How to open a third in the human eye

Most esoteric believe that the third eye is enjoyed by all people, without exception, but in most cases it is closed, and practically does not work.This invisible body is responsible for the enlightened state of consciousness of the person, by means of which it is possible to perceive the world special, supernatural way.Using the third eye does not entail major changes in the psyche or the discovery of magical abilities.Astral sight allows precise control over emotions, mind, and brighter feel what is happening in the outside world.

What is the third eye, and that it gives a person?

The existence of the third eye was very long known, a direct indication of this are the manuscripts of the ancient Egyptian period.The Egyptians drew this body, so that in the central part of the picture was the thalamus is responsible for processing the information coming to the brain from the senses (except smell).So the inhabitants of ancient Egypt was considered the third eye body which is responsible fo

r the spiritual vision and intuition.Unlike modern humans, they thought that his work is not only in the pineal gland, but a group of organs, the main role of which was withdrawn thalamus.

Where is the third eye in man?clairvoyance organ is a complex system of channels, located in the frontal region between the eyes.It works like a kaleidoscope, which comprises 108 sections, which experts call the mirrors.When a person turns the kaleidoscope creates a certain image (pattern).Then he turns back, and it becomes available to the next image.Something like this is the case with clairvoyance, the mirror can be rotated in different ways, each time discovering a new individual information.

sixth sense or third eye to perceive the information offered is not as physical as well as the energy-phenomenon.So, the human senses can perceive not only the material reality, but also energy.Both signals are of the form of a chemical reaction or electrical pulses transmitted first to the thalamus, and then into the central nervous system.The very same third eye adds to man's ability to perceive information or energy directly, without going through the senses.

Techniques for opening the third eye: the practice of clairvoyance online

How to open a third in the human eye, which is the main body for clairvoyance.Esoteric, healers and yoga are confident that the astral body of a certain physical form and is an integral part of our anatomy of the body.The immediate proximity of the thalamus and pineal gland proves that human clairvoyance can operate at maximum capacity, if we develop this skill correctly.

If a person believes in his supernatural powers and is not subject to doubt, his epiphysis operates freely, and the practitioner can obtain information via the third eye.The idea that clairvoyance can not be opened or difficult, distrust leads to the fact that the pineal gland is blocked and does not work in full force.Gradually, it is calcined, and the substance of which the body loses the ability to read information.

Exercise with a candle

  • Turn off lights and appliances in the room, put in front of a lit candle.
  • peered into the flames, trying to blink less frequently.Try to concentrate on one subject eyesight.
  • If you want to close your eyes, do it again and open your eyes.
  • Look at the colors that make up light.You can see the bright yellow, red, blue, green, violet or any other colors.
  • then close the eyes and through the eyelids, try to see the flame print on the retina.


Getting meditative practice of opening astral vision, you should totally relax:

  • Take a comfortable position, close your eyes - you should be absolutely comfortable.
  • Try to completely relax the body and mind defocus, step back from any problems, feel every cell of his body.Let thoughts pass freely through your mind.
  • To help you relax, turn right to pleasant music or mantras.
  • State should be similar to lucid dream.Over time you will learn not to close his eyes, being in meditation.

key point of the state is to concentrate on myself.To develop clairvoyance, focus should be on its own gradual expansion.That is, at first just concentrate on his body at a given time.Before moving to the next level will be a lot of practice aimed at the expansion of consciousness.Each meditation helps to accumulate energy body, which will lead to the opening of the third eye.

Independent work with intuition

information comes to man not only by the visual organs, it is also possible to perceive by means of sensations, through dreams or intuitive.The fact that a person feels his feelings and reactions are the same information.All around the world - a huge source of information, but you need using the sixth sense to learn how to pick up the thread properly extract the necessary data, compare them and draw conclusions.

Express techniques: how to open the third eye quickly 1 day, 60 seconds

first method of opening the third eye:

  • Stop thinking, close your eyes.
  • Concentrate on the point of view in the area between the eyebrows (eyes closed).
  • defocus opinion, still looking slightly above the eye level of a few minutes later.

person should feel a little pressure, and then tingling between the eyebrows, but only darkness could not see nothing.After a couple months of daily practices for the development of clairvoyance, before the eyes begin to appear a strange way.First, the image obtained by the third eye, will be black and white, and later will become more and more realistic.After a year of training for opening astral vision coming images will be similar to the real life, and the man himself will be able to shape their own future.

second method of opening astral vision:

  • Take a comfortable position, but keep your back straight.Relax, breathe deeply.
  • Close your eyes, sending a look at the upper part of the nose.Try to find a state of inner harmony.
  • Imagine that in between the eyebrows is a blue spinning ball.It does not matter the direction of motion - select this intuitively.
  • Take a deep breath, mentally imagining how the ball starts to absorb the blue radiant energy.So you tune to the desired frequency of the chakras.
  • Slowly exhale, imagining the energy fills the bowl and crystallizes it.
  • Repeat breaths for 10-15 minutes.Do not worry if you feel some tension between the eyebrows.This is a normal phenomenon, which confirms the correctness of the exercise.

ancient ways

There are many types of practices, with which you will be able to open the astral vision.Some of these methods are based on visualization techniques, others - on the practice of pranayama (breathing techniques).The ancient tradition of Qigong and Yoga are based on the activation of Ajna, about which he wrote in his book, Boris Sakharov.Another author, specializing in eniology - Lobsang Rampa, describes the practice of opening the mystical sense organ, which is used in Tibetan monasteries.Let's look at some ways.

Breathing and concentration

main point for each of the ancient art of opening astral vision is a human breath.It is necessary to strive for a smoothed, concentrated, continuous breathing.This practice not only helps to open the sixth sense, but also provides healing internal organs.Experienced yoga are advised to focus on the third eye area, then the breath itself becomes continuous.

Staying in this state, one must relax your body completely.This condition stimulates the natural flow of blood to the head, so people will feel a pulsation in the back of the head (chakra area).The next will come a sense of tension under the earlobes and between the eyebrows.These three points create a triangle on which to focus.

Essential vision

This definition of the initial stage of opening astral vision.Those people who can see the air, but does not own any other astral techniques of collecting information, can also perform this exercise, because it trains clairvoyance.Practice the technique is in the twilight:

  • Lie down and relax, clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts.
  • Reach out in front of him, a little apart fingers for a few minutes to see how through it, trying to see a glow around the fingers.
  • Do not focus on a specific point, try to blink less often than normal.So you set up the third eye, bringing it into focus.Some people find the strength to focus only on any one finger, while others get to see the whole hand at once.
  • optimal distance from a person's hand should be about 40 cm.
  • Such training helps to see the etheric energy (aura), then clairvoyance should continue to develop.

Crystal Sword

  • should be convenient to sit down, calm the breath and close your eyes.
  • Imagine crystal sword with a thin but sturdy blade and handle.
  • Mentally replenish energy sword, sealing it.One should not only see the sword, but also as clearly feel its density.In contrast to this, the crystal has to be stronger than steel.
  • Rotate the sword in the imagination.It is not necessary to provide arms, simply twist the arms in different directions, shake it, if your hands are not visible.
  • Open your eyes and continue with meditation, you should see the sword in the space of inner vision.

Make-up energy of the pineal gland

  • Extinguish the lights, light a candle and arrange next to her comfortable.
  • Concentrate on the flame.
  • Imagine if from a spark follows the golden ray of energy and is included in your pituitary gland, clearing everything in its path.This beam illuminates the inside of the invisible sense organ - the third eye - a strong golden light.
  • Meditate in this mode for at least 15 minutes.
  • This practice of opening astral vision helps to clear energy channels the soul and nourish the pineal gland.

Technique Boris Sakharov - video

By opening this sixth sense practices learned from famous yoga teacher Swami Shivanda.Boris Sakharov is a respected practitioner of Raja and Hatha Yoga, he worked to develop an effective method of opening astral vision (the third eye) - the Ajna Chakra.In his book, the author describes how to activate an invisible body senses and arouse the latent power of man.After years of practice and training Sakharov developed a clear methodology for the opening of the third eye, which is the body of intuition and clairvoyance.Check out an excerpt from his book:

Signs open eyes

People discovered astral vision, the body developed in different ways.not available to everyone clear clairvoyance yoga or deeply religious man - it depends on the degree of opening of the sixth sense.Tradition divides a person's ability to stage four:

  • first (lowest) - provides the ability to see people or objects surrounded by an aura, change shape and color depending on the person's emotional state.
  • the second - clairvoyance shows the events in an unusual perspective, for example, from the height of bird flight.Often, a person with an open third eye sees the images that have occurred recently or is currently happening.In the second stage of opening the body sometimes clairvoyant person are available powerful thought forms: religious or other symbols - the result of collective meditation people.First, the vision data is barely discernible, but with practice becomes clearer.
  • third - gives a person with a developed clairvoyance to obtain information which is not conceding on the quality of the pictures that we see ordinary vision.These images are of short duration, but even a moment is enough to see the important details.
  • fourth - only available units.To achieve such development of the sixth sense, man must devote himself entirely to spiritual practices.With the help of astral masters can see almost anything they want, regardless of time or space.