install additional extensions or plug-ins for the browser you are using.See the offer you can at the top of the screen, while on the main page of Yandex.

How to set bookmarks bar for Google Chrome

During installation, the browser chrome panels, require the use Yandex Elements of the simplest way of its search mentioned.By clicking "Install" button (at the top of the monitor, in the middle), you can open the following window, in which you have to press "install" under the label "Visual Bookmarks".click "Install Extension" in the pop-up window.

After this operation, when you open a new tab of the browser, you can choose "icon" beloved resource.If you want to see in Google Chrome existing pages without the use of third-party extensions, then click the right mouse button on a free field, just below the address bar, and put at the end of the list that appears next to a check point "Show bookmarks bar."After this simple action they will be placed under the address (search) string.

How to add bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

Bookmark this page Mozilla Firefox browser, you'll be able to at least four different ways.They all lead to a single correct result.Choose for yourself the one that seemed more simple and accessible.

  • The first of these is that, being on the page, the address of which I would like to save for the future, you have to click "Bookmark this page" (the button looks like a white five-pointed star and is located at the top right of the address bar).Asterisk will change color to become blue and "jump" to the next button.They store your memo.To see it, click on the adjacent right grid square and find the line "unfiled" - a place where your important pages are assembled.

  • This operation was carried out simultaneously by pressing Ctrl + D (this shortcut is applicable to all versions of any browsers running the Windows operating system).After clicking on a star and add a page to your favorites list, the icon changes color.
  • method is possible by using the context menu.It is necessary to move the mouse cursor over the link - it can be a single word of the text, a picture.Externally, the cursor will change, and will not look like an arrow, a hand with an extended index finger.After pointing the need to click on the link on the right mouse button - will appear context menu with possible actions.You must select "Bookmark link" in the dialog box to confirm the saving.
  • For the latter option to add pages you want to use "View" menu (located on the "History" and "Tools" very top of the screen, between the menu).Select the "Add Page", the current is stored and remains available for subsequent work sessions with the computer.

View saved pages Mazilu, you can under the address bar on the bar (there appear frequently visited) or by pressing the right of the Stars, with which you have added the page to your bookmarks.Please note that if you do not see your saved pages at their usual place (under the address bar), it is necessary to verify the correctness of the settings menu "View".

To do this, you need to perform the following simple operation: at the very top of the screen is the "View" menu, click on it, choose the first option "Toolbars".At the same time opens another side an additional menu, where there should be checked against the item "Bookmarks Toolbar".Make sure your pages are stored properly, you can always take advantage of them, at any time convenient for you.

Yandex bookmarks for Internet Explorer

process of creating bookmarks in Internet Explorer, similar in its capabilities to the browser muff discussed earlier.The difference is that in Internet Explorer visual bookmarks are indicated by the button "Favorites".To use the bookmarks Yandex, they must be initially set.The most affordable and quickest way is to use the resources of the portal Yandex (element. Yandex. Ru).

After you click "Install" on the panel appears on the screen with a prompt for action.Download an application installer will start operation after the command "Run".After the process is finished, you must press the "Install" button.Starts the execution of the task.May require additional verification of user rights to install the application.

After installing the application, you will be able to use all the features available, including bookmarks Yandex.At the end of the installation process, a small window will appear, informing you about this.You must click "Finish".Possible application settings to fit your preferences, such as changing the main background, which are arranged mosaic saved pages.

How to make and keep my bookmarks in the browser

Yandex in Yandex Bookmarks appear immediately after the save, by automatically transferring from other browsers installed on your operating system.If you have previously used this application on other devices such as a smartphone or work computer, it is possible to use synchronization.It allows you to enjoy all the saved pages, history of web browsing on any of your device installed Yandex browser.

Make new bookmarks, previously listed methods that work for that browser.Use the key combination CTRL + D, which are called "hot keys" (with a further confirmation of saving the page), or pressing the button "Add to favorites" - the star of yellow, indicating that the current page has been added.Additionally, you can use the "Add" if you want to open a new browser tab (at the bottom right).

To do this, the address bar will need to write a page link that you want to add.You can use another way: on the tape under the search box select the icon of the desired site in the history of your views.By clicking on it, the page will be automatically added to your bookmarks and will appear among the tiles Visual bookmarks Yandex.

Find a bookmark in your browser, and make Yandex export

should remember that visual bookmarks Yandex automatically displayed in the workspace application when opening a new empty browser tab.They look like a mosaic of thumbnails of frequently used web pages, with appropriate icons.To view all the stored pages press the button "All Bookmarks," which is a mosaic.As in many other browsers, folders are located under the address (search) string Yandex.There you will easily find its useful, favorite pages.

If you previously used a different browser, and you have the need to use the information stored there, you take the opportunity to export these and other settings.This requires there to settings.Click "Add-ons" and click the mouse on the "Browser Configuration" Under Address (search) string.In the resulting configuration window, descend down the page and find the "User Profiles" section, then click "Move bookmarks and settings from another browser."

After clicking on it, there is an additional window where you can choose the browser.From it you will export the settings and pages, as well as the content you want to "Move" After selecting all the necessary adjustments.After this operation in one browser will be available to all of your favorite and useful for you to bookmark.In a similar way, you can import the information you need.

There is another way to export information from the html file.To do this, open at a blank browser tab, you will need to click on "All Bookmarks", which is under the tiles visually.In the window that lists all the pages you need to find the button "Sort" (triangular arrow to the right).When you click a context menu where you want the item "Copy bookmarks from a file HTML ...ยป.Next, open an Explorer window where you can select a folder and specify the file location from which want to export information.

How to remove or restore visual bookmarks in Yandex

comes a time when the stored information is becoming a very large number.Part of it is outdated and of no value.Accumulated links, sites you can always remove by cleaning the storage and freeing up space for other new relevant information.If you hurry and removed not what we wanted, it is possible to return the information to the place.For the removal and recovery of visual bookmarks Yandex can use in several ways.

  • Remove bookmarks can, if you open a new blank tab, click "Settings" under the image of the visual tabs, and then by clicking on the X (upper right corner), remove unneeded.

  • Click the right mouse button in the application next to the address (search) line and on the shortcut menu, select "Bookmark manager", where data about all your saved pages are stored.List can arrange for you the most convenient options with them.By clicking the right mouse button on any of the items in the list displays a context menu where you select "Delete" if you no longer need a dedicated line.
  • If you accidentally delete the wrong item in the list, you need to return the tabs to make a transaction back.To do this, once again press the right mouse button, the shortcut menu, select "Cancel delete", which will restore the page, undo the last command to remove in Task Manager.