How to choose a backpack for a first grader

first of September - a holiday for all students.Especially volnitelen and happy this day for the first-graders and their parents.Preparing for a hike in school begins well before the first of September.You need to purchase school supplies, accessories, shape.If the choice of the form dictated by the requirements of the school, the choice of the backpack - is voluntary.The main question remains: how to choose a backpack for a first grader?

seniors because of their age and independence can resolve this issue without the help of parents (to choose a backpack or bag with a flexible or rigid bottom, made of nylon, canvas or leather), but kids can not do it.

How to choose the right backpack grader

to choose the right backpack for a first grader, you must consider several key factors: size, weight, anatomical shape, design, fit, durability, practicality, quality of materials used and their safety (see photo.).

When buying a backpack to choose the option which will be as comfortable as a child

.Determine this is possible, examples and carefully considered several different models.

children when choosing a backpack, primarily guided by its exterior.First-graders prefer bright model, featuring favorite cartoon characters and original.Parents also pay more attention to safety accessories, and buy products that meet their needs completely.

more detailed look into the issue of how to choose backpacks for first-graders, you can by watching video:

Orthopedic back backpack

buying a backpack for a first grader, you must choose accessory with Prosthetic (anatomical) back.Anatomic backrest is a rigid frame, which is covered with a porous soft material and has the form of relief bends.

Using models with anatomical backrest ensures the formation of the child's correct posture minimizes pressure on the spine and promotes the correct and uniform distribution of weight (to avoid any scoliosis).These advantages are important for this thing.Therefore, if the financial capabilities allow - it is better to buy an orthopedic backpack.

Easy school backpack

purchasing a backpack, even an expensive and anatomical backrest, orthopedic doctors strongly recommend carefully to make sure that the content by weight does not exceed 10% of the child's body weight.Otherwise, this may adversely affect the health of the child - lead to curvature of the spine, pain in the shoulders and waist, posture violation.

Babies sometimes in the first class has to carry on his studies a lot of textbooks, notebooks, various offices, making a total of sometimes reaches about 2 - 3 kg.This complete, full of things to be heavy backpack.Therefore, the backpack itself should be as light as possible.According to the recommendations of experts, in the normal weight of the empty backpack should be between 800 grams - 1.5 kg.

strength materials backpack

When you select should pay attention to the material used for the production of products.The fabric should be as strong.The child will use the backpack at least 1 - 2 years, so it should as long as possible to remain intact and retain their original appearance.

  • Absolutely durable backpack is made of leather, but its value is very high.Also, for their production using denim and nylon fabric.Experts advise not to buy school bags leatherette or film.
  • Backpack should be made of waterproof material.Little student may be exposed to rain, accidentally spill juice or drop it in a puddle, but the content (textbooks and notebooks) should always be in excellent condition.Therefore, the surface of the backpack should not skip moisture, but inside (between departments) requires full air circulation.
  • should pay attention to the straps, buckles and accessories.The straps should be wide and soft, so they do not put pressure on the shoulders and evenly distribute the load across the back.Fittings, which are attached by means of straps and their adjustment takes place, must be of metal or high-quality plastics.Over time, the need to adjust the length of the straps in accordance with the growth of the child, or, depending on the garment.Because the fixing elements should be strong and firmly secured straps.

Comfort in use backpack

Using backpack should not cause any discomfort graders.It should be as easy as possible (ergonomic), light and easy to use.The child should be possible without the help of an adult, to put on and take off the backpack.

  • Satchel must fit the child for size, match the growth.Too bulky or wide models will be uncomfortable and joy from the use of a child receives.
  • Fasteners and fixings should be as convenient as possible to the baby without much effort and care could unfasten and fasten zippers and locks.If you have a solid bottom, a backpack will not sag and push the child on the lower back.Also, due to the dense bottom books and notebooks will always lie flat.

safety school backpack

choosing a backpack, do not forget that in addition to the above requirements, it must also be as secure as possible.Availability knapsack reflective marks or patches will help the child to be visible on the road or the sidewalk in the evening.

To get the maximum safe backpack, buy it is in specialized stores and preferable to choose a firm that has worked well.

Equipment backpack for a first grader

Backpacks for first-graders are sold as accessories with or without.As a rule, backpack includes a complete set of first-graders to further pencil case, stationery required for the first time, a thermos (which fits both in the inner and outer side of the pocket).Completion and content, parents can choose yourself, to your taste, and based on the financial situation.

Tips for Choosing a backpack experts

For more information on the recommendations of experts, you can learn by viewing this video:

Experts recommend when choosing a backpack follow the following tips:

  • Material olzhen be as rugged and waterproof.
  • preferable to use a backpack with orthopedic / anatomic back to protect the health and posture of the child.
  • School satchel should be easy and comfortable to use.
  • Backpack should be safe.
  • When choosing a backpack, be sure to take into account the child's wishes.Let the child will choose a color, a child's drawing.

If our information has helped you in choosing a backpack or you have additional tips / advice - write your review in the comments.