Put money in the bank card through megaphone

popularity of cashless payments is gaining great momentum.We are paying cards in stores, shopping online portals, replenish purses in social networks, to pay for services of doctors, put the money on the phone.Let's find out how best to put the money on the megaphone through a bank card.Let us try to understand all the possible ways of non-cash top-up of mobile operator.

Megaphone How to recharge the balance with a credit card

Megaphone Add funds through bank card possible in several ways, using the telephone, internet, ATM or by personal visit to the office.With the help of the telephone payment is available:

  • sending text messages;
  • free call;
  • voice service;
  • through mobile banking.

If you have the opportunity to enter into a worldwide network with a phone or a computer, you get to put money in Megafon through its bank card this advanced and very popular way.Make payment possible at the following addresses:

  • official site operator (megafon ru.);
  • Sberbank page (online sberbank
  • portal Service Guide (sg. Megafon. Ru).

The office of

to the cabin phone company Megafon to deposit with a credit card available means must be applied to a personal visit.Money will transfer duty, the seller (the consultant), and the balance will be credited immediately.For this method, only two conditions are necessary Payment:

  • binding accounts (one or several) to your sim card;
  • availability (to himself) passports and most plastic card.


official site operator to pay by credit card through a megaphone official web portal requires registration.Having this procedure, you can easily go into the regional office online using your login and get the opportunity to manage rates, choose the services to put money on the sim card.For the latter, you need to select the main menu item "Payment" and money transfer option.Next you need to fill in the required details and click "Pay".The only disadvantage of the service - less than $ 100 to fill up the balance does not work, dignity - no commission.

With USSD-command

Add account Megaphone with a credit card is easy via USSD-request.To do this, type the text messages you do not need, it is only necessary to specify the desired command in the figures for enrollment of money.The only condition for such payment - linking accounts sim card.Recharge via USSD-request is happening under the scheme: * 117 * (amount) # (call).For example, you want to put three hundred rubles.Then you need to enter an asterisk after the second three digits: 300. Pressing the call button, you send a command, and replenish the balance immediately.

A voice menu

Voice menu - another easy way to put money on a credit card with a megaphone.Through this service may listen to detailed instructions answerphone, to execute them in the order that will be dictated, to perform a certain operation (activate the service, replenish the balance, change rate and so on.).To access the voice menu you need to dial the numbers 0500910. After listening to a menu, press "2", then follow the instructions.After completing the operation, check the balance - it will be refilled.

A personal account on the portal Service Guide

The portal Megafon payment by credit card without commission is possible through a special service subject to its binding to the sim card:

  1. Goby the address.
  2. Go to the tab "Payments" - "Fill up balance."
  3. In the opened window enter the phone where you want to deposit money.
  4. Enter the amount credited.
  5. Select a payment method - service accepts all cards Visa and MasterCard).
  6. fill «PAY PIN» In the new opened window.
  7. Check the incoming message on the completion of the operation.

Send an SMS message to a short number

means of sms-messages may like to transfer money from the card Megaphone Savings Bank, and vice versa, provided binding to the card sim card.To replenish the balance necessary to specify in the text message numbers only translated the amount of money and send it by dialing 5117 (for reverse operation - 3116).In this case, the text should include not only the amount of the transfer, but the card details.

Call toll-free number from a mobile phone

If the situation does not allow to use the voice menu, service text messages and other ways to throw money from the card to your phone, it is better to call the operator and to solve a problem with it.Included in the book contact the free phone (headquartered in Moscow):

  • 8-800-550-05-00 (free calls within Russia);
  • 8-922-111-05-00 (from any country - free of charge).

use the mobile or Internet banking

We learned how to pay Megafon via the Internet by credit card on the operator's website.How to do it through an online bank?First, you need to activate the mobile and internet banking.Then, we check in at the Savings Bank website (online sberbank ru..), We obtain access to management pay mobile phone:

  1. Select in your account Sberbank Online desired item.
  2. Enter the phone.
  3. indicates the amount of money that we want to put.
  4. Get SMS code.
  5. Activate the option "pay."
  6. Get SMS with the message of acceptance of money.

To recharge through the mobile banking use a simple number 900. We send him on a message in the text that indicate the phone, the amount, card account.Recent data are necessary if the phone number of plastic cards linked.Then after a space indicate the amount by the last four digits of the card.The service is free, but for a text message the operator will remove the money at the current rate.

Using ATMs or self-service terminals

you want to put money on the megaphone through his bank card in the terminal or ATM?Getting to the nearest unit, we perform the following manipulations:

  1. Insert the card, enter the activation code.
  2. Select the option "Payments" - "Mobile."
  3. Enter the phone number.
  4. specifies amounts.
  5. Press confirm button.

If your card does not have money or a little, and cash - too large bills to pay your balance, make the first transfer on the account in the same ATM.When it is recharged, turn the money Simcoe on the above scheme.The amount of commission depends on the particular bank (card) and a terminal.this information is displayed on the screen before the transaction.

How to activate the 'Auto-Recharge »

Connect avtoplatezh for bound to sim card cards possible in several ways:

  1. directly in the bank - in any of its branch or office.
  2. In the "Payments" in the personal office service Guide
  3. In any salon phone company (have a passport and a card).
  4. USSD-command under the scheme: * 117 * 03 * amount # * threshold.Amount - the amount of money on your phone, in which the balance will be automatically updated.
  5. Through the voice menu: 0500910 - 3, then - on the instructions of an answerphone.
  6. Send SMS: text "AUTO * amount * threshold.Instead of the word "amount" in the SMS specifies the minimum amount of money on your phone, in which will be automatically charged.The message is sent to the number 5117.

Video: how to pay by credit card Megaphone

Megafon - the operator who is interested in "improving literacy" to its subscribers.For them, the employees of the company created a lot of video tutorials on services, tariffs, credits, and other promotions.Watch video instructions below for a chance to recharge the balance with his card with all available ways for the average user.