How to take a screenshot on a laptop

All users of computers, smartphones, tablets, sooner or later there is a need to get a photo on the screen.For Scrin screen or part of it use different combinations of buttons on the keyboard, utilities, and online servers.How to take a screenshot on a laptop in Windows operating systems, Linux and on a MacBook?And in what way is best to make a photo frame with the video?Consider these questions further.

How to make a screen display in a variety of operating systems

on laptops Lenovo, Toshiba, ADR, Samsung users can install different operating systems.Often it is Windows 7, 8, 10 or less popular option - Linux.And on MacBooks, produced by Apple, the system is installed Mac OS.The process of obtaining the Scrin on laptops with different OSes is different.Consider how this is done in Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, and on the MacBook.

Windows 7, 8, 10

How to take a screenshot on the laptop?A simple and sure way to get a screen on a laptop with Windows - is to use the Print Screen button or

it can even be called PrtSc, PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr.If a conventional computer to produce an image on the photo LCD monitor by pressing the button one, then on laptops that are sometimes not enough.This is especially true noutom small size, because they are part of the keyboard is truncated and buttons work when combined with the Fn key.

Hence the conclusion that if the PrtSc button does not respond, try to press it simultaneously with the Fn.When performing this action to the clipboard to save information about the picture on the entire screen.But if you need to get a screenshot of only the active window, use the keys Alt + PrintScreen.Once one of these actions was made a snapshot, you must save it using a graphics program.

for this business suit: Photoshop, Picasa or other image editors.On Windows, there is a free graphics program Paint.For the processing of screenshots it fits perfectly.To find it, click Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint.When the graphic editor appears, it is necessary to insert a photo from clipboard.

To do this, press Ctrl + V or use the menu available at the top of the page.Inserted in the Paint window at the image to be trimmed or processed in another way.Next, you need to save it as a file.This is done either with the keys Ctrl + S, or using the menu (File - Save As).Next, select a format that is easy to save a screenshot (Gif, Png or Jpg).

In Windows 7, 8, a picture image on the screen is even more simple way by using the tool "Scissors."This program helps to receive and save a screenshot in the image file.To find on a laptop running Windows 7 or 8 of this program, you need through the "Start" to find the "Programs" tab and then "Accessories" and "Scissors" in it.By clicking on the small window will monitor this program.Then it is necessary to highlight the need for the image area of ​​the screen.

If you do not specify other settings in the program, you get a picture with the image of a rectangular shape.However, the program is able to make the window images of the entire screen or a region with an arbitrary shape."Create" button to set one of these tasks, click on the arrow near.The resulting picture of the program "scissors" move into the built-in editing it, where there are tools (eraser, pen, marker) to adjust the image.

After making it necessary marks, click "Save" and choose a format for the file.On laptops with Windows 8 there is another opportunity to receive screens.To do this, use the shortcut keys Print Screen + Win.After pressing these buttons captured image is moved to a separate folder on the disk (Images - Pictures).This method is convenient when you need to get several screenshots.

Using this method, do not worry, that in the clipboard will be erased previous image information to create the next, all screens are saved in the folder.There is another way, how to use the Windows OS to get a screenshot.For this purpose it is convenient to use a function of the PSR, which during their work records all user actions, and makes small screens.To use this tool, it is necessary to find the set «PSR».Then click "Start Recording" in the narrow window opened, and at the end of recording - "Stop".

on MacBook (MacOS)

How to take a screenshot on a Mac?For users makbukov it will not be difficult if you know some shortcuts.If you want to get a photo of the image on the monitor and saved in the clipboard to paste it later to be processed in the graphic editor, then simultaneously press cmd + ctrl + shift + 3 buttons.And to insert an image in the editor window using cmd + v keys.

joint press cmd + shift + 3 buttons will cause that the image be saved in the "Screenshot" on the desktop.It is convenient and fast.And to create a picture of the screen you want to use cmd + shift + 4 keys.After pressing these keys will be able to select the desired station.Screenshot obtained in this manner will remain on the desktop.And to get a snapshot of the active window, press cmd + shift + 4 + Spacebar.The result of this action will be on the desktop.

else to do on a MacBook screens using the Grab program.This tool, developed by Apple's, operating in the OS and Mac OS X. To find it on the MacBook, go through the list and write the word "Grab" in his line.Next window will appear in which the user must choose which way he wants to get a screen.For different types of screens using the following commands:

  • Selection - only the selected part of the photo.
  • Window - a snapshot of the active window.
  • Screen - picture of the entire screen.
  • Timed Screen - a snapshot of the entire area of ​​the screen with a time delay of 10 seconds.

in Linux

How to make a screen on the laptop running using Linux?This is quite easy.To do this, use the available in Appendix standard free program screenshot.After its launch window will appear where you have to put a check mark beside the description of the action that needs to be done to set the delay time and press the button "Snapshot".The program is able to do a photo full screen, active window, selected area.Save the captured image can be in sharing the folder or buffer.

Can I take a screenshot of the active window without buttons print screen

popular way to get a screenshot on a laptop hp, Toshiba, Lenovo and other firms is to use a print scr key or combination with other keys.However, other methods can be used to create the image.There are many tools and online services that help them to make, edit and send to recipients.Yandex Browser offers an additional opportunity to take screenshots using disk Yandex.And Google has a good service for creating screenshots.

software screenshots

ScreenCapture - a great program for quickly creating and sending screenshots.It makes the picture of the entire screen or part of it as a PNG, BMP, JPG format or sending a screenshot to the addressee, gives it a link to the internet.With Screenshot Creator utility has the ability to make single screenshots or series of images.Snagit The program has many features for creating and editing screenshots.

Screenpresso - a utility that will help get the screen image and video capture, post it to the network or send VKontakte on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, G-Mail, Evernote.One of its functions - to make the image the photo is not only the visible part of the screen, but also the pages of the site entirely.Here is a list of several more tools for creating screen captures:

  • PicPick;
  • Clip2Net;
  • Grenty.

Online services

sometimes convenient to use to create a screenshot of online services.They are both free and paid.For Scrin on such services in certain Count inserted URL of the page where it is necessary to take a photo.The result is a reference to the image on the screen which is easy to find the network.The following online services are suitable for screen capture:,,,,,

How quickly do on the laptop photo frame from video

How to save a picture from a video?Software players are ideal for this purpose.Get a photo with video help Light Alloy, SplayerPro, KMPlayer, VLC, Movavi, Media Player Classic.and use all the same Print Screen button and then edit the image using a graphical editor For a picture frame.And to cut a picture from the film with the help of Media Player Classic, it is necessary to open a video through the player and stop it on the frame.Then click File - Safe image (Alt + I) and save.

Video: screenshot in Google chrome

for work or personal use is sometimes necessary to capture the image on a monitor.To create a screenshot using different methods and programs.Simple and easy to get a screen shot using Google chrome.And the resulting picture, you can save the clipboard, a file or send a link on the Internet.How is a screen using Google chrome will show the video below.