How to repost in instagram

Beautiful pictures and interesting photos appear in the tapes Instagram users regularly.Sometimes there is a desire to place anything from images of friends and in their stream.The action can be run on any device, even if the hand is not a computer.There are basic rules of how to repost instagrame quickly and easily from any device.It will have to learn how to take screenshots or install customized applications.

What to repost Instagram

Placing other posts in their news section called "repost".Run it instagrame get only from the official version.When using third-party resources automatically "pick up" the image to yourself will not work.The function is not provided in the film - there is no such button.However, there are ways to make repost in instagram:

  • through special applications;
  • keeping the page image in the form of screenshots.

Each of the above options has advantages and disadvantages.If a special application on the photo will remain human nickname, which was copied by rec

ording the name of the installed program.This may spoil the visual image.But this method is very easy to move photos, everything happens in a single click.It is important to only select the original application that works without a glitch.

Create screenshots - a complex mechanism.Originally it defined as doing it on the specific equipment: the process on different devices may be different.Picture is cut, remove the surrounding inscription in the photo editor.After that, the image is placed in your stream.A big plus - it will not be extra characters or words, which detracts from the appearance of valuable frame.The process involves a variety of activities that will take no more than a couple of minutes as a whole.

How to repost photos in Instagrame

understand how census in instagram photo on one device, it is easy to learn it on different gadgets.The process is very similar to iOS, Android and Windows phone.The algorithm does not perform actions on different smartphone, tablet or laptop.Creators of the social networking and special programs have tried to make the job easy application.If you change your phone or operating system does not have to re-adjust and figure out how to make a repost instagram in a different way.


phone as a census instagram video from your phone without foreign programs?First, make a screenshot of the image you liked.For each phone model, this function is described in the instructions to the gadget.There are several standard options:

  • simultaneously pressing 'home' button and on / off:
  • Clip Volume Down buttons on and off for 2-3 seconds;
  • simultaneous use of "home" team and the "back".

defined the possible option to be found image in the folder with the photos.It immediately spread to instagram or in the process cut the unnecessary edges.Options popular social networks allow a process of "tuning" picture in seconds.It is recommended to reduce the image so as not to be seen comments and signatures of the last author.Optionally indicate a link or information on the source image.

on Android

Understand how repostnut in instagrame on Android, it is easy.The easiest way to install a special application, for example from Google play.To enter the search queries "to repost instagrama» or «repost for instagram».This will bring some tens of different programs.Most of them are free, take up little space and does not slow down the operation of the device.Choose those that have a maximum rating.

must be installed after the application.If done correctly, browsing the tape instagrama, under each photo you will see a special button "Repostnut".In the corner of the image will remain contact the author who posted this picture for the first time.There will also be the name of the program, which has helped keep the photo.By pressing one button you will be automatically added to your account tape image.


computer figure out how to repost video instragrame or copy images to your device with the accounts of other users, too easy.Use the special programs for Android.Applications exist for Windows and Linux.Instarepost with their help made a couple of seconds - by pressing a single button.Works and method with screenshots:

  1. on the computer to create a snapshot of the desktop one key - PrtSc.
  2. After pressing enter in an image editor.It is recommended to use the most simple - for example, Paint.
  3. click "Paste" icon in the program editor.
  4. You can then edit the image, trim excess.
  5. When the photo is ready, it's time to save, and then simply place in your stream.

As repost video

Instarepost pictures does not differ from repost the video.Write a user simply moves to another belt holder account in the social network.As repost video instagrame differently?Make it with the help of a screenshot will not work: you have to install the program or that moves the video or download video to their device, and then place it on the network.Upload videos from your phone or computer by means of special programs for iOS, Android or Windows.Download videos only when a fast internet speed and the low pay for the traffic.

Video: How to make a repost Insta text

With devices from Apple repost photos and videos instagrame simple - it is almost the same as with Android.The necessary applications are downloaded in the App Store.Most developers create programs for different systems - the list is almost the same as in Google Play.It is necessary to select the program, install it on your smartphone, enter your username and password from the social network, and then use all the features.See instructions on how to make a repost to instagram with the text in the video: