What documents are needed for the replacement of the driving license

Getting a driver's license does not give unlimited rights to drive the car.When expires, the document is lost or spoiled, it is necessary to replace a driver's license.If pre-examine the need for this procedure, what documents are needed for the replacement driver's license, many problems can be avoided.Find out the reasons why you need to update the documents on the management of road, how much it costs to change the law, where and how to do it.

Validity of driver's license

document confirming the right to drive the car, the driver is issued (professional or amateur) for 10 years.If during this time you do not change the name, do not lose, do not mess up the document to change the rules is not necessary.Their term shall be stated on the document itself.To document the new model is the two points the date 4a (when issued) - 4b (for any day really).International Certificate is valid only for three years.

If you receive a duplicate of the document before the rights become overdue, the new document

can be stamped expiration date of the old rights.For example, you have changed the name and got her driver's license for a year to delay the old rules, the new document will be valid in all 12 months.Then you have to change it as stale.

When you need a replacement

Besides the expiration of license validity to replace it, there are other good reasons:

  1. Corruption document (wear).If you have filled in something right, soiled, torn, word, messed up so that they are difficult to read the writing or to review photos, you have to exchange a driving license.
  2. Change the names and other personal data.This information and the rights of the passport must be entirely the same.
  3. loss of rights, their theft.The official language is called the loss of the document.
  4. Change health.For example, you are allowed to drive only in glasses, as you had surgery on your eyes and you can go without them.
  5. Issuing new identity.This is necessary, for example when opening the other categories.
  6. When the documents, which were given the right, found to be counterfeit.

Do I have to take the exam SDA

When making a duplicate driver's license, a document replacing the damaged or do not need to take the exam when you change the names.This need arises only in case of identification when opening an additional category, then pass the theory.Restoring law, which deprived, changing a document issued by another State, the driver passes the test on knowledge of the rules and the ability to drive.

where I

Many alarming prospect of a replacement certificate issued not where people live today.Do not worry - the place of issue of rights has nothing to do with the replacement location.Get the license may replace the former post:

  • residence (actual residence);
  • registration, registration (temporary or permanent) - the city district.

You have the right to change the rules where prescribed, or where the account at its discretion.But even if you live in another place (for example, are in a long trip), you can replace them in the same area.To do this, only to find out what documents are needed for the replacement of driving licenses, and then apply to the MREO traffic police, conveniently located for you.

MREO traffic police

Check addresses of any region traffic police offices, where are you going to change the rules, it is easy to service the official website of traffic police of Russia.You need to find the "Traffic police in your area" section - "Preparation and replacement of identity", select region in the list that appears to find the desired address.In addition to the location of the institution, you will become known for its function, operating hours.Here, for example, MO addresses traffic TNRER Moscow:

  • w.Warsaw, 170D (compartment number 5);
  • street.Pyalovskoe, 21 (branch number 2).

St. Petersburg:

  • Ave. Laboratory, 24 Litas.A;
  • w.Moscow, 16, Bldg.1.


  • avenue of Kirov, 73;
  • street.Alma-Ata, 29B.


  • street.Chkalov, 1;
  • street.Chernyakhovsky, 66.


In many Russian cities, the documents for the replacement driver's license taken MFC (multi-functional centers).How convenient this method?The centers organized electronic queue, it saves time, take all the papers in one window.Production time limit per week (approximately), reported on the readiness of SMS-message.For example, the addresses of such services in Moscow:

  • street.Kremenchug, 9;
  • street.Novozavodskaya, 25, Bldg.1.

St. Petersburg:

  • street.Folk, 98, lit.ABOUT;
  • Ave. Civic, 104, building 1, lit.A.


  • street.Vilonovskaya, 13;
  • Stara Zagora, 100 A.


  • street.Michurina, 207;
  • lane.Craft, 6.

portal of public services

Excellent opportunity to save their own time while replacing the certificate - EGPU (Gosuslg portal).How to change a driver's license using the online service, you will learn from this step by step directions:

  1. Visit portal gosuslugi.ru.
  2. register (the usual procedure, as with any other site that requires registration).
  3. Login (login under your own login / password).
  4. Select "Public services" in the upper menu bar.
  5. find the link "Production and exchange ..." In the opened list.Click on it.
  6. See a list of required documents and conditions of the procedure.
  7. click on "Get a service" on the right side of the page.
  8. Fill in all the fields of the reason for the replacement, medspravka, passport, address.
  9. Attach scanned copies of their photos and personal signature.
  10. pay the fee (bank transfer).
  11. Select the location of the visit time for identification.
  12. Verify the registration of the application, go for the new document.

In the opinion of people who used the portal, this way the fastest against the paper feed package.Among the shortcomings, they note that it is not always possible to select a convenient date (days already occupied), and when the visit is often necessary to wait for their turn to get a new identity.Service will save your time for the submission of all papers do not even need to leave the house.Here you can download a form or print a copy of the application.

What documents are needed

Package securities by replacing almost the same rights for all occasions.Varies it is only for some people.For example, people without a mark on the residence permit in the passport, the data is necessary to present the temporary registration (certificate).Those who received a duplicate of a lost identity - the driver card.For each case, it is desirable to clarify whether medspravka need replacement at right.

for replacement after the expiration

Replacement rights, the validity of which ended, not much different from the procedure for obtaining the first license.Only by learning to drive half the hassle of taking the course organizers, and changing the license, you are doing it yourself.In addition to applications for replacement, the following documents on the driver's license:

  • medspravka;
  • passport;
  • document with a residence permit or registration;
  • receipt for paid state duty.

If you change the names

To obtain a new driver's last name change document is mandatory reason.Under the new rules, the situation is a mismatch of personal data in the passport and the existing rights equivalent to driving without permitting documents.To replace the paper, write an application to the State Automobile Inspectorate and attach:

  • previous license;
  • receipt charges;
  • passport;
  • medspravka.

If you lose

lost driver's license, you automatically lose permission to drive, so immediately contact an appropriate statement in the State Automobile Inspectorate.First you will be given a provisional license (certificate, permit) form for legal costs and designate time to pick a new driver's license.Duplicate retaining all the details of the former license will be issued if there is a standard procedure for this set of papers:

  • passport;
  • medspravki;
  • document with a residence permit or registration;
  • inquiries about driving courses (driver card);
  • receipt of the paid state duty.

To change the rights of the new sample

the urgent need to replace the old rules to the new large size plastic ID no.You can use the same document, until he expired.If you want to have the right to a new model, apply to the Traffic police.For driving documents you photographed on the spot.The new rights will be given after 20-60 minutes, provided that you provide the following paper:

  • your existing rights;
  • document with a residence permit or registration;
  • medspravka;
  • passport;
  • receipt of state duty.

Where to get a medical certificate

medical certificate to replace the driver's license is issued only institution with the appropriate license.The state is the clinic or commercial Clinic - does not matter.It is only necessary to consider that the service in any case be paid.In a typical municipal polyclinic driver's certificate will cost you about half to two thousand plus an additional payment of psychiatrist-narcologist services.In a private clinic medical examination will cost much more expensive.

all doctors in one institution will not pass.To obtain permission from the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist must apply to the appropriate clinic.When issuing a "sheet-runner" indicating the office and reception time of doctors in It identifies and addresses (phone numbers) dispensaries.The issued certificate will be valid for 3 years.For the ladies, motorists older than fifty years and men over 55 - 2 years.New information on the driver's license is not required, if at the time of renewal of rights, this period has not ended.

pay state duty

Compared to previous years, the fee for a replacement driver's license in 2015 increased by almost three times.For the exchange of rights required to pay 2000, and for international law - 1.6 thousand rubles..This amount remains unchanged for all regions.Pay it possible online public services (bank transfer), Sberbank (in the department, through the terminal or online bank), at post offices, other banks receiving such payment.


forms a receipt for the fee may vary for different regions.Here is the information you want to add:

  • passport data;
  • INN;
  • account numbers;
  • name of representative;
  • code OKATO;
  • bank details and the traffic police.

To avoid confusion in the data, use the official website of traffic police service.You need to go to the section "Traffic police in your area" - "Production and exchange ...", select a region, place of payment, type of fee, fill out your name, address, print a receipt.When filling out the form of the details will be included in it automatically.

Application for replacement rights

The application for replacement of driving licenses issued in MREO, online public services, in the multifunctional center.In addition to the mandatory information, it should be a personal signature, so when applying via the Internet, you attach it to its scanned copies.For written registration request may be used only installed in the form below, but in some cases the provision of acceptable statements, written "by hand".

Download an application form for a replacement driver's license

Blank and sample filling

application form for the grant of rights is universal.The main difference between design in different situations - the aim of reception:

  • necessary extension (end of period);
  • want to update (like plastic rights);
  • need a renewal of (name changed);
  • want to restore (spoiled);
  • wish to receive a copy of the (lost).

Options wording your goals are listed in the "Please issue ... in connection with the" line.You need to select and specify the reason, fill in passport data, information about the old identity, to list all the documents attached to the treatment (for medical examination, on payment of duty and so on.).Extra money for the form with you will not take.Cost form part of the legal costs - consider that you have already bought.

Replacing the foreign driver's license in Russia

Without exams replacement of foreign rights is possible if the Soviet-style document was then exchanged for a driver's license of CIS countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine).If a citizen of the Russian Federation received the law in another country, then changing them, he would have to pass a theory (traffic rules).Foreigners changing national identity only if they pass the two required exams.In each case, the exchange of rights occurs in the provision of:

  • passport;
  • statements;
  • valid ID;
  • medspravki;
  • driver card;
  • fee payment receipt.

Videos about changing driver's license

What threatens driving with a certificate on the mother's maiden name, and whether it is a violation?For some traffic counts can be fined, and what is the "issue price"?How to change the rights of a hassle and bustle, which document is needed to replace a driver's license, and which you do not need?All this is best to learn firsthand.See below for detailed video about changing the identity of the driver.

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