The richest man in the world in 2016

in March 2016 was published an annual ranking of billionaires.1 place for 16 times in 21 years took the American Bill Gates, who regained the lead since last year after several years of the championship Carlos Slim Ella - Mexican tycoon telecommunications.Earlier, the state of the computer genius was focused only on Microsoft's own corporation, but the last 15 years, businessman gradually reduce the share of the company's shares to charity.

The richest man in the world - Forbes 2016 ranking

At the top of Forbes magazine, Bill Gates does not always occupy the top position.The richest man in the world from time to time subjected to incredible falls, for example, about 12 million dollars were lost in April 2000, which was hit hard by capital computer segment genius: the cause of loss was the decline of Microsoft stock.But it is not only the capital loss of the rich, he can recall about a dozen large losses, and if we add other unsuccessful business projects, the ascent of the world's richest man on Oly

mpus will not seem easy.

biography of Bill Gates

future genius was born in Seattle October 28, 1955 in a family of well-known lawyer.His grandfather was the president of a national bank, and the great-grandfather - the mayor of the city.Little Bill grew up shy and uncommunicative boy, who was not interested in the game and the company of peers, causing concern of parents.No one at that time did not think that the child is able to change the world.But an experienced psychologist could see behind closed child strong character and hastened to reassure the father and the boy's mother.

Gradually, Bill Gates began to show the unique mathematical ability, and his first computer program written in a rich heir to 15 years.It was a project of traffic control, where the programmer has earned the first 20 thousand dollars.Following his family tradition, seventeen wealthy heir went to study at Harvard to counsel.Although uncommunicative character does not contribute to the promotion of the profession, quit school student did not dare.

only after 2 years, when Gates saw in the magazine "Popular Electronics" photos of the first computer that was created for the masses, the future entrepreneur realized that he had the unique chance.Computer Market was born on the eyes, so the world needed a new software than not failed to take advantage of computer genius.The richest man of today has created and sold the company MITS program code, and then in 1975, Microsoft was born, which for 40 years brings new trends in the global computer market.

How to live the richest man in the world

The richest man in the world is spending huge amounts of money to combat disease, poverty, support education.But the state of a computer genius is increasing, so the billionaire could afford to live luxuriously.The house is rich programmer located on the shores of Lake Washington near Seattle.Bill bought the mansion for $ 2 million spent on its reconstruction of over 63 million and 7 years of life.Now this house is estimated at 147.5 million dollars.

House's richest man - is the automation of wonders, because it established a system of regulating lighting, temperature, music that react to microchips.Each room billionaire home, which includes people with a microchip, adjusts his desires: the guest can watch your favorite movie, listen to your favorite song or ask for themselves the optimum air temperature.

the world's richest man and the owner of the state loves boats, cars, play bridge and poker.In the billionaire maniacal passion for competition, which is reflected on an incredible performance.But on the personal life of Bill Gates this passion is not displayed - the computer genius of a happy family man.For more than 40 years, he is married to one woman - Melinda French, a former employee of Microsoft, and has three children.

Status Bill Gates

To date, the state of the world's richest man and owner of the company exceeds 79 billion dollars.Compared to last year, a computer genius got rich by another 3.2 billion, and that's not taking into account the fact that the rich man has invested 1.5 billion dollars to a charity of his wife Melinda.Every year, Gates state increased by 5.3% due to the interest paid by banks for the deposit of cash rich genius.

's richest man in 2016 unofficially

Bill Gates as the richest man in the world in the lead, even according to unofficial sources.Computer Whiz earned the respect of people around the world for having made his fortune in oil and gas, and use their own brains.Billionaire never succumb to difficulties, not afraid to defend the interests of his company, to take risks and mercilessly fights with competitors.But everybody loves a winner, and victory there - Now Microsoft products installed on 90% of computers worldwide.

Bill Gates earned his wealth and state, it is one of the greatest men of our time.This man created a corporation that in 40 years much has changed the face of the world, and some e-mail subject will reveal to us the computer genius tomorrow - we can only guess.Billionaire claims that in the next decade computers of different types of change our lives even more.And we believe it, because this computer genius is still the master of the world's information, and even when life has become history.

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