Methods of checking the CPU temperature

It often happens that the computer begins to brake, turns itself off, and the program open very slowly.The reason for this becomes overheated.There are several ways how to learn the CPU temperature.Knowing this figure, you can easily optimize your computer that subsequently increase its productivity.Below you will find detailed instructions and will be able to engage in index tracking this without the help of qualified professionals.

What temperature is considered normal

If the processor overheats badly, it threatens to damage it.The problem involves a number of unpleasant circumstances, for example, you may lose your hard drive.Before we get acquainted with different types of testing, to find out what should be the temperature of the processor during normal operation of the computer:

  1. up to 60 degrees - a valid indicator, the processor operating normally.
  2. 60 to 70 degrees - you need to take care of your computer, clean the fan, vacuum the motherboard.
  3. above 70 degrees - a critical
    value.Urgent measures must be taken, and to reduce the temperature until it was brought to the maximum score.

way to check CPU temperature and graphics

several ways can be made by checking the CPU temperature and graphics.They include the use of the system itself, as well as external programs for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or Linux.Choosing the best option, you can easily monitor the work of your PC and do not overload it with unnecessary workflows.Choose any one you like and increase productivity in a few steps.

Through BIOS

Working CPU temperature can easily be verified with the help of Bios.To get to it easily.Just follow the steps to make it clear how to identify your CPU temperature:

  1. press F2 When you boot your PC or laptop.Sometimes the Del key is used.It depends on the type of the motherboard.
  2. Find the Bios section Power settings.If you do not see such a word, look Monitor.
  3. All necessary information will be visible on the screen.

monitoring using free programs

To measure the temperature, you can use an external program.It is recommended to download the following:

  • Speccy;
  • AIDA64;
  • Core Temp;
  • HWMonitor;
  • CPU-Z.

program for measuring temperature PC Speccy will not only help you keep track of the processor, but also will give complete information about your computer.With it you can always find the right parts, which improve the performance of your machine.The program is easy to install, does not take up much space, meets all the requirements of the client.

program for the CPU temperature monitoring and AIDA64 graphics card with similar qualities will appreciate a nice interface.Thanks to her, you will always be aware of the composition of the computer: software, hardware, operating system, number of cores, peripherals.It is considered one of the most convenient.AIDA64 produce metering processor performance and graphics card with one "click".Graphic display, convenient display of the necessary indicators will help you to protect your PC.

temperature with Core Temp or HWMonitor utilities less popular, but that does not mean that the program shows the wrong information or the wrong number of running processes.Just less utility used by amateurs technologies.An ordinary user to enjoy uniquely user-friendly interface, easy installation, great features of these programs.Suitable for those who chose to Ubuntu Linux as the operating system.

Another program to learn more about your PC - EVEREST Ultimate Edition.Using the software you will be able to test, diagnostics, and tuning for optimal performance of your computer or laptop.Ideal for those who are versed in computers.It produces more than 100 pages of detailed information on the operating state of the system.The test starts with one "click".

using the gadget for Windows

addition to the programs, which require constant monitoring and tracking, temperature indicator will learn with the help of special gadgets.Often they are on the desktop, it does not interfere with your work.One of these is the GPU Observer, which is suitable for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards models.It is a standard, pre-installed on your PC.If you have not already, install the sensor on the Windows and learn the temperature in a matter of seconds.

GPU Observer has a nice interface and displays the most important data on the work PC.If you notice that the programs open slowly, slow down the browser page - refer to this application and see the temperature.Perhaps it is already above the normal figure, and it is time to inspect your PC.

Causes of overheating and eliminating

If after testing you to see that the rate of "costs" at around 60 degrees, you need to how to lower it as soon as possible.In fact, how to reduce the temperature of the processor and the graphics card will help the following statement:

  1. Check fan.Perhaps it is too much dust, which slows down its operation.Be sure to turn off the power before checking.
  2. sometimes breaks the cooler.In this case, you must contact the service for the purchase and replacement of parts.
  3. may have to replace the thermal paste on the CPU.She eventually dry up, reducing the heat transfer from the "proca" on the radiator.
  4. If you are sitting in a poorly ventilated room, where hot even to you, there is nothing strange in the fact that the processor begins to heat up.Avoid stuffy room and make sure that the fan does not overlap by external objects.
  5. too many processes running, for example, a game that requires a heavy load on your PC.In this case, it helps control and disabling unused programs.

Video: Measuring the computer CPU temperature and laptop online

Those who could not figure out on their own with this procedure we recommend to watch the video, which shows in detail howknow your CPU temperature.Using the work of the tracking skills of your PC, you will be able to solve some problems on personal devices from overheating.Troubleshooting language is simple, and you need to learn to understand it.How to check the temperature of the processor, to understand simple - watch the video and understand themselves.