How to bewitch favorite guy at home

Girls can not always keep the object of his adoration intelligence, natural attractions, or material prosperity.Because of unrequited love, they often turn to psychics or fortune tellers asking how to bewitch the favorite guy.But to make a person fall in love with you, and without recourse to the professionals.Let's see what kind of love spell are, and how to be a man forever, without incurring negative consequences.

Can you bewitch Man at home on their own?

bewitch Man without consequences easily yourself at home.Girls are effective omens on the internet, on pages of many books on magic or just listening to your heart.For example, you need to love the evening to sit in front of a mirror, braid plait, visualizing the image of the beloved and repeating to himself the words: "I want to be with her beloved (name)," and then go to bed with a braided plait.this kind Privorot easily performed and quickly implemented.

effective way to bewitch someone who likes

If properly execute the technique of lov

e spell, the choice will only notice you.In magic, there is one important rule when she decided to bewitch Man, it should visualize the image during the ceremony.The more she does, the more will the connection between lovers.You will be able to get the result, if you think about everyday objects of the senses, even without a specific action.The power of thought sooner or later manifest itself in reality.

Using ancient rituals for love spell, the main thing to know whether or not you need this guy to later not to spoil life for themselves and him.Indeed, during this process there is a subconscious effect on the chakras and sexuality will not only your lover, but also yours.To quickly bewitch Man, classic omens used in magic, which are made:

  • with candles;
  • photo;
  • on monthly;
  • with mirror;
  • on the comb;
  • with dice or cards.

Privorot man to his photograph

As a girl bewitch guy pictures?It is easy for the action, but by a strong binding ritual that can ever bind two people.Photo must be recent, the guy in the picture you need to be alone and to his full height.If, after the ritual girl feels desolate, so love spell is done correctly, because the magical actions take a lot of effort.

Take a photo chosen, light the candle and spend photo Man around a candle flame with the words: "As I, (name) yearn for a loved one (the name of a Man), and he let me homesick.Suppose that every day at the thought of me, servant of God (his name), in the heart of (name of the guy) spreads bliss honey.May it be so!Amen! "After Conspiracy uttered three times, photos burned and the ashes in the wind dispel.

It is easy to bewitch monthly

learn how to bewitch Man using monthly, has long been known.But the effect of such a spell just one month, then the feelings subside chosen.Repeat the ritual is not safe, because when you use a regular "podpaivaniya" Man menstrual blood, your loved one may become aggressive, to become impotent or get serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

There are two ways to do this ritual: spell at a distance or mixing of blood monthly to drink the guy.In the first case it is not necessary to make any conspiracy, only to drip blood on a photo chosen, and after - burn.In the second case, the blood is added to a drink or a meal with the words: "Blood I moved away, so I do not need.She needed my beloved servant of God (name of Man).Let me, servant of God (his name) misses, and only my body will smell - fever of love flare up and completely submit to me.Amen »

With food: an apple, milk, candy and tea

All men like to eat.Women use this weakness since ancient times, making the omens for food to get her husband.Consider the most effective spells for food:

  1. Apple.For the love spell is chosen the most beautiful fruit without wormholes.At midnight, it should be cut into two pieces, remove the core, on a piece of paper to write names and their guy.Then take the paper in his left hand and an apple - and the right words to say: "As the apple dries, and thou art sick on me."After putting the paper in the middle of the apple halves to seal a red thread, to hide in a secluded place and allow to dry.Cored need to eat.
  2. Milk.Hex on the drink and give to drink the object of the love spell, "As a little child from his mother's not coming off, and the servant of God (name of the guy) let me (his name) does not depart.As the water is returned to the banks, the cows are drawn to the haystacks, and I would need a servant of God (male name). "
  3. Candy.You have to buy a box of dainty, put it on the windowsill, put the two church candles.At midnight reading at the candlelight the following words: "As a mother can not live without a child, darling - no dove, but skvorchiha - without the starling, and the servant of God (male name) can not live a day without me.Only I, the servant of God (his name), will love, and only with me will live.Amen!".Candles should be put out his hand, and leave the box on the windowsill overnight.Within a week after the ritual needed to man has eaten these candies.
  4. tea.Brew loved this drink, on which the pre-say the plot and give the drink: "My eyes - water, teeth - abutment, forehead - timber forest.Lead me, Lord in the yard - I'll scream, I'll call your servant (male name) to call.You're my husband, come, look at my wife, I love you satiated, fresh bread feed.Drink, eat, and be sad about me, servant of God (his name), suffer. "

With water

bewitch Man easily with the help of incantation of water that must be drunk or pour into a food or drink to his elect.To do this, bend over clean well water, reading a plot: "Water, water that my sister, my betrothed (name of Man) in the heart of love for me (his name) put it."The water should be kept for 3 nights on the windowsill, so that the light from the moon hit, then give the guy a drink.

On candlelight

If you want to bewitch at a distance, then it would require a conspiracy on the candles.Such love rituals are very effective and do not require expensive or rare ingredients.To attract love Man need a red candle and a piece of paper.It is necessary to write names and your loved one.Then the leaf to burn the candle, and while it burns, say the following words: "As the burning flame of a candle, let the flame of love lights up (male name) to me (his name).Leaf burn - thought (the name of Man) to your guide.Amen! "The ashes scattered to the wind.

on plants

To the guy fell in love, she can even use houseplants.For example, buy a flowering plant (hibiscus, begonias, kalanchoe), called his name and take care of the beloved, yet the plant does not get stronger and do not bloom.Perform this ritual will take a lot of time, but the result will be long - until the plant will live.Buy flower should be on the New Moon or the growing moon, to give money without putting, and it is desirable to pour holy water from the church.

Plot on

distance How to bewitch Man is love at a distance, because most amorous rituals conducted at physical contact?We solve this problem easily, as there is a way to attract love from a distance using your phone.To do this, she must tell your loved on the phone: "From now on you're my forever.Only I will love.Only with me can be! ".Call to be from an unknown number, the guy could not identify you.

Light omens loved without consequences - white magic

White omens - a kind of ritual of love, built on light exposure, which is based on prayer and visualization.Bewitches the author looks at the white love spell, as a source of positive emotions, but it has gradually formed a psychological dependence.Therefore, we can not say that white omens absolutely no sin.

Light spell the guy is on his personal belongings: clothes, watches or other item that is constantly with him.Take a personal thing, sprinkle it with holy water, and is beloved sleep, saying a such words: "As my tears fall on the clothes, and the heart (the name of Man), the rest do not know, is languishing and ripped apart, with me (his name) aims to connect.Let the holy water will help us to connect!Amen! »

If the beloved far and use a Man thing there is no way, that is a great ritual on a cigarette.The girl must wait waxing moon after sunset on cigarette pen to write the word, symbolizing the relationship, for example, "wedding" or "love."This is followed by a cigarette and look at your favorite photos, order in mind your relationship.Smoke a cigarette, collect the ashes in hand, develop in the wind.

What could be the use of black magic

Before implement love spell, it is important to know what consequences it may bring.The universe is harmonious and you are interfering in its flow, breaking the balance.If you have made a black spell, then it starts breaking bewitches the mind: he misses about bewitches, longs, desires intimacy.There is nothing to do with love - it is psychological violence, which can result in irreversible consequences for male psyche.

Video: The Love conspiracy and its consequences

reverse the actions of any love spell effect called the return, when the energy of the impact is returned to the one who created it.If Man is the chosen protection or seek help from a psychic who will remove your exposure, then you will feel in a split second on the all the "charms" of love spell.Aggressive and violent energy is absorbed into your energy, inflicting great harm.

Do not listen to friends advice, who say that bind Man love spell - the right decision.Know that violent ritual may be spoiling for your entire family, because the consequences of black ritual can easily spill over to relatives.Watch a video in which a famous and professional clairvoyant parapsychologist Marina Sugrobova talks about love spell and their consequences: