How to separate the child from breastfeeding

Weaning - this is a very important moment in the life of mother and child.This should be a conscious decision, which will not be traumatic for both of you.Breastfeeding provides a child a special emotional bond with her mother, so weaning can be stressful for him.How to separate the child from breastfeeding, avoiding the problem and help the kid to quickly switch to your normal diet, you will learn more.

When to start weaning

our parents, doctors advised to wean a baby at 11 months.At that time, consistent with established medical norms.But over time, things have changed, WHO recommends to do it between a half and two years.This is in tune with the old traditions, when the child was fed up to two or three years.In different sources you can see the information that you will present a variety of information, but in practice it all depends on the physiological characteristics of your child.

For its part, every nursing mother can contribute to ensure that the time of weaning was as painless as possib

le.There are good times that are appropriate to stop feeding, and times when it is better to avoid.In addition, there is also your own mother's instinct, dictates that the baby is ready to go without milk and go to a variety of feeding.

How to wean your baby from breastfeeding

If you do not know how to wean your child from breast-feeding, do not listen to the advice of those who propose to do so abruptly.Forced termination of feeding can result in a huge stress for the child, therefore it is better to do it gradually, so that the child gradually wean:

  • you to start replacing one breastfeeding lure (cereal, vegetables,dairy products).
  • A week replace another feeding - the kid will eat the new food with pleasure, seeing her with interest.
  • Morning breastfeeding easily replace dairy products, they are light, tasty, useful.
  • Last on the list is the evening feeding, because it serves as a way to soothe and lull baby.

from night feedings

start to wean from night breastfeeding can immediately, as soon as you enter the lure.This occurs somewhere in the age of 4-6 months.Since the day of the crumb is fed well, uses additional products to feed at night is not obyazatelno.Rebenok unlikely hungry at night, but still will wake up because of their established habits.Therefore, you must understand that the process of weaning from the night feedings may take some time.

If your baby is experiencing a certain crisis (have not seen the whole day my mother, he is teething or sore tummy), the presence of the mother next to the crib is necessary.The child may want to handle, breastfeed or bottle.In order to minimize such situations, when you wean your child from breast-feeding, try to be there during the day, with crumbs as much as possible.So you will provide your child the maximum psychological comfort, and it will not have such a pronounced need to see my mother at night.

Options weaning from night feeding:

  • replacement feeding warm some water;
  • reduction in feeding duration;
  • increase the intervals between feedings;
  • mixture or porridge before going to bed;
  • restricting access to the chest at night.

From daytime feedings

year-old baby to the breast did not ask for the day, you need to come up with more interesting to do.It's easy: play with him, distract games, books, riding on swings, etc.When it was the time of feeding, breast milk substitute for something the same useful.Food for crumbs may consist of a mixture of dairy and vegetable juices, baby yogurt or milk diluted with water.

You can try to break the ritual of feeding, changing habitual crumbs dinner.The new situation will destroy the usual circumstances of feeding and distract from the chest that will quickly switch to a bottle or a bowl of porridge.If the baby began to behave aggressively, naughty, there is insomnia, he can not fall asleep without a mother, it could be a signal that you have decided to end the breastfeeding prematurely.

way to stop GW

For those who decided to quit breastfeeding, milk production is no longer a necessity.However, even completing the feeding, you can face the fact that the milk will come.The breast will begin to suffer from severe tension, it will be accompanied by painful sensations.But the consequences can be minimized, to the end of the feeding was painless, not only for children but also for the mother.

natural way of stopping lactation

Always wear a tight bra made of natural fabrics.You do not have to leave it until then, until the milk will not disappear.Instead, you can tie the chest with an elastic bandage, but be prepared for the fact that it is a painful process.If the breast is collected a lot of milk, you can decant a little to reduce the pain, and eventually the milk will simply cease to be produced in such volume.You can use a breast pump, making pumping until such time as the breast is soft.This method will help to stop lactation much faster.

Medical method

Modern medications to help you stop the lactation process, but you can use them only on prescription, it's hormonal, who can find the right skilled artisan.Such tablets are indicated for oral administration, they act on the hypothalamus and stimulates the production of substances that block the appearance of prolactin.Take them only in accordance with strict observance of the instructions.There is a non-hormonal agents, receiving a course that lasts a long time, but the side effects are almost never observed.

Traditional methods

If you are contraindicated medications, the production of breast milk can be stopped using folk remedies: the use of medicinal plants has been popular among our great-grandmothers, such methods may be useful to you.It copes well with this task sage, because it contains a substance called phytoestrogen.This is an analog of the human hormone, which is responsible for the correct operation of the female organs and the production of breast milk.

Sage is good for the state of the organism as a whole.The use of herbs helps to significantly reduce the period of lactation, reduce the unpleasant, painful sensations in the chest area.To enhance the effect of the tincture, you can do special oil compresses and diet.For compresses, take 250ml of any vegetable oil and mix it with two drops of oil of sage, cypress, geranium and mint.Wet gauze in the resulting mixture and apply to the chest.Repeat the procedure every day.

Why not recommended

not know how to separate a small baby from breastfeeding, make it faster?Do not rush, because there are a few rules that absolutely can not be broken at weaning the baby from the breast:

  1. lactation is better to avoid stopping in the cold season: the child lowered immunity, frequent colds may occur.Only the mother's milk can provide reliable protection due to high content of immunoglobulins and antibodies.
  2. Summer is also not a good time, because it is hot outside.There is a risk of infection.
  3. Even if you have already started the process of weaning from the breast, you can make an exception, when the child is excited or scared.This will give a sense of security crumbs for the first time.
  4. Even if you want to stop feeding in connection with pregnancies, no need to leave the house like some advise.This can cause stress for you and the baby.
  5. period when the baby is sick, he is teething, or it was vaccinated, in the opinion of experienced moms will not be favorable to stop lactation.Now let's crumbs as much milk as he asks, to calm him down.

Video Tips nursing mother from Dr. Komarovsky

If you like thinking advice of experienced doctors, you can listen to the methodology pediatrician Komarovsky.He will tell you how to wean a child with minimal problems.His methods are unconventional and some may seem harsh.They are divided into two categories: some help to reduce lactation, while others show how to take the child from the mother's breast.Watch the video and make your own conclusions: