How to reset the phone android

the world market among the mobile significant share of the smartphone, and phone accounts for a significant part of.Reaching the level of record sales, these stylish and comfortable gadgets may eventually begin to function properly, causing the user's concern.Most modern mobile gadgets running on Android operating system, and if there are failures, it is time to think about the update and how to re-install Android on your phone?

Why update the operating system Android

The need to monitor the new OS versions for mobile devices due to the specifics of his work.To the smart phone or mobile phone to function smoothly, maintain a high level of performance, it is required to periodically update the operating system, but it is not the same as the PC or laptop.Android OS is improving all the time, developers are trying to improve its performance and increase functionality, so from time to time your gadget needs to be optimized to make it work more convenient.

Can I reinstall Android

Some manufacturers equip their products with additional unnecessary features, which leads to slow the Android, and after some time cease to support the upgrade.But without new firmware versions smartphone, mobile phone, tablet begins to "slow down!"To favorite device worked without a glitch, it was only necessary software, it is necessary to resort to radical least - reinstall the operating system.

  • On the smartphone Samsung Galaxy optimized version of the OS to get through the system itself, by going to "Settings".If you check in "Auto-update" line, then in the future the device will do this automatically.Sew and turn the device through Samsung Kies (iTunes like) the official program, and to use only after the expiry of the warranty period it is recommended to reinstall the system third-party resources.
  • phone Fly On newer versions of Android users are not available, an exception - it is some system applications.Only a few years ago, the manufacturer has provided the possibility of updating and reinstalling the most popular operating system for its smartphones, but only the version above 4.h.h.on devices with a processor MediaTek.
  • On Sony Xperia reinstall the operating system will, subject to certain features.On the Internet to find Bridgefor PC Companion or UpdateServic, downloaded from the software on a laptop or PC, and follow the instructions, waiting for installing the new version.
  • The Lenovo Android updates are available through the official website, manually reinstall available to all owners of mobile devices from this manufacturer in the presence of a computer.Method firmware phone, smart phone or any other device under the brand Lenovo depends on the processor architecture, so you need to read the manual, which contains the procedure for your particular device.
  • On HTC optimization will be done through the OS itself or the official website of the manufacturer, and for a complete reinstallation of the system requires a computer, knowledge of the characteristics recovery program (rekaveri), the availability of drivers, and some free time.
  • In Chinese Android phone will reinstall the program through the Research Download or SP Flash Tool.The peculiarity of this category of gadget - lack of «boot» sector, although there are exceptions, so it is necessary to remain vigilant in piercing.If knowledge or experience is not enough in this matter, it is better to give up the idea to reinstall the operating system on their own.

Preparing for reinstallation of the operating system

reinstall the operating system you can in different ways: via the device itself, ODIN's program, thanks to the connection to the PC, with the help of a specialist.If you are confident in their own abilities, the preparatory phase of an independent method includes the following items:

  1. study of mobile phone instructions, which contains useful tips.
  2. Familiarity with the course of action when you reinstall the operating system, storage algorithm.
  3. Preparation of the necessary equipment, the availability of relevant drivers, software, firmware itself.
  4. Backup existing files, so as not to lose them in the process of reinstalling.Restore data will not work even in the BIOS.
  5. obligatory point of preparation for the firmware of many devices is the fact that it is fully charged.

How to update the firmware on their own Android

There are several options for flashing, which can make the user, without the need for external support professionals.Having dealt in simple operation, you can update your device and enjoy all of its features at the right level without any problems.So, automatic and manual operation of the system upgrade: read and try!

Automatic resetting

Configure automatic OS firmware optimization succeed simply by following this procedure instructions:

  1. Check connection to the Internet, go to "Settings" section, paragraphAuto Update to install check.
  2. to mobile phone operating system updated automatically or through operator traffic, over a wireless connection Wi-Fi, you must activate this option in the settings.

update manually via the computer

more time-consuming and requires a serious approach to the process - this update manually using the laptop or computer.The user has a good understanding of this issue, because it affects the further work of the mobile phone, as it does not rule out the possibility that it just does not turn on.For those who are confident in their abilities, it is necessary to adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Check your gadget to be able to update, since there is a possibility that it generally is not available for devices based on Android version 2.3.
  2. Download the firmware that is suitable for a particular phone, from the official website or Market'e Play (Play Market) on the computer.
  3. Open on PC software updates, and follow the instructions to run it.
  4. Connect your mobile device to your computer using the USB-wire, to accept the request to install the update.
  5. She completion restart the phone to fully perform the update manually.

Videotutorial phone firmware to Android

Not every detailed instructions can serve as the basis for the phone firmware to Android, the best assistant - the video.Topical this option is due to the clarity, useful recommendations, the need for which arises in almost every step, especially if the user has to do it the first time.With the presented video master reinstallation of the operating system will quickly and easily, which will accelerate the process of renovation, learn about different methods of its implementation, and intricacies of frequent errors.