The best science fiction films in 2015

fiction in film and literature helps to distract from everyday life and dream: what would happen if ... It remains a popular genre, because events there are more models, increasing the technical capabilities to implement the most daring on screenpredictions of science fiction.Look at the best fiction films 2015 and find out what movies in this genre is popular and full houses.

Best Fiction 2015

New items in the genre of science fiction movies this year presents films about space, Comedy, Adventure, Cartoons.The top 100 best films entered lovingly-fi films, horror.Add list to get the continuation of the TV series Star Wars and Terminator.Select a movie to your liking, take a look one of the best science fiction films in 2015


Space fantasy of this film all the more inclined to humanistic motives.In the center of the lens is no longer "foreign" and the battle on a starship, and the Earthman who was suddenly snatched from his home world and forced to survive in the open spaces

of the comic.Directed emphasize the viewer's attention to the human qualities, the heroes often have to make difficult moral choices, but movies about space still abound in battle scenes, stunning special effects, extraterrestrial landscapes.Rate the news space fiction:

  • «Martian" (USA);
  • «400 Days" (USA);
  • «Star Wars.Awakening forces "(the United States, George. George. Abrams).


Sci-fi movies feature scenes unfolding in the world after the apocalypse.They presented various models of the new social system, the development of artificial intelligence, a civilization of coexistence of humans and robots, the consequences of the development of high technologies.The best science fiction films of 2015 in this genre:

  • «Continuum" (USA, directed by D. Israel.);
  • «Out of the car" (USA, UK, directed by A. Garland.);
  • «Extinction" (Spain, directed by MA vivas.);
  • «Chappie" (USA, Mexico, directed by N. Blomkemp.);
  • «Secret Zohar" (Israel, USA, dir. B. Zankovsky).

Fantastic Adventure

More than half of science fiction films - the classic action movies with dynamic plot, scenes of car chases and fights.Only here the action they moved into space, other worlds, unknown future and the well-known past.What's New Cinema in 2015 in the genre of sci-fi thriller:

  • «Skyscraper" (UK, directed by B. Wheatley.);
  • «Terminator.Genesis "(USA, rezh.A. Taylor)
  • « Turbo Kid "(New Zealand, Canada, directed by F. Simard.);
  • «Fantastic Four» (USA, directed by J. Trunk..);
  • «Ant-Man" (US, UK, dir. P. Reed).


Adventures in the fiction genre will please the viewer dynamic plot and events in the distant future, space, parallel worlds.List of films in 2015:

  • «Alice's Adventures.Captives of the three planets "(. Russia, directed by O. duckweed, Kiselev) - a new film about heroin books McGee, cool girl Alice Selezneva;
  • «Infinity" (Australia, directed by Shane Ebbess.) - Adventures rescue team after a biological catastrophe;
  • «Land of the Future" (USA, directed by B. Bird.) - Adventures of a young girl trapped in a parallel world;
  • «Seventh" (Netherlands, directed by L. unit.) - A thriller about a future totalitarian state;
  • «Jupiter Ascending" (USA, directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski.) - Adventures of a young cleaning woman, which is the mission of the universe changes.


Fantastic horror 2015 fully meet the genre demands - fear mongering, disturbing music, unexpected screams, bleak, mysterious sighs, monsters, demons, and otherattributes of quality horror:

  • «Demons Jung" (USA, directed by Gustavo L. Cooper.) - character possessed supernatural being;
  • «Welcome to Harmony" (. United States, Spain, Hungary, directed by MA vivas) - as a result of infections people turn into savages, without intelligence;
  • «Zone 51" (. United States, directed by O. Sang) - the action takes place on a military base, hiding aliens;
  • «Lavalantula" (USA, directed by Mike Mendez.) - The usual city is attacked by giant spiders.

Lovingly-fi movies

of the best science fiction films in 2015 entered the picture with the romantic storyline:

  1. «The Age of Adaline" American director Lee Toland Krieger -a story about love, for which a woman is able to donate the gift of eternal youth and beauty.
  2. «Z - means Zacharias" (Iceland, Switzerland, directed by K. Zobel.) - An interesting film about the rivalry between the men in the fight for the love of a woman.The main character of the film lives in a post-apocalyptic world alone, but suddenly in her life invaded even the survivors of a nuclear war men.
  3. «Lobster" (Greece, United Kingdom, dir. J. Lantimos).The near future, in which solitude is prohibited by law - without any human pair, will be arrested and must find a partner for just one and a half months, otherwise it will turn into an animal.
  4. «Out of Time" (USA, Belgium, India, Australia, directed by R. Joffe.) - A love story The Time Traveler.While in a coma, the protagonist falls into a surreal past, where he meets the love and forced to make a choice - to stay with the favorite or go back to real life.


The plot fantastic comedies often lies the intrigue bodies metabolism (consciousness), gaining omnipotence or absurd situations, time travel, getting into parallel worlds to save mankind.Most new movies 2015, shot in the genre, were no exception:

  • «I can do everything" (UK, USA, directed by Terry Jones.);
  • «Pixels" (USA, directed by C. Columbus.);
  • «Dolly was angry and died young" (Russia, dir A. Pimanov.);
  • «Men and chickens" (Denmark, dir AT Yenes.);
  • «complete conversion" (Russia, dir. F. Korshunov).


Among the best science fiction films in 2015 has animated picture:

  1. «House» (USA, T. Johnson) - a good story about the friendship between a little girland the alien army of alien invaders, who had the mission to save the Earth.
  2. «Puzzle" (USA, directed by P. Docter.) - A fascinating cartoon about the world inside the head, where they live the emotions that govern man.
  3. «World of Tomorrow" (USA, directed by J. Herzfeld.) - A philosophical history of the child's perception of the world and the apocalypse survivors after people.
  4. «Good Dinosaur" (USA, PA Dream) - the history of the animal and human friendship in the animation model of the world where dinosaurs have become intelligent beings, and people stayed at a primitive stage.
  5. «Alice knows what to do!Green area "(Russia, Y. Sysoev A. Lyutkevich) - a new cartoon about the adventures of Alice Selezneva, super-girl from the future.

best fiction films of all time

overview of the best science fiction films will allow a better idea of ​​the dynamics of the genre, which was launched back in the era of silent cinema.It is noteworthy that Western cinema developed on ways to improve the special effects - the main component in it was entertainment.In Soviet films emphasis on storyline, humanistic, ethical, ideological orientation, but they were removed in most cases by literary works.

first Soviet science fiction film

In 1923, Alexei Tolstoy wrote a fiction novel about Martians and earth.A year later, Yakov Protazanov removed based on Tolstoy's creations first Soviet science fiction film about the Queen of Mars "Aelita".Black and white silent story about aliens has become a classic of cinema, and for nearly a century is included in lists of the best examples of science fiction picturized.

film connects the reality of post-revolutionary Russia and representation of the time about the future.Here and ruined cities with starving people, and intrigue around getting positions zavskladom and cool detective and love story, and the Martian urban landscapes, and the uprising of the workers and the unexpected ending with ideological overtones."Aelita" to impress fans of action and special effects today, but like true connoisseurs of fantasy and the history of cinema.

Foreign Fiction

Best Fiction in foreign cinema is represented in more US films from iconic "Space Odyssey 2001" (S. Kubrick, 1968),"Martian" ending today.Here are all the films of the saga "Star Wars" George. Lucas and has already become a textbook "Terminator" J. Cameron.Enter the catalog of the best films and fiction series:

  • «X-Files";
  • «I - zombies";
  • «SHIELD";
  • «The Avengers»;
  • «Doctor Who»;
  • «american horror story";
  • «Under the dome."

Foreign movies, recognized as the best in the opinion of the audience and critics, represented by different genres and fantastic stories.Here you will find World War II, a parallel reality, time travel, alien encounters, experiments with human consciousness, the model of the apocalypse:

  1. «Metropolis" (1927).
  2. «Fahrenheit 451" (1966).
  3. «Planet of the Apes" (1968).
  4. «A Clockwork Orange" (1971).
  5. «Alien" (1979).
  6. «Alien" (1982).
  7. «Back to the Future" (1985).
  8. «Total Recall" (1990).
  9. «The Fly" (1986).
  10. «Robocop" (1987).
  11. «The Fifth Element" (1997).
  12. «Matrix» (1999).
  13. «Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004).
  14. «The Fountain" (2006).
  15. «WALL · I" (2008).

Russian fiction

«Aelita" marked the beginning of numerous adaptations of Russian fiction novels that were the best in this genre of cinema.Films in the genre of science fiction on the works of A. Belyaev, the Strugatsky brothers, Yefremov, K. Bulychev, A. Lukyanenko and other writers are included in the top listings of the Soviet and Russian cinema, along with pictures, filmed on original scripts.Rating the best Soviet fantasy genre for years:

  1. «Amphibian Man" (1961).
  2. «hyperboloid of Engineer Garin" (1965).
  3. «Andromeda" (1967).
  4. «Solaris" (1972).
  5. «Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" (1973).
  6. «Moscow-Cassiopeia" (1973).
  7. «Sannikov Land" (1973).
  8. «Teens in the Universe" (1974).
  9. «June 31» (1978).
  10. «Stalker" (979).
  11. «Through thorns to the stars" (1980).
  12. «Dead Man's Letters" (1986).
  13. «Heart of a Dog" (1988).
  14. «Zero City" (1988).
  15. «Days of Eclipse" (1988).
  16. «Kin-za-za" (1986).
  17. «It's hard to be god" (1989).

In the USSR, except the pictures to see in the cinema produced serials fantastic telefilms.The best of them were children's series:

  • «The Adventures of Electronics" (1979);
  • «Guest from the Future" (1984).

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