Names for girls

choosing a name for the daughter, parents are guided by different factors, including the memory of a loved one, unusual sound, its hidden meaning.Any names bear certain information, which after birth may influence their media, creating special habits, outlook and character.Also, before you call the girl, you need to associate with a variety of patronymic and say rumor, analyzed the overall sound.Talk to your family, thus you will find collective opinion.

What do you call a girl

If you are interested in names for girls, think about, and whether your selection baby suit.Important value of its social acceptance.The child is to live among people as they react to the elaborate exotic option?Every fine, but in its own way, in a particular place and every nationality.

would be inappropriate to use the Arabic name for the blonde girl, who lives in the European territory, even if it is very beautiful, melodious and unusual.It is better to stay at polynational version, which you can pick up for

a directory.And if you have girl twins, the search becomes much harder.In such cases it is advisable to call the baby consonant option with the name of her second child: Xenia and Semyon, Olga and Oleg, Masha and Misha.

gaining popularity pretty twin girls names Anna Maria, Sophia Victoria, Olga, Anastasia.This happens because the parents can not decide on one option.Sometimes mothers feel that it will give the baby a pair of guardian angels at once.Psychologists say that these girls can begin to lead a double life.To avoid this, the child is given a name, which is registered in the registry office, the second - in baptism.

Choosing a name for a girl in the Orthodox Church calendar

Orthodox names have different origins - Hebrew, Greek, Latin.This is due to the fact that the Byzantines 'harvested' all the options found them.The church calendar includes Scandinavian - Olga, Common Slavonic - Bogdan, old Germanic - Henrietta.Lately it has become fashionable to call her daughter's calendar.To pick up your option for a girl needs a complete church calendar, which marked the holy name day on a specific date each month.Here is an example of a few options for Christmastide:

  • January girls named: Anastasia Ulyanov, Eugene, Maries, Tatiana, Eves, Alice, Pauline.
  • the February: Zoyami, Xenia, Annami, Svetlana, Valentino, Agniyami, Innami.
  • March: Antonini, Marin, Margarito, Anastasia, Kirami, Galina, Ulyanov, Valerie, Daryami.
  • 's April: Annami, Daryami, Alexandria, Allami, Larissa, Eves, nicknames, Sofyami, Olga, Irina, Lidiyami, Tamara.
  • LR: Elizabeth, Maries, Thais, Yuliyami, Zoyami, Irina, Faina.
  • the June Alain, Sofyami, Elena Innami, Annami.
  • the July: Angelina Innami, Irina, Zhannami, Julian, Olga, Valentino, Yuliyami, Rima, Veronica.
  • the August: Maries, Magdalene, Svetlana, Milena, Nonnami, Olympics, Ulyanov, Eves, Daryami.
  • the September: MAIL, Natalia, Vasilis, Milenov, Ulyanov.
  • Oktyabrskie: Ariadne, Irina, Sofyami, Evlampiev, Pelagia, Marianne, Veronica, Zinaida.
  • the November: Allen, Elizabeth, Elena, Natalia, Valerie.
  • the December: Angelina, Catherine, MAIL, Olga, Barbarians, Annami.

Names girls by month for 2016 and 2016

popular names changed every year.Fashionable in one season, it becomes irrelevant in another.In the current season 2016-2016 major changes have occurred.Let's look at the Slavic fashion options for months.December recommend girls called Catherine, Olga, Barbara, Marina.For those born in January are relevant Anastasia, Tatiana, Nina, Claudia, Eugene;in February - Mary, Anne, Evdokia, Svetlana, Zoe.

Spring girls differs cheerfulness, lively character pick up serious names, balancing their activity.Girls born in March recommended to call Kirami, Margarita, Regina.For the April babies fit Christina, Taisiya, Tamara, Olga, in May - Antonina, Valeria Sofia.Summer girly feminine and have a unique ability to please others.The June call beautiful Ulyana, Aliona, Mary.

born in July - Joan, Julia, Elena.Augustów maiden anoint Anna Seraphim, Valentina, Olga and Milena.Autumn born practical and purposeful lady.September girls this season called Hope, MAIL, faiths.In October prefer Veronica, Zlata, Anna, in November - Evrosine, Natalia, Alena, Olga.

Beautiful and rare Russian names for girls

In Russia in ancient times girls anoint to protect from evil spirits and evil deeds.To form the names of words denoting animals, plants.They were much like nicknames.After the Baptism of Russia women began narekat girls personal names.Then came the majority of options that are accepted at the moment relate to modern and rare.They reflected a religious character, because girls anoint during baptism.The interesting thing is that in those days the names divided into aristocratic and peasant.The most beautiful, come down to us are:

  • Zlata.
  • Anna.
  • Olga.
  • Seraphim.
  • Vasilisa.
  • Angelina.
  • Uliana.
  • Nelly.
  • Augustus.
  • Anfisa.
  • Paul.
  • Alice.

list of the most popular women's names and their meanings

in Russia in the list of popular names for girls included old and new versions.To make the right choice for the girls need not only to relate them to the ear, but also to know its history and meaning.From this it depends largely on the fate of the baby.It is necessary to avoid the fun, too original.Let's look at the meaning of the most popular names for newborn girls, according to the dictionary.Let's start with the letter "A", and then in alphabetical order:

  • Arina - quiet.
  • Anna Hebrew "grace."
  • Valentine old Russian with - healthy.
  • Valeria - strong.
  • Victoria with Old Slavonic - "victory".
  • Galina - quiet.
  • Daria - winner.
  • Diana after the Roman goddess.
  • Ekaterina from Old - immaculate.
  • Elena - sunny.
  • Elizabeth with old Russian - revering God.
  • Jeanne - the gift of God.
  • Irina - world.
  • Xenia with old Russian - a stranger.
  • Christina - consecrated.
  • Cyrus - Ms.
  • Mary and Old Russian - bitter.
  • Olga - holy.
  • Polina - smart, beautiful.
  • Seraphim, which came from the Hebrew - mobile.
  • Julia - a gentle, affectionate.

Top modern foreign names for girls rated 2016

Rating includes the following modern names of the girls: Eastern Azerbaijani, Turkish, Kazakh, Uzbek, Bashkir, Asian, Kyrgyz, Georgian, European, Belarusian, Moldovan and even foreign PolishGerman, American and British.Let us consider the most interesting, unusual and interesting options for babies of different nationalities and cultures.Muslim, Islamic names come from the Turkic culture, some of them taken from the Koran.Among them, the famous Arab - Zuhra, and Aliya Latif;Persian - Gulnara, Dilara, Firuza and Jasmina.

With the spread of Islamic culture popular among the Eastern nations have become - Zainab, Asia, Fatima, famous for the Islamic sacred texts.Uzbek babes get names, whose roots go deep into the history of Islam: Asmir translated as "the most feminine and beautiful princess."Guldast - "bouquet".Dinorah - "gold coin".Zuhra - "beautiful".Farhunda - "happy".Tatar girls called Lyutsiyami, Albina, Roses.Popular - Aisha, Vazih, Bella, Nadia.According to statistics, the most common of the Crimean Tatar girl's name - Alina.

Girls Kazakh nationality receive Alia names Assia, Asem, Bibigul, Botagoz, Gulmira.Caucasian peoples professing the Christian Catholic faith, call their subsidiaries, in accordance with the desired qualities and with meaning.So Armenian girls anoint: Amalia - clean, Azniv - honest, Azatuhi - freedom-loving, Gayane - the keeper of the house.In European versions ranking leaders Alain and Valeria Cyrus.In Moldova, baby girls called Yaroslav Sofyami, and among the non-traditional names and leading Luna Soare.

Video Tips: How to choose a baby name

Baby Names - the whole problem.For information on how to find a suitable, beautiful and at the same time a rare variant tells Olga Gorelova, lecturer in Russian language FESUH.In her words, every name - not just some kind of combination of letters and sounds, this is the history of man.From the moment the child is born, and will acquire the name, it begins its journey.When choosing a name, you must pay attention to the ease of pronunciation, interpretation and combination with the middle name.In addition, you can learn from our story video, how not to call her baby.