Modern names for girls and boys

When a young family waits for the birth of a child, begins the search of the most beautiful and unusual name for your baby.No wonder they say that the name affects the destiny of man - as the ship call, so it will float.Many parents tend to choose rare for his crumbs, modern name to emphasize its individuality.However, in this case the main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise you can make life difficult for the unborn child.

How to choose a beautiful modern name for girls

Choosing a name for a girl depends on the imagination and personal preferences of parents.They decide what to call her daughter: Russian customary name or fancy foreign.Most parents want to choose is not only modern, but also the original female name.There just will not meet girls in schools and gardens: Mia, Jasmine, Jacqueline, Julia.Your daughter will ever stand out from the crowd with classic kids names, but it is unlikely such an exotic name is in harmony with the Russian name and patronymic.

Modern names of girls

- is not only a modern foreign options.Recently it has become fashionable once again call girls Orthodox and Old Russian names: Hermine, Praskovya, Yefrosinya, Vasilisa.However, before the girl christen one of them, parents should think, will not be there in the future diminutive versions of Bob or Proshka cause for ridicule classmates.

happens that girls whose parents gave a modern unusual name, were not ready for such attention on the part of becomes part of the cause of the child's complexes.If your family are expected replenishment and you are considering what name to choose for girls, consider the following recommendations:

  • How much you would not like some modern name, it must necessarily be consonant with the name and patronymic of the girls.Agree, Ivanova N. Georgeta - not the best option for your beloved child.
  • Consider whether the girl is happy with this name or may become a "black sheep" among their peers?The heroine of the cartoon will hardly in their teens have adequate self-esteem.
  • Note that modern Russian girl's name to be easily pronounceable.Katorina or Yolanda, probably often be pronounced correctly associates.

modern Russian List of names

most popular names in 2016 became Anastasia, Sofia and Maria.And it is not the first occupy a leading position.When choosing a name for their unborn child, parents should not strive for a just fashion - listen to your heart, which is sure to tell you how to christen girl.Perhaps one of the modern or ancient Russian female names will be the most suitable:

  • Hell.
  • Agnes.
  • Alevtina.
  • Anfisa.
  • Antonina.
  • Vesta.
  • Faith.
  • Galina.
  • Danuta.
  • Eve.
  • Inga.
  • Karina.
  • Cyrus.
  • Clara.
  • Lydia.
  • Maya.
  • Lolita.
  • Larissa.
  • March.
  • Milena.
  • Muse.
  • Nonna.
  • Olga.
  • Rima.
  • Pauline.
  • Rina.
  • Raisa.
  • Svetlana.
  • Stella.
  • Taisiya.
  • Tomila.
  • Uliana.
  • Evelyn.
  • Thekla.
  • Juno.
  • Elsa.
  • Emma.
  • Yaroslav.

European names

Many modern parents prefer to give their children foreign names.The girls called the Italian, German, French, American names, including their fashionable and beautiful.However, before you make the right choice, parents need to learn the value of you liked the name.In the modern age of the Internet it is not difficult.The following are examples of the original names for the value of the girl child.

  • Violet - violet flower.
  • Albina - snow-white.
  • Diana - the winner of the divine.
  • Zemfira - untamable.
  • Gera - hostess warrior.
  • Camilla - noble blood.
  • Eugene - a symbol of nobility.
  • Evelyn - full of energy.

selection of modern names for months

If parents are having difficulty with the choice of name for a girl, you should consider the option of determining, based on the time of year when the baby is born.For example, a girl might christen winter Severina or Snezhana;autumn is called Eve, Zlata;year - Augustine, Julia;spring - Martha, Maya.So, based on the month of birth, parents can easily select the appropriate version of the modern name for the favorite daughter.

  • January: Aglaia, Agatha, Irina, Polina, Nina, Kristina, Vasilisa, Tatiana, Juliana.
  • February: Natalia, Anastasia, Anna, Rima, Svetlana, Agnes, St. Paul, Inna, Veronica, Martha, Evdokia, Valentine.
  • March: Marina Anna, Iraida, Ulyana, Nick, Margarita, Regina, Cyrus, Iraida, Marianne.
  • April: Praskovya, Larissa, Irina, Alla, Tamara, Alexandra, Daria, Matrona, Galina, Suzanne, Eve, Feodosiya.
  • May: Faina, Tatiana, Taisiya, Pelagia, Maria, Glafira, Zoe, Muse, Julia, Yefrosinya.
  • June: Valeria, Nelli, Antonina, Sophia, Claudia, Akulina, Theodore, Anna Thekla.
  • July: Euphemia, Tamara, Inna, Irina, Joan, Elena, Sara, Anastasia, Alevtina, Rima, Olga.
  • August: Anita, Olesya, Christina, Sergius, Maria, Praskovya, Seraphim, Valentine, Olympics, Milena.
  • September: Victoria, Natalya, Theodora, Sophia, Anfisa, Rufina, Vassa, Anna, Elizabeth, Domna.
  • October: Jonah Gold, Pelagia, Veronica, Thekla, Ariadne, Vladislav, Taisiya, Zinaida, Magdalena, Marianne.
  • November: Zinovy, Svetlana, Anastasia, neon, Elena, Ulyana, Capitolina, Cleopatra, Marya, Elizabeth, Claudius.
  • December: Victoria Marina, Anna, Anfisa, Catherine, Cecilia, Marina, Zoe, August.

Choosing fashionable modern name for a boy

appearance of a newborn light - a grand event, which many families are waiting.The real joy becomes the birth of the boy, as the successor of the names, the defense of the country, the future proud parents.It is an important decision that will make mom and dad, is the choice of the name, because modern euphonious options do not always carry the appropriate meaning.

Russian boys' names

In the days of ancient Russia boys called, based on the Church Calendar - a list of saints and their holidays in calendar order.Each day is dedicated to one of the Orthodox saints whose name and called the boy.Modern parents can use imenoslovom to select the name of your child.Note, however, that such unusual and old names like Zebulun Svjatogor or may not be understood by the public.Before somehow christen the boy, pay attention to the value of you liked the options:

  • Plato - broad.
  • Zahar - a man with a good memory.
  • Miron - a happy, peaceful.
  • Elisha - saved by God.
  • Tikhon - the darling of fortune.

Modern foreign

Most modern parents prefer foreign names, charmed their sound, but did not know the meaning of their choice.Try a foreign name to the surname and patronymic boy - not uncommon for a due negligence of parents, the child becomes the object of ridicule of peers.If you liked a certain name, you can name the boy so, but do not forget to ask about his transfer.Popular are the following beautiful, modern names of the boys:

  • Ilnaz - love for the motherland.
  • Dinard - expensive, precious.
  • Diaz - the Spanish version of James ( "following on the heels").
  • Rustem - the hero.
  • Janis - God-given.


Some parents believe that the child should be called, given the time of year, in which he was born.So, winter boy recommend giving a soft name, because this season is characterized by severity, and no need to aggravate it.Spring Kids modern parents anoint stronger names, because by nature they are flexible.Summer boys cheerful and active, they fit any names.For autumn should choose quiet, bright names corresponding to the balanced nature of boys.

  • The January boys: Simon, Timothy, Cyril, Naum, Elijah, Daniel, Adam, Tom, Gregory, Philip, Michael, Peter, John, George, Yuri, Mark, Stephen, Eleazar, Konstantin, Yakov, Sawa, Nicholas,Athanasius.The February
  • boys: Benjamin, Ephraim, Armen, Julian, Constantine Porphyry, Philip, Paul, Leonty, Roman, Mayor, Valery, Arseny, Ignatius, Gennady Hermann, Luke, Arseny, Anton Vlasov, Gerasim, Clement.
  • March boys: Leo, Alex, Vitali, Irakli, David Benedict, Boris and Alexander, Yegor, Taras, Gregory, Kuzma, Leonid, Denis, Victor, Trofim, Arkady, Arseny, Fedot, Mark, Yuri, Sebastian.
  • April Boys: Plato, Nikon, Zahar, Artemon, Makar, Daniel, Stephen, Martin, Polycarp, Samson, Rodion, Nikita, Sergei, Chariton, Ivan and Vasily, Trofim, Innocent, Thomas, Andrew, Terence, Aristarchus.
  • May boys: Kasian, Yuri, Joseph Hleb, Athanasius, Makar, Vsevolod, George Boris, Nikita, Modest, Fedot, Groin, Irakli, Lawrence, Leonty, Thomas, Basil, Gabriel, Anatoly, Valentin, Nicodemus.
  • The June boys: George Bogdan, Simeon, Jury, Elisha, George, Vladimir, Nazar, Ivan, Fedor, Igor, Sylvester, Sawa, Anton Ignat, Mstislav, Michael, Chariton, Carp, Tikhon, Sergei, Nicanor, Alex.
  • for July: Demidov, Hypatia, Paul, James, Anton, Svyatoslav, Stepan, Evsei, Samson, Demidov, Fedot, Cyril, Artem, Anatoly, Stanislav, Matthew, John, Guri, Galaktion, Leonid, Terence, Demidov, Sofron.
  • August: Oles, Stephen, David, Prochorus, Arkady, German, Julian, Maximus, Peter, Basil, George Naum, Gleb Boris, Myron, Herman and Dmitry Frolov, Evdokim, Sawa, Christopher, Constantine.The September
  • : Benjamin Victor, Vitali, Nikolai, Andrian, Pimen, Gennady Hakim Zahar, Arkhip, James, Clement, Elijah, Daniel, Nicanor, Leonty, Lukyan, Fadey, Andrew, Arkady.The October
  • : Alex Roman, Nazar, Denis, Guri, Sergei, Trofim, Vladimir, Vladislav, Martin, Benjamin Luke Erofei, Ivan and Nikita, Kasyan, Sergey, Rodion, Damian.
  • Noyabrskye: Osip, Terence, Orestes, Herman, Paul, Heraclius, Vincent, Maximilian, Taras, Nestor, Yegor, Anton, Filaret, Maxim, Ignatius, Constantine, Alexander, Victor, Nestor.
  • December: Spiridon, Yegor, Paul, Cyril, Anatoly, Andrey, Adrian, Sofron, Anton, Sergey, Valerian, Michael, Makar, Sebastian, Spiridon, Filaret, Christopher, Athanasius, Sebastian, Leo, Nicholas.

Video: How to choose the right name

unborn baby is believed that the name has a special power and influence on the destiny of man.Many parents, for this reason, are afraid to make a mistake and do not know what to call your child.There are so many beautiful ancient, euphonious foreign and original contemporary names - this diversity makes us doubt in the choice.Moms and dads are taking on more responsibility, calling the child a rare name that will always allocate your child peers.After watching the video, you will learn how to approach the process of choosing a name for a newborn.