How in the VC to get out of the conversation

the advent of social networks contributed to the idea of ​​attracting a large number of users on a single virtual platform.The competition on the Internet, a good marketing move, creating a resource where there is a dialogue of millions of people from all over the world - this is what came to the social network at the moment.The leader in the number of Russian Internet users in recent years, remains the network "VKontakte".A growing number of pages accounts, the amount of time spent increases.Here's how to stop communicating with other users of the social network, if you get bored.

How to leave the conversation in the Vkontakte social network

Positioning as a universal means of communication, "VKontakte" offers a simple interface and essential set of options, so that everyone can send messages in a convenient form for him.One of them was the conversation.Expanding its properties, the VC to provide a tool for exchanging messages between several people at once.Such multichat convenient as it is need

ed, and what to do if a dialogue is imposed?To remove all of the dialogue, you will need to do the following:

  • In the menu, select "My Messages" panel find "Actions" (upper right corner).
  • select 'Leave conversation "pull-down list.
  • When a pop-up window, select "Yes" in agreement with the fact that you leave the dialogue.

How to exclude a person from the conversation companion VC

Properties option, which helps multiple users to exchange messages, do not stop.The two sides can not only leave yourself talk, but also to remove unwanted opponent, if the communication with them is unpleasant or are no longer interested.How do VKontakte?Only the creator of the multichata can remove a guest sometime companion.To do this:

  • panel to find the tab "My messages".
  • Select in active correspondence list of desired dialogue with users.
  • To find the bottom of the window to send messages.Next to the "Send" button is another button is active, indicating the number of people correspondence.If you click it, a pop-up window with a list of "conversation participants."
  • To remove a person, it is necessary to click on the cross on the right, and click "Yes" to confirm their intentions in a popup window.
  • correspondence Creator has the right to remove any of its member, and others - only those who have been invited to do.

How to completely remove itself conversation

handy tool when addressing issues and correspondence with which a conversation can be multiple users to easily create or delete.The need for such action occurs for different reasons.If the conversation no longer valid, you can either leave it (as an invited participant) or delete (the creator).multichat itself, as well as all correspondence within it, will completely remove if you follow the instructions:

  • the menu bar, find the tab "My messages".
  • Select in active correspondence list of conversation you want to delete.
  • right of the pop-up click on the button "Delete Conversation" (cross).
  • confirm your action when the second window will appear by clicking on "Remove".

How to get out of the dialogue with

phone With the advent of a new generation of mobile phone communication has become infinite, expanding the boundaries to facilitate the integration with social networks.View your account to be in correspondence, users may VC with smartphones, it does not restrict access to their functionality.View video, select music, access the options, applications, send a message or restore, invite a few buddies for correspondence, to leave or delete the conversation - all available from your phone, just as if you went through the computer.To stop the VC dialogue with a mobile phone:

  • The menu item "My messages" go to a page with the correspondence, locate the multichat, go there.
  • right panel you will see a button "Options", select the list of the available drop-down menu of options "Leave the conversation."
  • Confirm your intention by clicking on the button "Yes".

Can I see the abandoned conversation

VK took care to leave the talks were available for viewing.service work is constructed so that all correspondence is stored for a long time, so you can always find old posts and see.To do this, we must remember the name of the dialog, enter it into the search box on the tab "Dialogues" or bust links manually.The latter method is time-consuming, because have to use a browser, typing at the end of the reference numbers 1 to 50, until the desired correspondence appears.The search process will take time.

How to find and return the remote conversation VKontakte

If leaving the conversation, the user went himself to find the conference in two ways, and the same number of options exists to back.If the conversation was not removed, the active correspondence page to find a search string, put in her call name, press the button next to or «Enter» on the laptop.Remote earlier conversation again will be available for viewing.If the number of participants in the dialogue does not exceed 30 people, return to dialogue as you can:

  • Automatically, if you write and send the message.
  • manually by selecting the top right item "Back in the conversation" in the drop-down menu.

Video tutorial: How to leave a conversation in the VC

For easy communication the popular social network Runet never ceases to find new solutions.As many as three dozen companions can have a conversation with each other using the "Conversation" tool.Call it convenient for all without exception participants in the call does not always work, because the add dialogue you can and without consent.The system simply put you before the fact, and you will start to receive messages, which is not always desirable.How to avoid such inconveniences and leave the conversation in the VC, check the following video tutorial: