How to find a person by phone number

Each may face a situation where you need to find another person with only a phone number.By this result different circumstances: someone nazvanivayut crooks who had lost a cell phone, and sometimes much more serious - it is necessary to determine the coordinates of a missing relative or friend.The question then becomes how to find a person by phone number.Make it possible.There are several proven ways that we consider in detail below.

How to find a person by phone number Mobile phone

Today's young people are almost completely abandoned the use of home phone, mobile giving preference.While finding someone on the number of stationary connection means easy: it is necessary to download, buy the disc or browse the board address book.In the case of a mobile phone, a person to be a difficult task, because the cellular operators providing communications services, do not disclose information about users.This is done to protect the individual from invasion of privacy by unknown persons.

search adult location by phone number for the purpose of surveillance and control - an action that is prohibited by the law and violates human rights.On the other hand, there are cases when it is necessary to do.For example, someone could get into a difficult situation that requires immediate intervention on the part of relatives and give their position can not.Sometimes you need to find out where children are.

In the office of mobile operator

Through the mobile operator (MTS, MegaFon, Rostelecom, beeline, etc.) in Russia, a person can learn the region phone numbers, and perhaps even a city.This is done on a special reference site, for example, to the mobile operators directly, the person will not receive information about who owns the phone number, name of the owner.However, if on the part of an unknown number coming threat, it is possible to write an application that network managers with whom they come to get support during the investigation or block party.

A law enforcement

to contact the police to search for the phone number of the owner, you should be pretty sure that this is necessary.Such actions are acceptable only if received threats via SMS or phone calls.Before writing a statement to the police, make sure that it does not draw friends.Do not call my name when taking a call, do not answer to the provocative question, and do not threaten back.Record your talk on paper or on a special device, and then go to the nearest police department.There will need to write two statements, one of which is taken with you.

Punch have long been in the search engine

Social, an integral part of the lives of almost every person between the ages of 15 to 30-40 years.Social networking allows you to conveniently share information, some point on his page in the public domain, even a cell phone number.To find this information by using the search engine, enter the phone number in Yandex, Google, and click "search."Search tools at all sites are different, so the chance to find a man higher than if you try to do this through various web resources.It's so easy to find the profile of a man in a social network VKontakte, Odnoklassniki.

in free or paid online base numbers

In the network there are many free and paid online databases rooms that offer a person to determine the mobile holder, based on a comparison of data from differentsources.Such services include, for example, and the like.By using the services of commercial espionage of web resources, to determine the identity of the caller the person should understand that this process is not legitimate and dangerous.Often people fall on scams that offer for a fee, find the phone number of the owner and the person is left with nothing.

How to find the location of a person on the map on the phone if it's gone

Find a location on the map will help a person different from the location services of mobile operators or special applications based on IOS or Android.This is especially true for parents whose children are studying away from home, do get home from school or training.Also, some adults purposely connected services to help you track the location of each other to always be confident in the safety of movement.Let us consider how to find the coordinates of the person.

Preliminary connection tracking service operator

Cellular operators provide convenient services to find the location of relatives or friends.These services are distinguished by the method of interaction with those whose location you need to find out the cost.To connect them, you need to call the operator or look at the website details of the agreement, and then order the service.Here is a list of location tracking methods for different networks:

  • Locator from MTS.To use the service, you have to send another name and number through SMS request 667. If he agreed to determine its location, you will receive a response with coordinates.

  • child under the supervision of the MTS.This service helps parents locate their children by gps.To do this, connect the service and then send ussd-request to the short number.Cost - 50 rubles per month.

  • Navigator from Megafon.This service allows you to find the nearest pharmacy, shops, restaurants, and even determine the location of close relatives and friends.Each region is different fee service.

Through the mobile operator on IMEI

special code that is assigned to each individual mobile device, called IMEI.Number is a unique and usually located under the device cover next to the slot for a SIM card.In the case of iPhones, IMEI, you can find out as follows: type in the number input * # 06 #, then call.Pyatnadtsatiznachnoe number that you see on the screen, and will be individual phone code.Many are trying to help find the IMEI number of the lost device, but in most cases it is possible to only a few.

Those who still want to try to find a lost cell, you need to know that the phone can only track the mobile operator, which is necessary to prove your ownership of the device.Refer to the representatives of the network can work police departments, but in practice, the law enforcement agencies prefer not to take on such cases.No need to believe, and those who search warrants communications via IMEI for the money, especially on the Internet.As a rule, it is swindlers.

programs on smartphones

Mobile operators providing search services to people, such as the "Locator", "Navigator", "Child Monitor" create related applications for smartphones based on Android and iPhone owners that are clear and much easier to workwith the service.There are other types of programs that allow to find the lost phone.For example, an apple company has set up iCloud, in which the customer can register a new device, and then, in the event of theft or loss, to find it via the "Find iPhone".

other person search options

There are many other ways to find a man with his loss or in other cases.Search can be done by credit card (for example, the Sberbank card number), a virtual wallet (as a rule, there is the name, owner's name), car number, series and number of passport, name and surname in social networks, on id vkontakte.If you have a phone person, then you can try to put it into applications such as viber, Whatsapp, ICQ.Many point to these mobile apps information about yourself, your more detailed data.