How to choose a tablet for the child

In today's world of innovative technologies, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) play an important role in people's lives.Children - is no exception.Most children have a small age, interested in modern technologies, exploiting Soup parents.This curiosity often leads to disastrous consequences - failure gadget or appearance of scratches, streaks or grease stains.The solution to this situation would be the children's tablet.And here the question arises: how to choose a tablet for your child?

How to choose the right tablet for your child

Frequently, children are used gadgets for watching movies, photos, in-reader mode, surf the internet or games.Less mobile device is used for training and the use of various programs.Before you choose a tablet for your child, you must decide: for what purpose it is needed.

Older children use the device to communicate with friends via Skype or social network.For pupils gadget will be a real e-friend, so it is important for them to speed, the ability to transfer data t

o other devices and practical possibilities.Based on the necessary functions, the presence of which the priority for your child, and you should choose the device.

buying a device, it must be carefully inspect and test all functions.Take the device that you liked and try to do it with basic steps.Turn on the game with good graphics - look how quickly the tablet responds to your actions, how high image quality and not "slow" if a toy.Try to look through the photos, listen to music, view video.Evaluate how well and fast touch screen responds to touch.

If the Tablet PC performs the action with a noticeable delay - set it aside and look at the other options.Children are impatient and wait until the toy is loaded, they just will not.It should be borne in mind that the progress does not stand still (to toys is also true).If the device is not "pulling" the modern game, it is likely that it will not cope with the load of new games.

What to look for when choosing a tablet

Select tablet for the child is with the utmost care.The main criteria on which you should pay attention when choosing such a device - it is its functionality and multimedia capabilities, software, security and price.

  • Appearance interested in older children (teens), play a secondary role for children from 3 to 9 years, the color and design of the device.For kids, it is desirable to choose a gadget with no protruding buttons that a child could chew off or break.
  • choosing a mobile device should pay attention to manufacturers of a tablet.It is preferable to buy the popular gadget company that has established itself on the market, and the technique of which there are only positive reviews.Popular models of children's tablets have recently become ASUS Google Nexus 7, 3Q Qoo!Surf Tablet, Samsung tablets and iKids.

  • Important elements are worth paying attention to - the matrix and the processor.Matrix provides the image quality (brightness, anti-glare, angle of view).Check the quality of the review from different angles.Please rate the brightness of the screen, the image quality of the display.The processor provides smooth motion and comfort of the game.The ideal model is a tablet with a speed of at least 1000MHz.
  • also necessary to consider the size of the display.The best for the child will be a tablet with 7-inch.If you choose a tablet for drawing, it is better to take the technique slightly larger.
  • not the last role played by its design when choosing a computer device (well, if the gadget will be thin), a material that was used for its production, and weight.The housing can be a plastic or metal (more heavy, but reliable).By weight, it should be small, so that it was easy to handle.
  • should not be ignored and a digital camera, with which the child will be able to take pictures of important moments in life for him.

video review of the popular children's tablet will help you understand the intricacies of selection of this device:

price tablet child

When buying a tablet computer price often plays a decisive role.Devaysa cost depends on the capabilities of the screen diagonal, software, and memory size.

If possible, it is better to buy the latest model gadget at a relatively high price with advanced features and improved interface.These tablets will cost between 5 and 000.Tip: do not buy a child an expensive device with a set of "clever" programs, which are absolutely not necessary to it.

matter how neat was not a child, it is possible that the new tablet will be able to "splash" in the bowl of soup, or be smeared gruel.In this case, to pay fabulous sums for such a gadget does not make sense.Budget option Soup will cost up to 4 thousand. Rubles.

When buying the device you need to purchase a set of necessary additional accessories, which will help in dealing with them.But they also cost money.So if your son or daughter is going to use the drawing mode, then it necessarily require a stylus with which it will be much more comfortable to work with.For the protection of the portable device to choose and buy a bag that is perfect in shape to each specific gadget models and contributing to reliable protection devices from damage.

Buying baby plate, it is worth remembering, however careful your child was not, there is always the likelihood that the device will fall, it will come, or he accidentally falls into the rain.So better to pay for the gadget as much in the future is not a pity to lose.

children's tablet

Security With children's tablet is easy to take a child for a while, this device is especially true on the road.But abuse it also is not necessary.

  • If a child uses the Internet - where it lies in wait for a lot of content is not designed for children: advertising, profanity, adult content.Secure it from this is possible by using the tool - "parental control".There are special services that block advertisements, and filtered content.They will transmit information about the child's activities on the Internet (which is looking for, read, in what plays) to a computer or laptop parents.
  • desirable to select a device with no protruding buttons, closed connectors - the smaller of these components, the safer for the child and for the parents relaxed.
  • Toys on a device and watching cartoons - it's good, but do not forget that for the full development of the child as he needs fresh air, walk and live communication with peers in the real world (and not only in the virtual).

Functionality tablet

Ā«FillingĀ» innovative device plays a very important role, because it affects the level of the Tablet PC features.But we should be realistic about the power you need, because of the filling, by and large, and the price depends.So, if a gadget is required to view the photos, socializing and using the Internet, is a powerful device you absolutely nowhere.If the device will be used for games - there are important technical characteristics, and is not worth saving.

important characteristic of any tablet device is the battery capacity, it depends on how long a battery charge will last.Particularly relevant this aspect while traveling with a child.

software children tablet

In children's Tablet PC has software with a set of specific developmental and educational programs.It is best to buy a tablet with Android operating system, at least version 4.0.For this operating system has a huge number of great games and applications (including free).Devices based on Android easy to manage, and your child will be comfortable working with them.

You can select the device with the operating system iOS, but Apple only produces.

Multimedia Features children's tablet

Multimedia capabilities - an essential component of children's tablet.Children are most interested in games, videos, listening to music.Therefore, the device should have additional features.

device must be equipped with:

  • Audio player.A good player will allow to adjust the sound quality when listening to music or sounds during the games.
  • video player, which provides product videos in various formats.
  • graphics accelerator that provides quality video and games.

If possible and means better to choose a tablet with the best multimedia capabilities.

If you already have a tablet purchase experience for a child, or just want to do it, and this article has helped you to choose the appropriate device - leave your comments and experiences in the comments.