How to take a loan from Sberbank

People living in the present time, got a great chance to get a bank loan and order means the way he wants.Previously, trying to make a big purchase, or to open your own business, it was necessary to save money for years or borrow it from friends.Now just need to know how to take a loan from Sberbank.If you choose the right loan program and complete the documents that over time will become full owner of the amount needed.All the features of this process are disclosed below.

What gives loans Sberbank

Before you issue the credit in the Savings Bank, it is necessary to choose the most suitable type.It is worth noting that the organization offers many different loan programs for ordinary people and for companies, firms.Loans can be targeted with or without him, urgent or routine - for each type will be different interest rates.An ordinary person is difficult to determine how much credit will be the most beneficial for him, so you should find out more about each option.


People who do not have enough money, can get money for various needs: purchase of equipment, housing, car.For registration of certain types of loans they did not even have to leave the walls of your own home.If you do not know how to take the credit in the Savings Bank in the national currency, then you should just choose one of the options:

  • consumer cash;
  • mortgage;
  • car loan;
  • Express.

Consumer Cash

Consumer credit in the Savings Bank presented the following programs:

  1. without collateral.Cash without references and guarantors.Getting the money does not require collateral property of any documents other than a passport.
  2. bail nat.persons.Inviting co-signer, the customer can expect to receive a large amount of funds under the small percentage.
  3. owners NIS.Unique offer for the military and their families.
  4. For owners of private farms.
  5. Untargeted with the pledge of real estate.Savings Bank provides cash loans secured by real estate client.Dispose of money a person can at its discretion.Warranty - flat on bail.


not know how to take in the Savings Bank mortgage loan?To get started, review the following suggestions:

  1. Mortgage with state support.
  2. acquisition of finished housing.Money for those who are planning to take a residential facility in the secondary market.
  3. Purchase of housing under construction.Money for the purchase of the property, which is not yet in operation.
  4. With maternal capital.A good mortgage for a young family.The initial contribution may be a capital obtained after the birth of children.
  5. for the construction of a house.Lending to people building a private house.
  6. for suburban real estate.The money provided for the construction or purchase of cottages.
  7. Military Mortgage.Individual offer for the military.

Car Loan Savings Bank offers borrowers funds for the purchase of cars - either a new city (it does not matter whether it is domestic or foreign car model).The car will be insured by the bank against theft or receiving damage.The maximum registration period - 5 years.Car loans without down payment in Sberbank will not be able to receive.When making a large sum of money for the first payment shall be issued without the help of financial position.More details to learn about how to take in the Savings Bank loan for a car, it is better in the branches.

Credit card

Conventional and premium credit cards Visa and MasterCard with different interest rates and the limit of funds provided in the Savings Bank:

  1. «Give Life".When using this card the money will be transferred to funds to help children suffering from serious illnesses.
  2. «Aeroflot».This map will accumulate air miles, which are exchanged for rewards.
  3. card instant issuance «Momentum».It is made out in just fifteen minutes.For some time after the receipt, you can go to the ATM and withdraw money.On the map there is a grace period of interest free.
  4. Youth Card.Special offer for young and dynamic customers.


This kind of consumer loan without collateral.Anyone who has not decided which bank to take cash on the passport, it is necessary to boldly go to Sberbank.Here it is possible to obtain the sum of one and a half million rubles without collateral or surety.The decision on the application take up to two days.But if you need a sum of up to 200 thousand. P., The decision will be made in an hour.It is especially advantageous offer for those citizens who, before to take in the Savings Bank term loan, become customers and draw up the salary card.


Individual entrepreneurs and companies often take out loans in Russia to open or expand a business, purchase of equipment, office equipment, start new promising projects.It is difficult to imagine a company that has enough personal funds to support the activities.Sberbank supports their initiatives and offers very favorable conditions for obtaining money.

No deposit

Savings Bank provides loans to enterprises earmarked "Trust" and "Business Trust" in the amount of up to three million rubles.Money is issued three years at 19.5%, or at 4% at 19 years."Trust" is provided without guarantee and for the loan "Business Trust" is one of the company owner must address the guarantor.It does not apply to stand-alone businesses, consumer associations and agricultural cooperatives.

For the purchase of cars and real estate

following programs are implemented in the Savings Bank:

  1. «Business-Auto".Money for the purchase of a new or used vehicle for business needs.Very favorable car loan without a down payment.
  2. «Business property".The money granted for the acquisition of commercial real estate.
  3. «Express-mortgage".Mortgage lending for entrepreneurs, in which the application shall be considered as soon as possible.


called refinancing loan to cover the remaining debt to another banking organization.Through his production of the company can get the money in the Savings Bank on very favorable conditions and to settle with its creditors the same.It helps to work efficiently and not get bogged down in debt.Refinancing is very important, because virtually all businesses are loans in different banks for a particular purpose.


  1. «Business Turnover".The ability to refinance loans, designed primarily for the purchase of plant and equipment or modernization.
  2. «Business-Invest".Refinancing of loans for current repairs of assets.
  3. «Business Real Estate."Refinancing of loans that were obtained to buy commercial real estate.

For small businesses

Sberbank participates in a program to stimulate lending to small and medium-sized businesses.Its purpose - to offer credit facilities to businessmen on favorable terms in rubles and dollars.In the framework of the Savings Bank offers its customers the money to buy assets, modernization, reconstruction, start new projects, and many other purposes.With this program, representatives of the business segments receive all the necessary conditions for long-term development.

Interest rate 2015

Consumer loans:

  • Savings: from 14.6% to 22.6% depending on the availability of security;
  • VTB24: from 17% to 19%;
  • Home Credit: 20%.
  • Agricultural Bank from 14.5% to 18.5%.


  • Savings: from 11.4% to 13.5%;
  • VTB 24: from 12% to 14.5%;
  • Home Credit: not available;
  • Rosselkhozbank, from 7% to 13.5%.

Credit cards:

  • Savings: 26% to 34%;
  • VTB 24: 26%;
  • Home Credit: from 29.9% to 48.9%;
  • Agricultural Bank from 21.9%.

Summing up, it is worth noting that to compete in terms of more favorable terms with Sberbank can only Rosselkhozbank - and mortgage and credit card offers a lower interest rate.The rest of the banking organizations do not offer such favorable conditions, as Sberbank.If you take credit Rosselkhozbank, the overpayment will not be so big if we take the credit in VTB 24, the interest on any of the categories will be higher than Sberbank offers.

Credit calculator

have users on the network has a very convenient opportunity to get your credit in the Savings Bank.To this end, it is only necessary to use a special loan calculator.The program will calculate the amount of the monthly payment and the total overpayment amount to the payment schedule.Consumer loan calculator, you will find the link http: // / ru / person / credits / money / consumer_unsecured.To calculate consumer credit, it is necessary to fill out a form.There entered the amount, term, type of payment and personal data with the size of their income.

To calculate a mortgage loan from Sberbank, need another calculator.This is due to the fact that credit conditions here are quite different.Mortgage calculator can be found here: http: // / ru / person / promo / credits / igp.To use it, you can enter into a special form of the value of the property, the loan amount and the first installment lending period, your personal information and some other information.

conditions in bank lending sure to have Russian citizenship and permanent residence in order to write an application for a loan from Sberbank.In other respects, the conditions depend on the type of a product and the amount that would be welcome.Money can be granted to borrowers with a permanent place of work without him.There are options in which to confirm their income is not necessary.Some loans are offered without collateral.If the client receives a salary or a pension on the card Savings Bank, he can count on certain benefits.

To give Sberbank loan

for representatives of each category of citizens have different requirements for the loan.The first thing to do to someone who does not understand how to take the credit in the Savings Bank is to examine every detail of the conditions.Otherwise, this person is at risk in vain spend time gathering documents and information which may be unnecessary.Let's find out how to get a loan from Sberbank.


loan from Sberbank for seniors can be with or without surety.Man must reach retirement age at the time of issuance of the loan, rather than at the time of full repayment.Maximum age at the date of full repayment of the loan is 65 years, according to the program without the guarantee and 75 years with him.If people receive a pension designed to Sberbank card, it will be offered preferential terms.The pensioner must have collateral and have an impeccable credit history.

For a young family

Many young families do not know how to take a loan from Sberbank.This category rank those families in which the husband or wife yet 35 years old.They should be no more than one child.The interest rate is equal to 12.5% ​​per year, and the entry fee can be from 15%.The maximum loan term is 30 years, to confirm their income and employment documents is not required.In addition, young families can participate in many other mortgage programs.

unemployed student training

This loan is available in such circumstances:

  • amount - up to 100% of the cost of tuition fees;
  • interest rate - 7.05%;
  • period - the period of study + 10 years.

loan can get young people over 14 years old to receive educational services in secondary and higher professional schools.A student can choose any form of education - the stationary or correspondence.No collateral loan or mandatory insurance is not provided in a similar situation.It must be enrolled in an educational institution, whose activities are licensed and carried out by agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Savings Bank.

maternity leave

Expectant mothers often require additional funds, because they will have plenty of additional costs, and how to take a consumer credit in the Savings Bank, they do not understand.They have two options for obtaining credit.The first - is to take a loan without collateral, for which it is not necessary to bring the work to an income statement.Too large sum on such a loan will not get.The second option - to get credit for their working spouse.

without inquiries on incomes

Many people, such as unemployed, is very concerned about how we can take the credit in the Savings Bank, without confirming their income documents.There are two options:

  1. Credit bail.This loan is granted to people older than 18 years, which in the past 5 years have worked at least one year.In this company we must work from six months.It is necessary to guarantee a working citizen of Russia, who can attest to their income documents.
  2. without collateral.Available to citizens 18 years of age, who work at the current location for six months, and for the next five years have a year of general work experience.For registration need only a passport and an application questionnaire, no other documents.In such circumstances, and credit cards are issued.


There are some options:

  1. Consumer credit for participants accumulating mortgage system (NIS).When the amount of over half a million will require surety.The borrower must participate in the NIS and submit a credit application for the product "Military Mortgage", which is issued to persons over 21 years.
  2. Military Mortgage.Providing military over 21 years, NIS participants.Issued for 15 years, provided that at maturity to the holder of funds is not yet 45 years old.An additional condition for - the provision of a certificate of right party accumulating mortgage system of housing for military to target housing loan.

With tainted credit history

If a person has a bad credit history, it does not mean that he was not under any circumstances will not give the nod to a loan.If the amount is small, it is necessary to provide proof of income and a stable formal employment.If the loan amount is high, it is best to take him on bail officially running third party.In this case the guarantor shall confirm their employment and material well-being.He must certainly be a positive credit history.

Under the maternity capital

Sberbank offered preferential mortgage terms for maternity capital.To obtain such a loan it is necessary to provide a certificate of the state sample on family capital, and even a certificate from the Pension Fund of the balance of the parent capital.The mother should be sure to act as a full or partial ownership of property, to confirm their employment and income.

What documents are required for registration

Required list of documents for all types of loans to individuals:

  1. application to the bank.The special profile, which made personal details of the applicant for a loan.
  2. passport of a citizen of Russia.There have to be designated a place of permanent residence.At the time of registration you need to bring additional document.
  3. FAQ about the material condition.This may be a 2-PIT or document from the billing department.
  4. copy of all pages of the work book with assurance of the director.