Short Men's haircut

Short hairstyles for men emphasize the courage, energy and sports men and is now in vogue.We offer you a detailed overview of the short men's hairstyles: classic and creative, and sports model (see photo.).

Youth men's haircuts

2016 spring-summer season in the coming season in fashion will be pronounced courage and rigor, and to be a trend, will have to give up everything "metrosexual."This means restraint in hairstyles: long bangs, styling and other attributes last year's fashion should be ruthlessly discarded.

hairstyles 2016 - it is a short haircut without a hint of femininity, but creativity and style are welcome.The basic foundation can be a classic hairstyle with bangs, as well as all sorts of "army" haircut in military style.

Sports comb-over hairstyle with back hat hairstyles in vogue.

Trendy men's haircuts

Masculinity and brutality, so fashionable this season, most clearly expressed in the following relevant haircuts.

Haircut "Tomboy" is a real "hit" 2016 season."Tomboy" - is more

advanced and familiar hairstyle "Short bob".

Hairstyle retro looks luxurious, especially if it is in harmony with the overall style of clothes and accessories.Without the help of a stylist there hard to do, but if you want to look stylish, it's worth it.

  • hair using a comb-over mousse laid back and parted.
  • to create hairstyles require fine comb.

Haircuts "boxing" and "poluboks»

Haircut Boxing, "poluboks" - "classic" men's hair fashion.Mowing machine manufactured hair laterally to the length of 3 mm and above - 20-50 mm ( "box") and 40-80 mm ( "poluboks").

Men clipper

In many cases, modern hairstyles made machine.Making such hairstyles convenient and fast, and most importantly, inexpensive.shearing technique is simple.It looks stylish and neat haircut, it does not need daily care, it needs to be updated only once every 10-15 days.

machine Mainly used for such hairstyles, like boxing, poluboks and other varieties.The machine is also used for cutting swords.

Sport men's haircuts

Short haircuts for men came into vogue about half a century ago because of its practicality and convenience.Athletes who exercise, long hair cause inconvenience, and they were forced to cut their hair short.Subsequently, the advantages of short hairstyles appreciated and the other men.

Sporting hairstyle in form reminiscent of hairstyles in "military" style.These species are the "box", "poluboks", "hedgehog" and "Canadian"."Hedgehog" - evenly cut hair up to 40 mm."Box" - the hair at the temples and sides cut short, and on top of their length is up to 40 mm."Poluboks" - the hair at the temples and sides cut short, on top of their length is 60-80 mm.

Grooming differs from Canada's "Boxing" and "poluboks" the fact that the length of hair in bangs from 50 to 100 mm, the roller has a fringe form.For this you will need a styling gel."Canada's" looks better on thick hair.This option is ideal for curly hair.

catalog of haircuts, fashionable this season

Grooming "nalyso»

Clean shaved head adorns not all men - not all the shape of the skull is close to ideal.In addition, lack of hair makes a person more noticeable defects.But this hairstyle has its strengths - it absolutely does not need to care, summer hair does not "hover."Haircut "nalyso" - a forced choice for balding men (see photo below).

  • Mowing is done on dry hair.If they are too long, they are pre-shortened with scissors or clippers.
  • Next haircut made machine, starting from the back and in the direction of his forehead.
  • To trim the hair evenly, they must be cut "overlapping" (intersecting stripes).
  • knife for cutting height "nalyso" - 3 to 1 mm.
  • remaining individual hairs clipped with scissors, and vellus hair - a safety razor.

Butch "hedgehog»

Hairstyle "hedgehog" is more appropriate for men with rigid structure of hair and oval face.If the soft hair, hair shape will give a gel or mousse.Driving hairstyles as follows: on the sides and back of the head short hair, and the hair at the top, tapering subjected to, form a sort of platform.The strands are directed in different directions, which makes mowing dynamism and negligence.

Haircut "beaver»

This hairstyle is reminiscent of many hair "hedgehog" - on the sides of the hair cut short, and scalp the top of the head has a length of 40 mm.The main difference between "beaver" - site is not located on the entire top of the head, and only around the head.

Men's haircuts "playground" and "Tennis»

Hairstyle Tennis first appeared at the tennis-athletes who, not wanting to part with the head of hair, hid it under the cap.On the sides of the hair is very short, and the length of the hair at the top of the head is 50 mm.It is allowed and a large length, but in this case for shaping the hair need to use mousse or gel.

«Area" refers to the complex types of hairstyles - neatly cut hair in the form of a flat pad easy.Grooming starts with brushing the hair upward, then the side hair sheared and reduced to the bottom "under a zero."The upper hair should be cut off so that the forehead and nape hair to form a level surface.

Classic haircuts

The classic men's short haircuts are "box", "poluboks", "Canadian", "Polka", "hedgehog", "playground" and some other hairstyles.These hairstyles first appeared about 80 years ago and has already become a real "classic".

Model men's haircuts

Model hairstyle - hairstyle, created by an experienced hairdresser to suit individual anatomical features of the structure of the head and face, as well as the wishes of the client.The Model can be any hair style - from classical and elegant to extravagant haircuts "Mohawk".Master incrementally and carefully implements his plan, as a result, this model becomes a favorite hairstyle the customer, and he will wear it for years or even a lifetime.

The basis for the model is the usual haircut haircuts on short hair, a master in making hair one or more of their own elements.For example, a haircut with patterns - from above resembles a conventional "poluboks", and the sides and back of the head master shave drawing.Sometimes the master leaves on his head a strand then goes haircut "with a tail."

Great scope for imagination give the technique of "jagged haircut."Master razor cuts the hair so that it seems as if the hair cut short.Haircut "ladder" will give a shock of hair volume.Driving its performance: the master cuts hair to locks that are processed from the neck down and were longer than one another."Cascade" is different from the "ladder" so that the transition is not smooth strands and sharp.

Men's haircut with shaved temples

Such hairstyles until recently were a sign of music lovers in the "punk" style.But fashion is changing, and increasingly in the streets there are men with shaven temples.The basis for any hairstyle is short haircut - you just shaved temples and a powerful charge of creative assured.

Tips stylists

  • Short haircuts fit strong-willed, strong and energetic men, their age does not matter.
  • Most of all, they are suitable for men with a round face, and often pick up stylists recommend hairstyles with short hair on the sides, and extra long on top.If a person or an elongated oval, it is better to make another hairstyle.Bangs are not always suitable for men with an elongated face.
  • If a teenager is important to stand out and find their own original stylish image with catchy hairstyle with asymmetry, then the older men that option may not be suitable.Characteristics of youth hairstyles - deliberately sloppy appearance, catchiness and even shocking.
  • Do not hesitate to give instructions to the hairdressers - in many cases they are related to his work "carelessly".Your appearance in your hands!

If you, dear readers, can share other short haircuts for men, leave your comments and feedback.Also see the video tutorial, in which an experienced barber tells about the creation of man's short haircut.