How to get a loan with bad credit history

in the life of each there are situations where there is an urgent need for a large amount of money, which is why people have to apply to banks that provide it in a short time.A small salary and various force majeure often become an obstacle when the debt repayment.And then the borrower may be in a quandary, because any failures at payment - a large complexity for future loan even if the loan is repaid in full.How to get a loan with bad credit history?The situation is as hopeless, but it is not - there is a solution!

Why credit history can be a bad

bad credit history - this is the payment of the loan with any deviations or complete failure to comply with contractual terms.There are several items that can spoil the reputation of the banking entity that may be cause for rejection.It:

  • payment of debt on the loan with delays;
  • repeated delinquency in payments;
  • anticipatory their payment;
  • for open delinquency;
  • not return the loan taken earlier;
  • litigation with the bank regarding the repayment of
    the loan, ie,all that says about the borrower, as unreliable client.At the same time the bank can not decide to risk their resources and deny the person in lending.

The "bad credit history" - this is purely an individual concept, each bank in its own way it interprets and sets its own requirements for borrowers.So, for one (and it's mostly large, well-known organizations with a large number of clients) specific credit file may seem bad for others - quite acceptable.Learn how to treat your credit reputation of a certain bank can only when applying for a loan, or else in special advisers - credit brokers.

As another bank finds out about the status of your credit history

often happens that taking a loan from the bank, fail to repay it (or not paying) and other organizations have also been denied a loan because of the bad reputation of the bank.How come, because the banks can not trace the outline of the client's relationship with other similar institutions (there is currently a lot), and such information is konkurentoznachimoy, and generally should not be made public ?!

can, and very easy!There are specialized organizations - the credit bureau (CRB).They are intermediaries between banks, collecting and arranging information on borrowers, how, with or without impairments, they produced a return of loans, and provide it on demand banking institutions to consider the issue of cooperation with the customer.BCI store data for 15 years, and then removed.

credit bureau is not one of their number, and banks can either cooperate with some of them, or not.Therefore it is not available in all Office files on the recipient of the loan, but only in those with whom they work, banks that issued loans before this individual.This is a great room for maneuver, because not all loans were paid to a person with impaired and, therefore, for some of its offices and their credit history, bank customers can be good.

What banks did not confide credit history

  • loan without checking the credit history can give young banks that want to attract the greatest number of customers.They offer the most favorable conditions for borrowers, often without a co-signer.These banks and should primarily be considered for those who think, where to get a loan with bad credit history, whether it will.
  • only partially cover information about borrowers the banks that are not leading or are open on average for such institutions time range.They do not cooperate with all CRAs and may not be aware of your situation.Persons who do not give loans in large banks may try to apply for them, success here is to be the alternate.
  • Banks with a good position in this field for a long time and successfully functioning on the territory of Russia, work with all CRAs, they will check all the data about the client and it is unlikely to grant a loan to a person of doubtful / bad reputation.

How to fix a bad credit history?

With a bad credit history can be attempted to correct it.The best way - to improve its banking reputation.As prove their loyalty by paying a bank loan, you have until you get it, buy something on credit in the appliance store, and better - for a long time, becausethe greatest weight when considering the bank information will be directly past 2 years of your credit history.Shops do not request data in the BCH, and therefore will not give up.After that, the main thing - the right, no violations and, preferably, do not prepay it.

Another way to improve your bank's reputation - fix bugs in it.It so happens that due to misunderstandings or misprints good dossier on the borrower turns into bad.For example, people make payments on time, but because of the imperfection of the banking system, the payments came to the bank a few days later.In this case, the payer has not breached the contract, but the bank can not know about it or do not take into account.Or because of human error or system information in your file has been corrupted, and you are absolutely sure of the discrepancy.

Check whether all entered correctly about you in the database, you can contact the credit bureau and request the data.After reviewing them closely, you can detect the presence of inconsistencies (if any).In this case it is necessary, request a report on the operations carried out in the bank with whom you work, and submit to the BCH, then the data will be fixed.These proving your rightness, extracts can be assigned to a financial institution in which you want to take a new loan.Watch the video on how to know your credit history:

What to do to get a loan with bad credit history

So is it possible to take out a loan with a bad credit history?Even if your bank bad reputation is not due to inaccuracies in the dossier CRB, you can still count on a bank loan.To do this, you can do the following:

  • take the credit at a young bank, which provides loans for all, including those who have a bad reputation of the bank.The only drawback here may be too high interest rates, however, if the other banks refuse to loan granting, and the money is needed urgently, at stake is something very important, the increased interest is not a significant factor.Taking such a loan and successfully, without breaking it to pay, you are improving your credit situation.
  • take credit for a large amount of the loan, or a mortgage - in these cases the bank personally reviews each case and decide whether to grant the requested funds.When an application for a small loan, the analysis of the bank's reputation and the determination of the degree of customer loyalty is engaged in the electronic system of "scoring", which displays the index based on mechanical calculations.She, in contrast to the bank employees, it is impossible to convince its reliability as a borrower.
  • Hiring a mortgage broker - professional or organization that provides assistance in obtaining a loan for people with bad banking reputation.These professionals have all the information on banks, the specifics of their work, the requirements that they impose on borrowers, Office, which co-operate.If a credit broker competent, he is able to help in difficult situations.However, here too, there is a risk - such organizations take an advance payment, which remains with them even if you can not obtain a loan.
  • Consult the individuals.Often in the media there are offers of assistance in obtaining loans to people with adverse credit history.By manipulating this problematic topic, many fraudsters operate.However, some of them can really help, but also require for the services rendered high percentage of reward, which can reach up to half of the received credit.To avoid becoming a target for fraud, it is necessary to carefully check these professionals to look dangerous for yourself moments of their activities, to study responses of people who have used their services.
  • Assure reliable and eminent bank deny you a loan in their loyalty by presenting documents that testify that the previous non-compliance with the agreement of your guilt was not that it was independent of your accident.
  • ask for a loan secured by the property.

Which banks give loans with bad credit history

If you have a bad credit history, borrow money all the same is possible.Even turning a blind eye to the fact that you are often short-delay and long delays in payments.At the moment, more loyal to the people who can not get a loan due to bad banking reputation, are some of the banks.The list is as follows:


to ignore the questionable credit history, loyal to its customers, issuing up to 300,000 rubles.It has a relatively small for such banking institutions category percentage - only 24.9% per annum for their services, the rate may be increased due to non-compliance with the contract to 45.9%.To obtain a loan you must have passport and meet the age category of 18 to 70 years.

Renaissance Credit

The Renaissance Credit in the presence of basic documents (passports, identification code), is available to borrow measuring 500,000 25.9% per annum.Application for be left in the office and in the online internet representative organization mode.Reliable bank is not very good banking reputation.Age required to obtain funds, varies from 24 to 65 years.


Provides a credit for any amount of money, has no limits and restrictions.The term of crediting - up to 5 years, regardless of the value of the credit loan.The interest rate varies: for a loan of up to 300,000 rubles.It will be from 36% to more - 42%.In the small amount of loan required guarantee.The list of required documents to obtain: a certificate of income insurance.

Russian Standard

Express loans are the passport to 450,000 rubles.When the conscious fulfillment by the borrower of its obligations to pay, increases the credit limit.Borrowings and cash on the card.If the loan is a credit card expiration date is updated automatically, sending cards at home.The interest rate is 36%.When non-compliance is charged a small fine.

Home Credit

Bank "Home Credit" most convenient for those with a negative reputation of the banking - it does not check for credit history.Plus, it has a very low rate for young bank loan - only 19.9% ​​per annum.Can provide customers with the bag size of 700,000 rubles.and below.To obtain it, it is mandatory to provide a bank branch in the basic documents: passport, TIN code ..


most popular bank among previously unreliable borrowers, of action and has already well established itself.It provides loans without failure, even those without income, in the presence of basic documents (passport, VAT code) of up to 750,000 rubles.under 20% per annum, which, apart from Home Credit Bank, creates the best conditions for customers.Without guarantors.