Making baby

family, in which the newly born child, the last to want to do the paperwork.However, this aspect can not be ignored.For 30 days after the birth of a baby to visit bodies of civil registration.Here it is necessary to register the fact of replenishment of the family.If time does not perform the registration of the child, the parents brought to administrative responsibility, and will be obliged to pay a fine.Without a birth certificate, the young mother did not be able to collect benefits.

What documents are required for registration of a newborn

To become a full-fledged citizen of Russia, a child needs to issue a series of mandatory documents.To this end, parents should put together a package of papers and to submit to certain government bodies.In the future, this will allow your child to use some state benefits and have legal rights.What documents are needed and where to apply for registration of their parents?

The maternity hospital

  1. Help the child's birth.The official paper issue
    d by the maternity hospital as a proof that the baby was born a particular woman.The paper states: where, when, what sex the baby was born, who took delivery.This certificate is valid only 30 days after issuance.The document required for registration of a birth certificate and a baby one-time financial assistance.
  2. exchange card mothers.Newly minted mom will be given sheets №2 and 3, which contain information about her health condition and comprehensive information about how the birth, data on the physiological characteristics of a newborn (height, weight, assessment of the state), the fact of the TB vaccine, others.Second page refers to the gynecologist, and the third is invested in the health of the newborn card.
  3. third coupon generic certificate.Parents need only annex to the document, which is to give the children's clinic.

for birth certificates

to confirm the birth of the baby, officially to name and identify the parents on statutory regulations require child registration in the registry office.A document issued by the body and contains information about the newborn, his father and his mother - a birth certificate.A special form is filled with typographical method in the stamp paper.The certificate has a series, individual number and refers to the list of documents of strict accountability.When filling out the paper in the book of acts of civil status is the appropriate note.What

provided Deadline?Parents should contact the state agency, not later than one month after the baby's birth.You can visit any nearest registry office: the place of residence or the kid on your registration.Making the baby, who was born outside the borders of the Russian Federation, held consular offices.If a parent is unable to visit the registry office for the registration of a baby, it may perform trustee, having with a document proving his powers.

For registration in the registry office of the child the necessary papers are:

  • marriage certificate (if their parents);
  • parents' passports or other identity documents;
  • issued by the maternity hospital certificate of birth;
  • statement toddler registration (to be completed on the spot).

Parents should decide on the name and surname of the child.If between the father and the mother of a newborn is no agreement on these issues in the book of the Acts of an entry indicating the guardianship authority, which previously had to contact the parents.In the case where the mother and father are not married, at the request of a woman writing a birth certificate can not contain data about the other parent.Workers registrar must issue a certificate of birth, which is required for the registration of social benefits for the child.

To put on a waiting list to kindergarten

The baby was included in the general waiting list, should visit the authorized body (Commission for the acquisition of pre-school institutions), located at the place of your residence.As a general rule, the Commission based itself in kindergartens or schools and take a few hours per day.Outside the queue preschool institutions admit privileged citizens (children from single-parent or large families, disabled, etc.).Registration in the garden requires submitting the following documents:

  • passport one of the parents (preferably one who is registered in the territory next to the institution);
  • medical records (F26);
  • birth certificate;
  • paper confirming the right beneficiary.

How to get in line?On the basis of these papers handed parents notice the child's reckoning to the queue.They have the right to choose multiple gardens in reserve.Russian legislation provides for a modern method of accounting for children, called "electronic turn".For example, parents can self-apply online at pgu registration of the kindergarten child simplifies registration procedures and allows you to keep track of their own progress in the queue.

Later, when the baby will be in kindergarten, parents have the legal right to the payment of compensation for its content.To do this, the kindergarten administration requested the contract to which are attached the receipt of payments.The package of documents supplied accountants preschool, where the child goes.If accounting refuses to accept the application, it is necessary to complain Authority Social Protection.

for registration of residence of parents

When little citizen already has a birth certificate, legal representatives can do the registration of his place of residence.Russian legislation related to the residence permit, has undergone significant changes - now there is only a temporary registration (apartment / house in which live at the moment) and a constant (in the community).To attach the child to a specific housing needs such documents:

  • birth certificate;
  • passports legal representatives.

These papers served to the housing office district where the child will be registered.Employees of institutions make information on certain cards and the house register.Make a baby may residence of either parent (if he is the official representative of the child).Under current law, to infuse the minor to his parents, no permission from the rest of the family is required.

For policy of compulsory health insurance

MHI policy issued to all insured medical organization for Russian citizens.It provides that an insurer to the insured person is obliged to organize medical care and carry out payments associated with it.The volume and types of medical care are determined by the program of compulsory medical insurance.The insurance policy shall have effect in any city of Russia and other countries with which the Russian Federation signed an agreement.

How to pay for MHI policy and where to get it?Child Registration can be done by any private insurance company.However, the production of CHI policy is a requirement.Documents needed:

  • birth certificate;
  • parent's passport with the same registration of that child.

Paper issued at the place of residence of the child in special areas of registration of insurance documents.As a rule, they are based clinics.MHI policy gives little citizen of the Russian Federation the right to receive most types of medical care free of charge on the basis of public hospitals and clinics.The price of the document is not assigned, because the paper is free.

To obtain Russian citizenship

baby Making citizenship rests with one or both parents (or legal guardian).To do this, have a permanent record and seek to prove this document in the Federal Migration Service Department.Also extracts from the house, which is taken in ZhEKe for registration of citizenship should bring the application form (sample is to ask directly from the migration service employees).Other documents that will be required to obtain citizenship of the child is:

  • birth certificate;
  • applicants' documents (the passport of parents / Representative).

application for citizenship registration be written by hand or by machine set.Not allowed cuts, patches of abbreviations.Answers to the questions contained in the questionnaire should be deployed, and writing - legible.Living abroad application is submitted by the legal representative in the consular office in the country of residence territory.

procedure for obtaining financial assistance at birth

new parents have the right to receive a monthly allowance to care for the baby and one-time assistance after his birth.The amount of a lump sum equal to 6,000 rubles (regional payments can be added to it).The exact amount necessary to specify in the Department of Social Security in your area citizens.Social assistance is obtained in the bodies of social protection of the population or on the place of work / study of one of the parents.Sometimes the family is born more than one child, whereas the allowance is paid for each separately.

To obtain financial assistance will be needed such papers:

  • certificate from the hospital of birth the baby;
  • written statement of the legal representatives;
  • certificate of employment, which confirms that the benefit was not appointed earlier (if the parents are working / studying).

List of documents for the formulation of a new sample

to open a visa to travel abroad with the child in a child should be issued a passport.Children from birth to the age of majority (18 years) document do parents.Under the current procedure, the passport for a newborn is given after handling the legal representatives of the kid in the Russian Federal Migration Service Authority.In addition, you can apply through the Internet, downloading electronic documents into a single portal.To obtain a biometric passport for the child should be:

  1. questionnaire with data about the child.
  2. passport (either parent).
  3. insert or birth certificate.
  4. Cheque payment on-state duty.

How to get to the child SNILS

snils shows that a small citizen of the Russian Federation included in the state register.From now on, he has the right of access to social programs and entitlements may use social guarantees.Thus, the campaign "Health" gives the kiddies up to 3 years, the right to receive free outpatient care and drug coverage.

SNILS Where can I get?Registration document is not made through the portal of public services, but only in the Pension Fund.How to make a child SNILS?For the issuance of the insurance numbers baby's parents fed documents containing:

  • statement on Form ADV-1;
  • pension insurance certificate (issued to employees of the Pension Fund)
  • passport applicant parent;
  • passport of the child recipient (if under 14 years) or a birth certificate.

Video: What You Need for Your children

school legal representatives of children allowed to choose educational institutions without permission.In the first class may come from kids 6.5 years.To do this, parents and child need to visit the Office of Education.Reception children going without any selection.Enroll in school may apply in person to the administration of the institution or using e-services.After watching the video, you will learn how the registration of children to school.