How to determine ovulation

menstrual cycle has several stages, and one of them is ovulating.So we call a physiological process that occurs in a woman's body when the follicle bursts and the mature egg leaves the ovary.When you create the necessary conditions, ie at its meeting with the sperm, pregnancy occurs.Finding the right answer to the question how to determine ovulation, people invented a few proven methods.Using them, a woman will unmistakably choose the day when her reproductive system is well prepared for fertilization.

What you need to know the date of ovulation

If after many years of marriage and desired pregnancy does not occur, the couple begin to speculate why.Consult your doctor to know what is not working the reproductive system of the body, so do not ovulate, or a sexual act takes place on the day, unfavorable for fertilization.That's why every woman should know how to determine the time of oocyte maturation.This will help you choose the best day for sexual intercourse leading to conception of t

he child.

Usually ovulation begins 12-16 days before the first day of the menstrual cycle.For example, you expect the number of menstruation 23, count 16 days ago, will get the 8th.The egg will be released between 8 and 12 number.If tests show that ovulation does not occur, it means that a woman's body is not working properly, you need to consult your doctor and look for the cause of violations.

When a woman has a regular sexual partner, and physically healthy couple regularly commit acts several times a week, the chances of pregnancy are high.Then you do not need to know the date of ovulation.To determine if it should be non-regular sexual relations, or sperm immobility identified men.Then you need to plan the sexual act before the ovulation, for 1-2 days in advance.

Apply method of determining ovulation to avoid unwanted pregnancy is very dangerous."Risk" period necessarily involves the use of condoms and other contraceptives, but this does not mean that the woman is safe from fertilization to one hundred percent.Sperm live for 2-3 days, so unprotected sexual intercourse, perfect for a few days before ovulation, and is dangerous.

What ways can determine ovulation

is possible to correctly identify the ovulation in adult women with a regular menstrual cycle.Girls who have just begun the first menstruation, a year or two will have an irregular cycle, so accurately calculate the day of oocyte maturation in them impossible.We'll show you how easy it is to determine ovulation in modern health care facilities.There are several methods used by medical personnel, appropriate to you personally will choose the doctor.

Gynecological examination

experienced gynecologist at survey of women can easily determine when the egg output in appearance of internal genital organs.The amount of liquid in the cervix increases, the cervix becomes softer than usual.There is a phenomenon called the medical term "symptomatic of the pupil" - is visible through the open neck of viscous mucus.If it is to catch a pair of tweezers, she will be well reach up to 10 cm. These events will see the doctor 2 days prior to ovulation, they are preserved for another 2 days after.


ultrasound diagnostic method is considered to be the most accurate in determining ovulation.Deciding to undergo such a procedure, a woman must understand that one day it will not be limited.It is necessary to be surveyed in the mid-cycle for several days to see how the changing and growing dominant follicle.Immediately prior to ovulation, it forms a small oviparous tubercle.And follicle reaches by the time the size of 2-3 cm in diameter, and the bump itself is easily visible on the ultrasound machine.

After breaking the dominant follicle egg is released into the woman's abdomen, and he disappears in the place we see only the yellow bodyand behind the uterus there is a small amount of fluid withdrawn from it.If the ultrasound diagnosis is carried out every day in the middle of the cycle, these changes will necessarily be recorded, and calculate the day of ovulation does not take much.


Biochemistry appoint not always, because this method applies to expensive and not very comfortable for a woman - she would have to give blood several times a hormonal analysis.Therefore, biochemical prescribed not to determine the date of ovulation, and see if it happens at all.Such a need arises when the desired pregnancy does not occur for many years.

this method to determine ovulation is to perform hormone blood test women.If detected elevated levels of LH - LH and FSH - follicle-stimulating hormone, thus approaching maturation and release of an egg.On fait accompli occurred ovulation says an increased level of progesterone in the middle of the second phase of the menstrual cycle.Ideally, such a state of the woman persists until the onset of menstruation.

How to determine ovulation at home

To calculate the time of maturation and release of the egg, it is not necessary to see a doctor.Most women know how to determine the day of ovulation yourself.There are several proven methods used by the house.At the discretion of every woman uses the convenient person for her, and even better - several, then the result will be more reliable.

By measuring basal temperature

This method is inexpensive, accessible to every woman, it is the determination of the daily basal body temperature.Measure the temperature in the rectum 5-10 minutes using a standard mercury thermometer in the early morning, at certain times, while the woman has not got out of bed.Daily measurement results recorded in the table, on which then plotted.The horizontal axis - a day of the menstrual cycle, the vertical - an indicator of temperature.These charts are based for at least three cycles.

study will be informative if the measurement is carried out correctly, every day the same.In addition, there are some factors that indirectly affect women basal temperature change, for example:

  • high body temperature against inflammatory diseases.
  • duration of nighttime sleep of women less than 6 hours.
  • Contact with alcohol in the body the day before.
  • Sexual contact for 3 hours before the temperature measurement.
  • changes in room temperature.
  • Use of hormonal preparations.

All these possible causes need to be marked on the chart.

viewing a chart of basal body temperature (an example is shown in the photo), we can observe that generally have a healthy woman, she rises in the second half of the cycle somewhere at 0.5 degrees, and then does not change before the onset of menstruation.And on the eve before raising the temperature drops 0.6 degrees, this fact suggests that the day ovulation occurred.If not during the whole cycle of temperature change recorded, then egg exit did not happen.


woman who is able to listen to your body, be sure to feel the symptoms characteristic of the beginning of ovulation.It happens that the woman in the middle of the menstrual cycle are experiencing discomfort in the abdomen - tingling, aching pain.This is not the consequences of rupture of the follicle, it bursts painless.Unpleasant sensations arise from the reduction of the fallopian tubes, which moves the egg to the uterus.

oocyte maturation led by certain hormones.Throw them in the blood of women can not help but feel they have a significant impact on her emotional state.The day before ovulation, the body releases a large amount of estrogen that makes a woman confident in themselves, seductive, sensual and attractive.It has significantly increased sexual desire.

On discharge from the genital tract

attentive to his woman noticed that before ovulation and during vaginal discharge becomes greater, they are a little more consistency - transparent and highly viscous in appearance resemble egg whites.In the middle of the cycle the woman feels "wet" moisture even sometimes passes through underwear on clothes.After the selection process of ovulation normalized.

Test ovulation

just a few days before the rupture of the follicle in the urine there is an increased concentration of luteinizing hormone.This action is based test strips for determining ovulation at home.To use them you need as well as tests for pregnancy - is immersed in a vessel in the urine for a few minutes.If the test shows one strip - ovulation did not take place.If there are two strips expect it in a few days.

Besides test strips there are still such kinds of tests:

  • test plate.This is a small plastic box with a window.His substitute under a stream of urine or cause him a few drops of 2 minutes see the answer.
  • jet test.This is the most reliable kind of test.It shows the results of a urine stream or dipped in a bowl of it.
  • Reusable test.It is a small portable device, equipped with a set of test strips.Urine soaked strip is inserted into the device, and it indicates the presence or absence of ovulation.
  • electronic test.Under the lens is placed a drop of saliva surveyed women, and then shows a sensor pattern on it.Decoding the patterns given in the instruction.

should start testing 17 days before menstruation.Spend them on a daily basis, constantly at one and the same time, and even better twice a day.The optimal time for the morning of the study, but the urine should be at night, as in pregnancy tests.These days, avoid copious drinking before the test do not urinate for 4 hours to hormone concentration was highest.

test under the microscope

Before leaving the egg, with increased allocation of the hormone estrogen in women not only changes the state of the vaginal mucus and saliva.It becomes a viscous stretching.If you look under the microscope saliva taken in a normal day, it will look disorderly, particles do not create any specific figure.A saliva, taken on the eve of rupture of the follicle forms a clearly defined pattern to form a fern.After the ovulation pattern is lost again.

Pharmacies sell special microscope designed for this purpose.It is the size of a tube of lipstick, it fits easily in the pocket bags.Attached is a guide and schematic drawings, which is easy to understand the processes of the organism.Such a device at an affordable price (2000 rubles) acquire any woman.

calculator for determining ovulation

To facilitate the calculation of the woman likely day of ovulation, there are special online calculators.With their help, also determine the beneficial and safe days for conception of the fetus.To get results, you must enter into an online calculator start date of menstruation, your cycle length and the duration of menstruation itself.One touch of a button woman receives ovulation calendar to the desired number of months.The calculation is based on the average of statistical data, so it will be valid only during the regular cycle.

Video how to determine the day of ovulation

story of an experienced gynecologist will help you understand how the proceeds from which phase is the menstrual cycle of women, what is the ovulation and howit calculated, and how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, or to speed up the long-awaited birth of the child.This video is to see every woman who wants to have good health and full of children.