manual plasma cutting device

many masters for cutting metal sheets requires a manual plasma cutting machine.This mobile device, via which in each home may without any difficulties to separate the iron sheets to the necessary parts.The biggest plus of this mechanism - the possibility of cutting, without further processing details edges.Consider what devices exist, what is their structure, scheme of work, and be sure to specify the selection rules.

Equipment for plasma metal cutting

total mass of such mechanisms can be divided into two groups - domestic and industrial purposes.The first machines are often very massive and large, it is encased in CNC (computer numerical control) that allows you to do a variety of form parts.In this case, a computer developer creates a layout on which work will be carried out, then the file is forwarded in the required format to the machine and cut off the machine.The cost of these units is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars.

Plasma cutting machines at home looks much easier -

it is a small unit which transforms the current in the necessary energy, hose and tip, which produce an electric arc.It performs a cutting role, is responsible for the division of sheet metal and smoothes the edges.Since the metal is not cut with a hacksaw or disc, the more grinding for items not needed.Apparatus for home use are permitted to carry or transport, store and use for a long time.

Depending on the type of gas present in the mechanism, it will be able to cut different types of materials.Air-type plasma devices can work with ferrous metals and their alloys (cast iron or steel).Cutting colored species and combinations thereof will be best implemented with inactive elements (hydrogen, nitrogen, argon).This gas cutting at home performed less frequently.

difference devices direct and indirect

There are different types of hand mechanisms that are different principle of action unit operates with an electric arc.It has the shape of a cylinder and directly connected to the gas jet.In such an arrangement provides a very high temperature (about 20,000 degrees) the arc itself with the possibility to create an efficient cooling system to other parts of the device.

As for the indirect devices, they have a much lower efficiency, so rarely used.Their arrangement is to accommodate the active circuit point on a pipe or a special tungsten electrode.Use indirect devices for spraying, heat metal devices, but not for cutting.Often, such a manual mechanism is used for the repair of parts of cars without their prior removal.

General in these devices is the need for air filters and coolers.The first helps to preserve the long life cathode and anode, quick start mechanism even at high service life.The second provides a long operating time without interruptions.It is considered good if every hour of uninterrupted cutting needs 20 minutes of rest apparatus.These parameters should look for when buying any device, at least directly, though indirect.

The manual plazmoreza

The principle of this device is based on the supply of very hot air on a metal sheet.When a temperature of several tens of thousands of degrees heated oxygen, it is fed under high pressure to the surface, in this way cutting it.It accelerates the work, taking into account the ionization electric shock, and to such a device to work properly, it must consist of:
  • torch (the torch that performs basic tasks);
  • plazmoreza (direct or indirect effects);
  • nozzle (the functional part, which shows how difficult it is possible to perform cutting apparatus);
  • electrodes (in some types of devices);
  • compressor (for the production of high-power air flow).

plazmorez How to make your own hands from the inverter - manual

Such a device is allowed to make yourself at home, the main thing to observe in this case all the rules.The inverter will be a very good helper in this matter, as this mechanism is a reliable source of power.It will ensure smooth operation, use energy sparingly.But there is a small disadvantage - the thickness of the material that will be cut slightly smaller than when using a transformer.

Select items

  • inverter or transformer with the necessary power (when purchased at the store should consult with the seller and inform him of the approximate thickness of the material for cutting, proceeding from it willchosen mechanism).The first type of device is preferable to compile a manual cutting device, since it has less weight and significantly saves energy.
  • plasma torch or plasmatron (inverter similarly selected, depending on the type of material to be cut).Pay attention should be on what plazmorez produce direct effects for cutting conductive materials, and indirect effects of the device should be taken for those products that do not conduct electricity.
  • Compressor air sweep (power must be contiguous with the rest of the items).
  • cable-hose package, which will serve as the connection of all the above components.


Before you begin to build the process is to analyze whether all items purchased and whether they fit together.If the plasma cutting machine is the first time, it is best to consult with more experienced masters in this matter, which can compare the power of each component.Cook is also a protective set of clothes (suit, gloves).He need not for the assembly itself, and testing apparatus.The process of steps plazmoreza connection looks like:

  1. Prepare all the parts for assembly and protective clothing.
  2. Take care of the presence of an uninterruptible power supply.
  3. Take the inverter or the selected transformer, cable required thickness and electrode.The last item should be of beryllium, zirconium, thorium or hafnium.These materials are most suitable for air plasma cutting.Safer for the welder or a wizard, which will deal with the sharp, will hafnium.Connect consistently taken the details, in this way an electric arc.
  4. To connect the compressor hose that will deliver air to the plasma cutting machine.Attach the second edge to the plasma torch.
  5. Test on a small piece of aluminum device that turned out.Take care of the safety of all connections.

Videos principle of operation manual plasma cutting machine

Before such a mechanism to independently collect or buy it in the store, is to analyze the different options to look at the operation of the device and its species.It is necessary to take into account the type of materials to be subsequently processed.Therefore, we suggest you review the video, which describes the operating principles of the machine and manual plasma cutting technology to work with him.

average cost of equipment

price of machines manual cutting of metals depend on the type, the manufacturer, the maximum thickness of the desired cut and model.To choose the right tool, you need to apply to several stores to compare the conditions of purchase and value.Immediately pay attention to the price of spare parts that may be needed for the repair.The average range of values ​​based on the thickness of the cut will be in the framework of:

  • 150,000 - 300,000 rubles (thickness up to 30 mm);
  • 81000 rubles - 220,000 rubles (up to 25 mm);
  • 45,000 rubles - 270,000 rubles (up to 17 mm);
  • 32,000 rubles - 230,000 rubles (up to 12 mm);
  • 25,000 rubles - 200,000 rubles (up to 10 mm);
  • 15,000 rubles - 200,000 rubles (up to 6 mm).